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July 9, 2008

At One Evangelical College, Some Considering Obama

Reporters are looking for any indication of how evangelicals are going to vote this November, and what better way than to go to where evangelicals live and breathe with each other every day.

Tina Chong writes for the Huffington Post that a small group of faculty and staff members at Westmont College hosted an "Evangelicals for Obama" meeting last month.

The headline might be a stretch, considering Chong only visited one evangelical school: "Evangelicals Contemplating Obama." I doubt the students of Gordon College in Massachusetts are going to vote the same as students from Westmont in California. Plus, the small sample she observed? There were only about 15 of them.

Still, I won't be surprised if we see more reports popping up about other evangelical colleges once school begins.


yes, It seems that this will be the election where evangelicals begin to look at issues rather than blindly voting pro life. It's ok to like the environment and Jesus.

That's interesting they would consider him.

At Wheaton College, I think my gut (and the student newspaper survey) suggest the Obama/McCain vote is going to be split right down the middle. Young college students vote different ways for different reasons than "traditional" Christians of the republican right.

I attended Biola University (arguably the largest staunchly evangelical school in California) during the 2000 election, and I find nothing newsworthy about college students, evangelical or otherwise, supporting Democratic candidates. If you're not liberal as a youth, you have no heart. If your not conservative as an adult, you have no...