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July 6, 2008

Don't get me wrong

Obama clarifies his earlier statements on abortion.

Sen. Barack Obama came out against using "mental distress" as a justification for late-term abortions, and he clarified his position Saturday.


"Historically, I have been a strong believer in a woman's right to choose, with her doctor, her pastor, her family," he said Saturday. "And I've been consistent in saying you have to have a health exception on any significant restrictions or bans on abortions, including late-term abortions.

"It can be defined by physical health. It can be defined by serious clinical mental health diseases," he continued. But "it's not just a matter of feeling blue."

Julia Duin at the Washington Times writes that conservative black pastors are caught between irreconcilable opposites. Many of the congregations want to back Sen. Barack Obama but have personal doubts about Obama's political views, particularly on abortion.

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Wait, so is Obama pro choice?

It will be interesting to see what divides this causes among evangelicals, and to see how much it flares up the division between single-issue voters and those who may not see abortion as a political issue at all.

Obama shouldn't be allowed to get away with this "serious clinical mental health diseases" label. While you may be able to medically, legally you can't really separate "feel blue" from genuine mental health problems or diseases. The medical community could just slap the label "serious clinical mental health diseases" on women who "feel blue" and there you go, you have created a legally justifiable reason for having as late a term abortion as one desires.

How is this different from any other election cycle? What, just now in 2008, AFrican-Americans find the issue of abortion and social issues dividing them for the Democratic nominee. Prediction: 98% of African-Americans will vote for Obama, and with record turnout levels.

it is interesting that church people still want to support someone they still have serious doubts about...especially on such important issues such as abortion