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July 10, 2008

CT Readers Moving Towards Obama

Well, according to our online poll.

Christianity Today online readers showed more support for Sen. Barack Obama than Sen. John McCain in our poll this week for the first time since January.

Obama passed McCain (41%) by garnering 51 percent of the vote during our poll that closed yesterday. In June, McCain led Obama 50 to 33 percent. The two were tied in March at 26 percent.

Here's a rundown of results from Jan. 4 (1,613 votes), March 3 (1964 votes), April 1 (2,668 votes), June 9 (3,007 votes), and July 10 (3,189 votes). Be sure to take the polls with a grain of salt - they are conducted online and are usually left up for about three days.

This graph is also cross-posted at Christianity Today's liveblog.



What is wrong with CT readers??

"What is wrong with CT readers??" I presume what's wrong is that we don't automatically and unquestioningly think alike... as both the secular press and Religious Right would have everyone believe.