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July 9, 2008

Hispanic Evangelicals

In the wake of yesterday's LULAC meeting, the Obama campaign was on the phone with 30 Hispanic evangelical pastors this a.m., and Brody's got the story. Hispanic evangelicals have been an interesting swing vote over the past few election cycles, going to the GOP in the early part of the decade and then edging back into the Democratic column in the 2006 congressional vote. They are not, in a word, the solid Democratic constituency that their Catholic brethren are. They represent 2.7 percent of the population (as opposed to Latino Catholics' 4.2 percent), and it looks like Obama's well on his way to locking them up.

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Senator Obama has really tried to make himself available to Evangelicals. And even though Senator McCain has been doing the same, it just seems as if Sen. Obama is doing a much better job of it. I wonder, however, how much of difference "going after" the Hispanic Evangelicals will help Sen. Obama's campaign. In order for this to do much for him, he'll probably need to push immigration reform heavily before Sen. McCain does so himself.

It looks like Hispanic voters are going to be a big swing contingency in this election - it'll be interesting to see what they do.

It really isn't a matter of whether Barak Husein Obama attempts to make inroads w/Hispanic Evangelicals or Hispanics as a whole or Evangelicals as a whole. What matters is whether Hispanics, Hispanic Evangelicals, and all Evangelicals can and will measure Husein Obama's thoughts, values, and beliefs in light of scripture. The issues of abortion, homosexual marriage, and such must be weighed strongly w/God's Word. Thus far I find BHO's standing quite wanting. And the more he infuses "Christian" or "religious" rhetoric into his speech the more I am reminded of Jesus' words of becoming aware of "many coming in sheeps clothing." We are living on the cusp of the "end times" where the period of the Gentiles is comimg to an end. As Paul and Peter warned we will be beset by the spirit and presence of anti-Christs masquerading as "angels of light." We must all stand firm in the faith and measure each leader's words and deeds in and with HIS abiding and absolute truth.