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July 9, 2008

If you need a break

Don't forget that there's also a congressional race this November.

Just in case you forgot, CT editor at large Collin Hansen reminds us that there is another election this fall.


Hansen writes that the congressional races are expected to go to the Democrats once again, as they are nominating faith-friendly social moderates in some conservative congressional districts. Eric Sapp, senior partner at Common Good Strategies, an organization that helped three key Democratics win in 2006, told Hansen that he predicts another landslide for the Democrats.

"That will be really significant, perhaps most importantly because the Democrats that have been winning and will be coming into Congress are much more 'faith-friendly' and tend to come from strong faith backgrounds themselves."

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Wow, it's super surprising that a senior partner at Common Good Strategies would predict that Democrats will win more Congressional seats this election. He certainly wouldn't have the ulterior motives of trying to inflate his reputation or drum up more business for his organization.

Irrespective of the substantial bias of the expert, I do still agree with him on principle. I think that the Democrats have wised up a bit by putting more faith friendly candidates in the Congressional races, knowing that even most Republicans are looking to jump ship after record low approval ratings for the party's mascot. Methinks the pendulum has begun to swing towards a new era for Democrats, although it remains to be seen whether McCain has enough popularity to bring Republicans and moderates back into the fold to vote for Republican Congressional candidates.