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July 14, 2008

McCain's evangelical problem, Obama's Catholic one

A new Newsweek poll, which has Obama leading McCain overall by 44 percent to 41 percent, has McCain leading Obama among white evangelicals 60 percent to 23 percent, and among white Catholics 49 percent to 33 percent. That's pretty good news for Obama on the evangelical front, and for McCain on the Catholic one, comparatively speaking. In 2000, white evangelicals preferred Bush over Gore 68-30 and in 2004, Bush over Kerry 78-21. So the Newsweek numbers put Obama in Gore territory. In 2000, white (non-Hispanic) Catholics went for Bush over Gore 52-45 and in 2004, Bush over Kerry 56-43. There, the Newsweek numbers make out McCain as slightly stronger than the 2004 Bush. Bottom line, McCain is indeed in a bit of trouble with the GOP evangelical base and Obama's got something of a white Catholic problem.

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Not only does Obama have a Catholic problem,he should have a christian or a problem with any descent person religious or not.With his views on human life, I do not know how anyone could vote for him.He believes, along with abortion,partial birth abortion and if the child survives the abortion he believes the child should not be cared for and left to die.People like him are responsible for about 50 million innocent children being murdered since Rowe vs. Wade.This is a record that Adolf or Joe Stalin never achived in their lifetime.Murder by any other name is still murder.
Ray Monks

When it comes to election time, if you truly believe in the Catholic tenets then in conscience you could not vote for Barack Obama.

But as we know, there are some who merely call themselves Catholic just to hear their own voices, but in actual practice and belief are not. So you have to differentiate the true believer from the pseudo-

It's easy to say, I am Catholic; it is much more difficult to say, "I aspire to be Christ-like in my life". and actually do it.

I can't in my life imagine the Christ even thinking or uttering an affirmative when it comes to abortion, euthanasia, divorice, et alii. But then, what do we actually known for fact what a first century Jew would utter?