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July 9, 2008

Some Evangelicals Don't Want to be 'Stuck' Again

Even though about 100 evangelicals met last week in Denver to discuss supporting Sen. John McCain, some of them are just as anxious not to be caught with another candidate like him, according to Dan Gilgoff at God-O-Meter.


Denver meeting's organizer, Mathew Staver, chairman of Liberty Counsel and dean of Liberty University School of Law told Gilgoff that much of the Denver meeting was focused on building a long-term strategy for the Christian Right to avoid getting stuck with another someone like McCain, a candidate which some evangelicals have found wanting.

"When you compare McCain to Obama, there's no choice... [McCain] might not represent everything you want in a candidate, but Obama would decimate our values," Staver told Gilgoff. "There's definitely a concern among evangelicals that [Obama]] might see some come to his side because of his rhetoric of change."

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> [McCain] might not represent everything you want
> in a candidate, but Obama would decimate our values...

In terms of family values, I'm more favorably inclined toward a candidate who has been faithful to his wife than to an acknowledged adulterer. In terms of integrity or lack thereof, I'm repelled by the unrepentant influence-peddling of "Keating 5" McCain. And in terms of accountability and servant leadership, Obama has shown willingness to defend the Constitution and even examine the criminal acts of the Bush administration, while McCain is happy with more of the same.

So what "our values" does McCain represent?

Republicans have been in the White House for 23 of the 35 years since Roe v Wade, so the GOP can no longer claim our Presidential vote is going to have any effect on abortion. And as for marriage, that's a sacrament only the Church can offer; the secular State has no standing to define our sacraments. So again it's not relevant to the presidency.

Both Obama and McCain are economic disasters waiting to happen, whether through taxation for entitlements or taxation to fund foreign wars. But, unlike Obama, I'm not seeing how McCain reflects any Christian values at all.