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July 5, 2008

Ted Olsen


Ted Olsen is managing editor of news & online journalism for Christianity Today.

He used to blog a lot more (including Weblog, a collection of news and opinion articles) than he does now, and is a little frustrated by that.

He is author of Christianity & the Celts and co-author of 131 Christians Everyone Should Know.


Mr Olsen
You did not include the whole prayer in your posting, I am greatly disapointed in you and your lack of truth and honesty, you do the country a big disvavor in not posting the evtire prayer of Rick Warrem
Robert Cymmings Sr
Westerville, Ohio

Dear Mr. Olsen,

I am a long term subscriber to CT (paper copy) and the last couple issues have started to bother me in your reporting on homosexuality and non-tradional marriage issues plaguing our government.

Do you believe that homosexual behavior is sinful?

Do you believe that Churches should marry any other combination than a man and a woman?

Please answer these questions as I will cancel my subscription and those of our staff and pastors if it becomes clear CT is now secularized.


Dear Ted,
I have just read Bob's comments, above, and urge you to continue to allow expression of the full range of views on homosexuality held within the family of God's people.
An increasing number of Godly Biblical scholars and people in Christian ministry are rethinking the whole issue of homosexuality.
We now know from research into genetics and human behaviour that same-sex orientation is not harmful, not unnatural, not reversible in most cases, not contagious and not a moral choice. We are also discovering from Biblical scholars that the Bible teaches clearly against perverted or abusive homosexual behaviour, but not against all same-sex unions.
Some of us believe this is the science versus Scripture challenge of our generation. Or, perhaps the next.
Stacy Carey,
Cairns, Australia

Stacy, forget the silliness. Homosexuality by definition is abnormal. To state that it does not involve a moral choice is a little naive. There are significant references to the unnatural acts performed by homosexuals. Reducing it to a social mores encourages a situational ethic that is self defeating..there is no moral goodness in the unnatural act, there may be some moral good in two same sex partners who live together in harmony and respect who don't perform unnatural acts. Civil unions provides a way that the Government can regulate and protect parties from financial disparity when their union dissolves.