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July 7, 2008

What's in a Name?

Obama's campaign has dropped 'Joshua Generation' name.

The Home School Legal Defense Assocation said today that it is dropping plans to sue Sen. Barack Obama's campaign over the name "Joshua Generation," according to Rebecca Sinderbrand at CNN.

Obama's campaign created the new program to reach evangelical and Catholic young people but told HSLDA it will rename the initiative.

The organization sent the Obama campaign a cease-and-desist letter last month after the campaign announced the "Joshua Generation Project." HSLDA launched the group "Generation Joshua" in 2004 as a way for teenagers to become involved in politics.

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I think it's humorous that Generation Joshua wants to be a world-changing political force but the first time most of the world hears about them is when they sue Barack Obama for using their name in an attempt to attract evangelical voters. Ahh, homeschool evangelicalism...

By definition, HSLDA is a very litigious organization. It's leadership is also known for threatening lawsuits over just about anything.

Thank goodness they dropped the name.