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August 25, 2008

Are evangelical votes up for grabs?

Faith in Public Life is holding a panel this morning to discuss the roles of evangelical and Catholic voters this fall and the energy around a common good agenda.

The panelists are Steve Waldman from Beliefnet, Ron Stief from Faith in Public Life, Alexia Kelley from Catholics In Alliance for the Common Good, Zack Exley from the blog revolutioninjesusland.com and moderator Amy Sullivan from Time.

Here are a few snippets that give you an idea of what they're saying.

Steif: People of faith are embracing a broader agenda. We’re seeking common ground, and we’re seeking new dialogue. The religious right no longer controls the values debate in this country.

Waldman: In 2004, I think there was one faith caucus meeting. It was a sad little affair. The key line from the last convention speech was John Kerry’s speech. He welcomed people of faith. It sounded like it was some other group that he was welcoming. In this case, they’re saying ‘we are people of faith.’ It’s a big open question, which way this goes. There’s a de-alignment of evangelicals, but they have not yet gone over and signed with the Democrats. They’re right in the middle.

Exley: A few years ago, I stumbled in from the secular left into this white, evangelical, most of these suburban, working class culture. I sort of married into this. I became an accidental anthropologist in this culture. I was just shocked the first time I went into these megachurches. The young people are becoming pacifists. I know there are a lot of people who voted for Bush in 2004 and will vote for Obama.


I just read a great article, Looking for God at the democratic convention. When you take people who believe in abortion and same sex marriage and preach on t and thrive on it for sure God is not there. It is an easy question as to who a Christian will vote for, McCain. One must use first morals and values. McCain is a proven leader and Obama a dreamer with no experience. A background of God haters and Haters of America and white people, 20 years in a hate America church is not good.

I've been a Democrat my entire adult life.  When I accepted the Lord in 1977, I began to disagree with the Democrat platform in re abortion and gay rights.  However, one comment that I just read said that God is not at the Democrat convention. Really? I didn't know that God is a Republican. As Christians we are all sinners saved by grace.  The God of the Bible is not prejudiced.  I hope that before I go on to glory, I'll see the day when Christians,especially those who call themselves evangelical will stand up to racism, poverty and other social ills that too many Christians idly stand by and watch, especially high profile Christian leaders.  Some of them or their spokesperson have responded to me over the years indicating that dealing with racism is not their ministry.  Really? Afraid to lose some of their financial support? Oh Christians when are we going to stand up against all evil, which includes RACISM, and not just abortion and gay rights. When???