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August 13, 2008

CT Readers Flip Flop

Christianity Today online readers declared more support for Sen. John McCain than Sen. Barack Obama in our poll this week, flip flopping from their support of Obama last month.

The Barna Group's most recent survey found that McCain holds a narrow lead among evangelicals of 39 percent to Obama's 37 percent. Twenty-third percent of evangelicals are still undecided about who they will vote for, Barna says.

In this month's CT online poll, McCain pulled ahead of Obama (44%) with 48 percent, while Obama drew 51 percent to McCain's 41 percent last month.

Last month, 3,189 readers voted compared to this month's 2,532 votes. The polls are conducted online and are usually left up for about three days.


I find it very alarming that a good number of evangelicals will support a man who promotes abortion[s].

Sen. Obama does not PROMOTE abortions - it's simply inaccurate to say so.

I find it alarming that some Christians think that abortion is the only way in which children are killed and abused in the world in which we live. Then, they vote only on the basis of that thinking. Besides, I am not sure that Obama promotes abortion. I'm still making up my mind on this election, but comments like the one above don't enlighten me at all.

I haven't decided who I am going to vote for, but I can tell you this: My goal is to vote for a good person, if possible, and I know for a fact that there are good people who are pro-life and good people who are pro-choice. I cannot -- cannot -- use that one issue as my only determiner. If a candidate's stance on abortion was my main criteria, I'd end up voting for some people who were otherwise total jerks.

I find it alarming that so much of the public--not to mention so-called Christians--ignore the fact that the overwhelming number of innocent deaths by abortion surmounts any and all other unnatural deaths by an astounding proportion. In an imperfect world, we have to choose our battles in order of priority. The most loving and just--that is, Christian--priority must be the one that provides the biggest reduction in loss of innocent life possible. The simple facts are consistent: abortion is unequivocally that priority and will be until it is recognized in this nation for what it is: murder.

Obama is a total sell out to Planned Parenthood, ACLU, NARAL, NOW, Americans United for Sepration of Church and State, PFLAG, Equality, Lambda Legal, and all the homosexual organizations that are attempting to reshape America. These organizations are the sworn enemies of the Kingdom of God. The only way any Christian cannot see these facts is to close their eyes, or to be blinded by darkness. I know that Wallis, Campolo, and most Black pastors have done this out of intentional ignorance.
Go to these websites to get the facts:
Do your homework brothers and sisters. You have a duty to seek the truth, which Wallis, Campolo and the other leftists are not doing. Do NOT trust the media or their lackeys!

Do no trust the media or their lackeys.

Trust Jim.

I would never call someone that voted for Obama un-Christian, that is between them and God. However, I would love to know what Obama promises...besides the generic words "change" and "hope", and to raise taxes on the people that are already supporting the nation by paying 90% of all taxes...what else is there to him??

Roe vs. Wade – its interesting to know that McCorvey revealed herself to be the “Jane Roe” of the famous case, McCorvery had not aborted, but had given birth to the baby in question. In the case, she claimed that her pregnancy was the result of rape. She now claims that to have been untrue and that she had been the “pawn” of two young and ambitious lawyers Sarah Weddington and Linda Coffee – turns out McCorvey and her long-time partner were lesbians. It also turns out that Bernard Nathanson who started this NARAL-Pro Choice America grassroots performed his first abortion on a girlfriend he got pregnant, then went on to perform over 75,000 abortions in NYC and lied about the dangers of abortions. Later when ultrasound was developed his views on abortion changed and he made a Documentary” The Silent Scream” and wrote books Aborting America and The Hand of God. Nathanson as a younger man was Pro-Choice and a Jewish Atheist he later converted to Catholicism in 1996 – But the damage of this organization marches on without him. He now is a staunch supporter of the Pro-Life Movement as so is McCorvey the” Jane Roe”. Obama is not only a supported of this, but is a defender and accepted Millions of dollars for NARAL for his campaign – NARAL used to support Hillary thur out her political career – NARAL subbed Hillary since she lost the nominee. I will never support a candidate like Obama who supports this! McCain/Palin for Pro-Life.

Obama is not a christian and you are not a christian if you support him! Micah 1-7 John 14-7