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August 26, 2008

Faith caucus interrupted by abortion protester

Susan Thistlewaite, president of Chicago Theological Seminary, spoke at the first faith caucus and said, "I’ve been a pastor for 30 years, and I’m in favor of choice." One person shouted "Yeah!" and a few people clapped.

She then said she was in favor of a women being able to terminate a pregnancy if the other choice is not having health care or being able to provide adequate education.

A man stood up and yelled, "Are you saying it’s convenient to murder a child? Does that child have a choice?"

He was ushered out before she finished.
"I am proud of our Democratic platform because it is innovative on common ground," Thistlewaite said. "What kind of a choice can you make if you have no pre-natal care? Common ground for common good means you are not alone."


With that kind of reasoning (No pre-natal care - kill the baby), all babies before the 20th century would have been murdered. I've had ten children, twice birthing with no health insurance and no money to pay a doctor. When we didn't have health insurance we hired a midwife and paid her with whatever we could at the time; she didn't charge a fee. Other times we relied on assistance from the Catholic Hospital in our community. My oldest two children are in excellent colleges working on their degrees, my oldest four children work part-time jobs, pay taxes, and volunteer serving the needy. Tell them I should have chosen abortion!

Let's see. A man get's tossed for shouting out and objecting to what the speaker says, while those who shout out, or clap, in support of what the speaker said get to remain. Is this what the Democrats call "democracy"? And the headline, "Faith caucus interrupted by abortion protester". Wasn't the faith caucus also interrupted by the clapping and the shout of "Yeah" by those who were pro-abortion?

Get real Jim. Do you think that a person would not get thrown out of a Republican faith event if he stood up and protested Republican support for Torture? If you stand up in the middle of someone's speech to protest you are getting thrown out. This isn't about Democracy or free speech it is about protesting in the middle of someone else's speech. This guy had the right to protest, but the event had the right to throw him out.

And "Susan Thistlewaite, president of Chicago Theological Seminary," is supposed to be a Christian leader? Doesn't the Bible recommend a millstone necklace for those who mislead?

Positively Pro-Life attended a King County, Wa. Republican Breakfast in 1998 carrying graphic photos of aborted babies. The county chair asked us to please leave and to please ask if we wished to attend other events. We did so prior to the county convention and were allowed to attend with signs and literature. All the Republican leaders were there and even liberal Republican were cordial, if cool to our display of the truth. Attempts to do the same with local Demoncrats always provoked violence and gnashing of teeth. I am no longer a Republican but can still see this clear division in between the parties on the issue of life and support conservative when I can find them.