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August 14, 2008

Huck v. Romney

It's time to connect the flip-flop charge to the anti-Mormon thing.

Huck tells Fox that the Mittster would be a bad choice for VP because of his flipflopping, but not because he's a Mormon: "I think there are better choices for Sen. McCain that have the approval of value voters." It's time to connect the flip-flop charge to the anti-Mormon thing.

Many values voters--i.e. evangelicals--distrust Mormons. Why? Because, in evangelical eyes, Mormons claim to be something they're not; to wit, Christians. People who change positions are not trustworthy because they claim to be something they didn't use to be. The suspicion is they're sailing under false pretenses, pretending to be something they aren't. So what I'd say is that by so vigorously embracing all the values values voters embrace--rather than maintaining a certain distance--Romney actually reinforced anti-Mormon sentiment among evangelicals. (As in: "He says he's just like us? What else would you expect from a Mormon?") Just the opposite of what he intended. And at this point irremediable.

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Our only real chance for president was Ron Paul, now that he's out we are left with no one. So it really makes NO difference who McCain picks! If us Christians (including myself) could really understand the dangers of complaisanse (spelled right) years ago before B.C. we just might be in a better position then we are now.


Sad that there is a religious test being used in presidential politics. There is a new ook out called A Different God? Mitt Romney, the Religious Right and the Mormon Question that talks about Romn ey's presidential campaign and the anti-Mormon bigotry displayed on all sides during the campaign.

This is so ridiculous.I am a former Southern Baptist .I was raised by 2 sunday school parents.Im joyful that I finally joined the Mormon church and found I was one of multiples who also are former members of baptist ,catholic,etc.I was then and am now a Christian,only false pride encourages us to claim that others are not!!!! Only Jesus knows for sure! So please avoid the bigotry and arrogance if you call yourself Christian. It gives the rest of us Christians a bad name!

Mormonism is not Christianity. Take it from 4 million deliberately EXmormon, now born-again Christian believers. Consider, the only type of people who come out of the mormon church deliberately are atheists and new Christians. Does that say nothing?

No other church has a pet name for its nonpracticing aloof members. "Jack" mormons are so prevelant they had to coin a phrase just for them.