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August 24, 2008

Interfaith keynote addresses abortion

The keynote for the interfaith gathering is a pro-life pastor who did not shy away from the abortion issue in his address. Maybe it was just me, but I felt the room tense up as soon as he called himself a pro-life Democrat.

Here are some of the remarks from Bishop Charles E. Blake, presiding prelate of the Church of God In Christ, Inc. and pastor of West Angeles Church of God In Christ.

"Surely we cannot be pleased with the routine administration of millions of surgically terminated pregnancies. Something in us must be calling for a better way. We know that our party will acknowledge the moral and spiritual pain because of this disregard for the unborn. Those of us who support the Democratic Party support it because the Democratic Party supports more of the positions that are relevant to the lives of our people, the people of America in general, and the people in the world. Others loudly proclaim their advocacy for the unborn, but they refuse to recognize their responsibility and the responsibility of our nation, to those who are born. (standing ovation) Senator Obama and all of us should follow up and elaborate on his stated intention to reduce the number of abortions (interrupted by clapping) … We should support him in this endeavor."



Lessen amounts of abortions??>>

Overturn Roe v Wade:

"Abortion and the Conscience of the Nation"
-President Ronald Reagan
copyright 1983

Bishop Blake hit the nail right on the head- thank you for putting in words what my heart has been saying!

I do agree with the Pastor, however, my thoughts go to the overall reasons for legal abortions: Just because it's legal doesn't make it right. The loss of our moral footing and the desire to have what we want NOW are the root of this and other social problems. Just because we want something doesn't mean we should have it or even that it is good for us. On the contrary, many things we want are NOT good for us. Loose morals, young single mothers with little or no support system, loss of social values all lead to the slippery slope we find ourselves on--it has little to do with party politics. Neither Democrats or Republicans want to admit this--but it's the moral decay of our country that causes the myriad of social ills we face today. It really doesn't matter who's elected president unless each individual will take responsibility for his own actions.

When will we get beyond the single issue to seek people who will lead the nation and provide a milieu in which people are concerned about a whole gamut of moral issues?

Prolifers state that they believe that life begins at conception and ends at natural death. I agree with that, but sometimes wonder if a lot of prolifers believe that life begins at conception and ends at natural death or death by an enemy bullet or death by state execution, etc., etc.

If the number of abortions needs to be reduced, it must be that abrotions are a bad thing. If abortions are a bad thing, then let's stop them. It is time to try to stop sounding like one is against abortions ("we must reduce them" - wink, wink, nod, nod), and then continue to fund them. There is a word for that: hypocrisy.

We hope that a faithful president could clean up the spititually dying churches like this one. Please help unhealty Churches to be changed. Who can change certain self righteous clergies and bishops for a renewal? Our nation faced big problems. How about if we have a MCCain-Obama joint presidenty and Hillary as the top human policy adviser. The trinity culd save our nation from the cmoning disater.
America's is paramount. See the Russian advanced into Georgia and our weakening churches. Herre is a real story:
A petition to Bishop Jeremiah J. Park to recover misused Church money

Dear Bishop Jeremiah J. Park:

Current and earlier events need the attention of your office because they will test the meaning of Christian values and of honor among Koreans.

Recently, you advocated, “No torture”, and with other religious luminaries you have marched to the United Nations to protest against the torture and abuse of suspected terrorists held at U.S. facilities in Guantanamo, Iraq, and Afghanistan. However, why have you not condemn the torture and abuse of the innocent members within your church?

Unwittingly it seems to appear the double standard of morality in the episcopacy as you overlooked the torture agony within a Methodist church.

In any event, the church should not be let alone in a Mafia image under your jurisdiction.

More specifically, Mr. Steve Park, and other church officers, had deliberately and consistently tortured and abused my family for many years while the church remained silent. He and his church underlings used the church’s name and trust fund to malign my family and me in order to rid of us from the church. It was to cover up the looting of the church money.

For instance, for one of the three frivoouls lawsuits, Mr. Park falsely accused my son and me that we planned to kill him, his family, his attorney, and other church members in one of his court depositions:

12 A “He said watch out, you asshole,
13 Specifically said you asshole, you watch out, if
14 You don’t watch your step; I’m going to kill you.
5 A “I’m going to kill your whole family.”
6 Q That’s what Dr. Sone said to you?
7 A “Yes.”
P. 62; 9-17, 21-23.
9 Q You’re claiming that Dr. Sone
10 threatened to kill you and your whole family?
11 A “Yes.”

Furthermore, he substantiated his assertion that more than 10 persons had witnessed our threats to murder. His witnesses included Reverend Wontae Cha, Y. S. Kim, K. D. Shin, Y. H. Lee, Y. J. Kim, D. J. Chun, Paul Choi, Y. J. Kwon, and I. C. Lee.

Rev. Cha is a good colleague of yours according to information.

Because of his false allegations, my son and I were on trial at the New York State Supreme Court in Nassau County. He used the church’s funds to finance his lawsuit against us. In his lawsuit, Mr. Park also demanded $4,000,000 in damages, while pushing us into the jail as felons.

His lawsuit had nothing to do with the church and was simply a personal vendetta against us. My only offense against Rev. Cha, Mr. Park and others was to strictly observe my fiduciary duty as the chairman of the Board to protect the church’s Building Fund. Nevertheless, according to the court records, officials from the church hierarchy and Steven Park had deceived the judge as if the case was a church-related during an ex-parte conference.

Now, Bishop Jeremiah J. Park must be responsible to identify the persons who were at the secretive meeting with the judge. He must investigate all and any conspiracy against the church and its members. The bishop’s actions matter much with the prestige of the episcopacy.

The year 2008 is the 87th anniversary of the Korean United Methoidst Church and Institute. Bishop Jeremiah J. Park, Reverend Won Tae Cha, Steven Park, Young So Kim and other such characters one day must come to the church and faithfully explain to the worshippers for the justification of the looting for either personal gain or criminal racketeering against the innocent loyal members.

The cowardly leadership owes an explanation to the fellow church members about the mismanagement of church finances: For example, an $180,000 building renovation contract lost for nothing. It only enriched the related parties. Or, another example when the chairman of the board of trustees embezzled $70,000 he is awarded with church money to pay for his legal fees and for part of his embezzlement. Also his faction paid the fines for the sanctions and the contempt of court with the trust fund although they had to pay. Another irony is Methoidst Mission Fund donated $50,000 to the trust as if an incentive to the looting

The judge and NYS Attorney General advised to recover the funds from the abusers. But, why anyone in the church leadership has done anything about these malfeasances?

Now, the time has come to your office to clarify the ultimate moral issues. On July 15, 2007, the church decided to hire a certified public accountant (excluding Korean CPA) to audit the church finances starting from year 2000. The audit is to determine if any fraud has occurred. But, since then, Reverend Chang, the current pastor, who is a friend of yours according to information, has not yet started it.

The church must recover the stolen funds from Mr. Park and the embezzlers. Perhaps, the church may file an insurance claim for the stolen funds so that the insurance company can compensate them. But, you, the bishop, must enforce church rules and order to help this church recover financially as well as morally. Otherwise, the church has no standing as “a light house” to the dark world.

Now, remember that any decent mind cannot allow our historic church to be built on the foundation of the age-old scandals, but on “the rock”. Most of all, the church should be liberated from evil capitulation still in power. If Mr. Park and others like him have succeeded to scapegoat the church scandals on an innocent family, then they would have said, “Halleluiah!!” The church should be maintained as a house of prayer, but a “den of robbers.” (Matthew 21; 13)

Without any further delay, you must recognize that the Korean United Methodist Church and Institute has been under the control of the spiritually-dead clergies and criminals who are filled with demons, falsehoods, hatreds, and deception. It does appear to be a moral crisis of the Korean Church, the NY Annual Conference, and, perhaps, the United Methodist denomination.

I am praying for your spiritual victory in good faith and for the renewal of our historic church. The Book of Discipline guarantees open meetings and free speech. Why can’t we have an open debate for the renewal at the church or a public media? The congregation wants your spiritual leadership as the bishop of the NY Annual Conference as well as the top church leader of the Korean immigrant Christian community.

Please let me remind your office that it is my duty and mission to continuously protect the church’s common interests, according to the church’s rules and the Christian teachings. That is my only way to seek justice and to restore our family name as I have learned from the church throughout my life.
Alas! The church is spiritually, morally broken as it is now.

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Chae S. Sone and family

Please forward the e-mail petition to:
Reverend Jeremiah J. Park, Bishop
New York Annual Conference
White Plains, New York
e-mail address: Bishop@nyac.com

Reverend Chul Woo Chang
e-mail address: chang.kumci@gmail.com

Forward to our distinctuished spiritual leaders:

UMC: newsdesk@umcom.org.

Grassley, Chuck (R)
Charles Schumer (D)

Grassley, Chuck (R)
Charles Schumer (D)
Hillary Clinton (D)
democraticparty@democrats.org democraticparty@democrats.org Obamainfo@friendsofmccain.com

Let us pray for the Bishop to do His will accordingly. Especially it is a wakeup call for Korean Christian community – It is a cyber age.

The corrective majors are long over due or just ignored by the leaders.

Sent: Thursday, October 11, 2007 4:22 PM
To: Bishop@nyac.com;chang.kmci@gmail.com. csone@optonline.net
Subject: Building Funds Questions – Korean Church

Dear Bishop:

This all sounds as though the leadership of our church has handled a “difficult situation” in a poor way. Are these matters of injustice in the claims of those who cry out about the fraudulent use of building funds and trust funds of the Korean Church in New York? Real leaders not only do things right... but in the critical points of decision making...do the right thing. What is the “right thing” in his matter? It is an embarrassment to the whole community of faith.

Chuck Gummer
Former District Superintendent
Former Wyoming Conference Executive
Wyoming Confeence

-----Original Message-----
From: Rev. Dr. Alexander Hast [mailto:chocr@ca.rr.com]
Sent: Friday, September 05, 2008 11:48 AM
To: Bishop@nyac.com
Cc: chang.kumci@gmail.com; csone@optonline.net
Subject: A petition to Bishop Jeremiah J. Park to recover misused Church money

Dear Brother in Christ Bishop Jeremiah J. Park,
I have received this petition which is addressed to you and only calls for an investigation and justice. If the accusations are true, the situation deserves a resolution. No one should be victimized - especially not by their own church. I don't know the situation, do not know if any of the accusations are remotely true, but have witnessed similar cases. An impartial investigation could bring interesting unknown facts to your attention.
GOD bless you!
Rev. Dr. Alexander Hast

On 12/14/08, at the church meeting, a resolution passed to recover the abused trust fund as proposed by Mr. Hyun Joong Kim, that was long overdue since Assistant Attorney General Nathan Courtney’s order to recover them. But he delayed it up to now in an excuse that it would be costly for the church to recover.

Now the church has spoken loudly again that “the demand of return of the abused money to the church is “not Anti church or anti Christ”. It is right thing to do for the church officers to recover God’s money from the abusers.

Now his opposition to the return of the abused fund found to be morally wrong as a pastor as the church formally legally, rightfully, demanded to recover them.
Now the audit is imperative. It should be done as soon as possible without further delay as it matters with the image of this historic church.

UMC leaders do not have real moral and spiritual leadership in the church. Many of them are just mugging Jesus in order to cheat church money, then demonize the innocent ones.
It is possible just brain washing the innocent newcomers to replaced old members. It is realy dis honorable ministry.

Rethink Jesus. Many knows the church address. It is question if one can see real Christians in the church.

God save the clergies!!

Rev. Chul Woo Chang is still stalling the audit decided in 2007 to cover up his friends' criminal looting of the church money. It is not a pastor's way. c. sone