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August 29, 2008

McCain picks Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin for VP

Sen. John McCain chose Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his running mate, and so far, it seems like bells and whistles from the conservative evangelical community.

Roberta Combs, president of the Christian Coalition of America said in a statement: "Governor Sarah Palin is a bold choice for Vice President who is a courageous advocate for unborn children. In addition, she is a conservative who is a reformer not afraid to shake up the establishment."

Back on Aug. 8, Richard Land told CBS she would be the pick that would most excite Southern Baptists and other conservatives.

"Richard Land: Probably Governor Palin of Alaska, because she's a person of strong faith. She just had her fifth child, a Downs Syndrome child. And there's a wonderful quote that she gave about her baby, and the fact that she would never, ever consider having an abortion just because her child had Downs Syndrome. She's strongly pro-life.

She's a virtual lifetime member of the National Rifle Association. She would ring so many bells. And I just think it would help with independents because she's a woman. She's a reform Governor. I think that, from what I hear, that would be the choice that would probably ring the most bells, along with Mike Huckabee, of course, who's a Southern Baptist."

Family Research Council Action President Tony Perkins said in a statement:

"On February 11th of this year, for example, she signed into law the 'Safe Haven for Infants Act,' facilitating the safe surrender of an unwanted newborn to a place of safety and hope. Her actions contrasts sharply with the Democratic nominee, Senator Barack Obama (D-Ill.), who when he was in the Illinois Senate repeatedly helped to kill a bill that sought to protect babies who survived abortion."

Over on the Between Two Worlds blog Andy Naselli has found an article from four months ago when Al Mohler highlighted the Palin family in an article ("Welcome to the World, Trig Paxson Van Palin") and on his radio show (also titled "Welcome to the World, Trig Paxson Van Palin").

Here's a description of the radio show:

A little boy with an extra chromosome was born on April 18. His name is Trig Paxson Van Palin and his new home is the Alaska Governor's Mansion in Juneau. His mom is Governor Sarah Palin, who along with her husband Todd, has welcomed Trig as their second son and fifth child.

On today's show, Mohler explains why Trig's very existence defies the Culture of Death and gives us all hope.

In 2006, the Anchorage Daily News included her religion in a series of articles on her.

"Her Christian faith, they say, came from her mother, who took her children to area Bible churches as they were growing up (Sarah is the third of four siblings)," Tom Kizzia wrote. "They say her faith has been steady since high school, when she led the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and grew stronger as she sought out believers in her college years."


Ms. Palin's acceptance of this nomination is troubling to me as a mother. I have three healthy young children. I could not imagine the strain on a large family adjusting to caring for a child with down syndrome. Yet Ms. Palin has made the choice to put her political aspirations before helping her infant(born in APRIL 2008) settle in to her family. What message is she sending to mothers in America? What empathy can we expect from an administration where the VP goes back to work 3 days after having a baby? I'm guessing she'd say work life balance is for WIMPS.

It is troubling to me that belonging to the IRA is an issue that is important to Christians. Why would that be? There are many Christians who do not support the NRA, and many who do. Does one or the other make you a better Christian?


What an absurd comment. Mrs. Palin has clearly demonstrated her love for her children in an admirable way.

Some women can't return to work for years after they give birth. Others can do so very quickly. This one size fits all mentality you're displaying is certainly not Biblical.

What message does she send to mothers in America? I'm a mother (and one who works from home, even) and I find her inspirational. What empathy can we expect from Palin -- a woman who gave birth to her fifth child when 90% of children with Down Syndrome are aborted? A heck of a lot, I imagine.

I'm glad that there are women like Palin who demonstrate commitment to family while managing their other vocations as well.

That's true work-life balance.

Every woman is different in her gifts and callings, including how she balances work and family. It is not fair to compare oneself with another and judge others based on your own life experience. Christian women need to cut each other some slack regarding their own choices of working and staying at home.

This was a smart pick for McCain. But why worry so much about what the far right-wing thinks? They're not going to make or break this election. It's the moderates who will determine who wins.

I think this pick illuminates some interesting facts about Mccain and Obama's differences. Obama has been a candidate of "change" and "revolution". His vice-presidential pick was Joe Biden, a long time senator and classic Washington insider. Mccain however, I believe, turns out to be the real reformer, picking a new face as his running mate. Even her credentials speak of ethics reform and government changes. The tables seem to have been turned.

I love this pick. Sure, as a conservative, I had few options in this election, but now I am excited about the Republican ticket. She seems to be a woman who not only says what she believes, but lives it too!

Excellent choice for VP! I like her background and have no problem thinking about her becoming president.

How in the world is she going to help the country with a child with downs syndrome? I would think that she would be better off taking care of her special needs child. The poor child is going to be left behind or the office of Vice Presidency is going to be left behind. Interesting!

I am thrilled of mccain's choice she can be like a type of deborah
in the bible. the faith and strentgh to helpbrings this country back to God.

I am thrilled of mccain's choice she can be like a type of deborah
in the bible. the faith and strentgh to helpbrings this country back to God.

I am thrilled of mccain's choice she can be like a type of deborah
in the bible,with the faith and strentgh to help bring this country back to God. Iam a african american but iam a born again christian, and i wouldn't vote for someone just because they are black. They have to have my convictions. I think mccain made a strategic move.

For some reason, public integrity and reform are not topics associated with Christian political activism, but they should be. Our country is in desperate need of both, even with an evangelical President and a Wheaton graduate as recent speaker of the house. I hoped for better from both of them and perhaps we will get better from McCain and Palin.

Well, you bible thumpers got your way. What McCain needed was someone who really knew the economy, and who's credentials could not be questioned. Your myopic obsession with abortion has driven him into about the weakest choice he could have possibly made. Sarah who? The Democrats are going to appoint the next judges; you'd better pray hard.

I think it is a very good choice. If I were an american citizen, I would not hesitate: McCain+Palin. Obama sells smoke. This woman sells facts: married to a man of another race, mother of five children, and a son with Down syndrome.

Santiago, Granada (Spain)

I am a pro-life Democrat and fairly liberal on most issues. However, I strongly believe that while women are certainly just as capable as men of succeeding in the political arena, they should do so when their children do not need them at home. I couldn't vote for the woman Democrat Shannon O'Brien in our Massachusetts governor's race because I believed she should be first and foremost a Mom to her young daughter. So I am surprised at the so-called Family Values party promoting a woman with a young child who will especially need his Mom's love and attention during this formative time in his life. What will Dr. Dobson say I wonder...

John McCain has selected a running mate with more EXECUTIVE experience than Obama+Biden combined! The better word, the stronger qualifier is ACCOMPLISHMENT. In that category we already have a longer list of Gov. Pailn's accomplishments (a couple hours after her announcement) than the scant list of Se. Obama's accomplishments after two years of campaigning for the highest job in the free world. Embarrassing.

McNair- I agree wholeheartedly with your post.

I am a very happy woman today! John McCain has been my candidate since the beginning of the primary process. I know him as my State Senator. He is a man with integrity and what he says he will do, he will. Now with his choice of Gov. Palin who has fought corruption and will do what she says,this is my dream ticket.

I agree with Rachel and DJohn758. I am a Christian mother who has to work outside of the home to provide the basic necessities of life for my family. I am always empathetic and non-judgmental of women who are forced to leave their children and place their trust in God to make things work out. But this woman was not constrained in any way to leave her family. She has chosen it. I am appalled that she would abandon her newborn and return to her office after only 3 days. I am disheartened that she would accept the VP ticket just months after this new child has joined their family and needs special care and attention. I know how my own children suffer to not have Mom around when they return home from school. I know the critical importance of being there every night to say our prayers and read our scriptures together, and tuck them each into bed and spend some one-on-one time listening to their day. Clearly, even if Palin desires to do this with her children, she will never be able to. And has she even thought about the pressure and spotlight which will be turned upon them if they have to move to Washington? They will have to have a Secret Service person with them at all times. They will have no privacy. They will never know if their new friends really like them, or just want to rub shoulders with political royalty. They will be a target for cruel jokesters, paparazzi, and even terrorists. Mrs. Palin doesn't seem to have batted an eye over it. She is willing to sacrifice their happiness and security for her own personal gain. Mrs. Palin has chosen to follow the lure of the world. She has decided to place fame and worldly political pursuit above her most precious and important God-given role as mother and nurturer. She is not another Deborah, she is a walking contradiction of Christian values. The Bible states that there is a time and season given under heaven for everything in our lives. God has given her a beautiful season of life to raise her family, but she has rejected it. She is impatient, and obviously thinks she knows more than God. She wants to have all her seasons at once. If you read about her life, you can see that she has repeatedly demonstrated this impatience to have more and more at every turn from her earliest years. She has always had to be in the spotlight and succeed and win. She's never content when she does win. She's always searching desperately for some new accomplishment, another credential to add to her resume, another win, another prize, another child for the nest, another chance to climb the ladder. She is now eager to abandon her home state after they just put their trust in her only 2 years ago. She was eager and willing to abandon her baby after only 3 days from birth to return to her office! Where is this woman's priorities and loyalties? It seems to me she doesn't have any. I certainly don't want this person as my next Commander in Chief if McCain (very possibly) is called Home. "Forever seeking and never finding". Forever confused about who she really is, and what her most important priorities should be right now. I am offended that McCain thinks he can buy my female Christian vote with this "Miss-Congeniality-Barracuda".

I am a Christian man who raised two children by myself. It is not always a woman's job to be the care giver in the home. I believe the Governor's husband should be given some credit for helping out with ALL of their children. This decision to accept John McCain's offer would have been talked over between husband and wife, and I am sure they did not take the decision and the implications lightly for their children.

While she's very admirable in some ways, especially in her clean out GOP corruption campaign, she's also a bigot in the condescending "some of my best friends are Gay" way. A smarmy way of justifying her cowardly stabbing of those alleged friends in the back by supporting efforts to prohibit them from petitioning their government for redress of their grievances, such as with constitutional amendments banning marriage for Gay couples. Shame on her.

To H.K, what is it with you? Sour grapes? This woman's record as a Christian, her track record, is commendable. Some women can return to work quickly after giving birth, other's can't. Some are homemakers, others have very qualified help that can substitute during working hours. I'm very encouraged by the choice of Senator McCain, and actually very surprised. Whether McCain is "buying votes" or not, she's a good choice nonetheless. At least there'll be one Christian on the team, and maybe two or more, who can judge in these matters. Who can see the Spirit of the Lord in others? Do you think Deborah didn't have a family? What about Golda Meir, mother of modern Israel? Some women are made for office, and still take care of their families. Let God be the judge, not unqualified man (or woman).

I first thought, "What???? who in the world is Sarah Palin and why did he pick an unknown"? Then I quickly learned of her accomplishments and personal connection to the numerous issues of concern to Americans: 1. A Reformer with extraordinarily high approval rating as Governor of Alaska, 2. A conservative leader who, in the interest of putting the well-being of the people first, has stood up to lobbyists and special interest groups/big oil companies in her state, 3. A leader who understands issues of union workers since both she and her husband belonged to unions, 4. A Governor who reached across party lines to appoint both Democrats and Independents to her cabinet in order to best accomplish needed changes, 5. A promoter of alternative energy sources to help relieve America of dependence on foreign oil, 6. A leader who understands the price of war since her son enlisted in the army a year ago and will be headed for Iraq shortly, 7. A servant leader who has scrutinized and cut unnecessary spending and returned the savinge to the people of Alaska, 8. A leader who will uphold the second amendment as a member of the NRA....and I'm sure we'll learn more as the days progress. I shouldn't have jumped to judgment so quickly and I'm humbly impressed by what I've recently learned. In addition, in response to some previous posts, I don't believe having a Down Syndrome child requires her to drop everything in order to be a good mother...we don't know the depth and level of help and support she has available to her, but she does seems to have a stable family and a strong, 20 year marriage....my extended family includes a child with Down Syndrome who is healthy, happy, progressing in personal development, and adored by the family--even though both parents work outside the home.


She passed a law extending state employee benefits to same sex couples. Check your facts.

Fresh wind, a breath of fresh air is what Mrs. Palin brings to the campaign! As a mother of 3, grandmother of 6, I am greatly relieved, overjoyed, actually at Sen. McCain's choice. She is a a woman of integrity, values, moral conviction, grit, and I APPLAUD her for balancing family, standing strong for family values, and for loving America enough to make great sacrifices to fight for everything our founding fathers stood for! I wholeheartedly agree with the Fox commentator who said, "It's a slam dunk for the McCain ticket!"

Why does the woman have to stay at home with the child? Maybe her husband does a better job with the children than she does. Cut her some slack; at least we get a person of faith in an office of power instead of the humanist that the Democrats offer up.

The "marriage" issue again. No one should be discriminated on the basis of sexual orientation. But that can not override freedom of association and religious preferences in such matters as employment. No one should make disparaging comments about a person's sexual orientation. BUT, marriage between a man and woman is a central feature of God's design for living. The purpose of marriage as defined is to replenish the earth and to prepare the offspring for assuming their roles/functions in society. As social science research shows, children raised in a man/woman marriage are much more likely to succeed in school, in employment, a sense of fulfillment, and as law abiding citizens. Why? Its the way God designed creation.

"Ms. Palin's acceptance of this nomination is troubling to me as a mother. I have three healthy young children. I could not imagine the strain on a large family adjusting to caring for a child with down syndrome." - Raquel

Well Raquel, as another mother of a child with Down syndrome I can tell you that #1 he personally is as healthy as the next child.
http://giftsds.blogspot.com/ - That's MY son on the cover.
You want to know what message she is sending? She is sending the message that having a child with special needs is not doom and gloom. It doesn't mean having to sit at home in the dark and live in the shadows, sheltering your child and family from society and giving up "normal" life. She is sending the message that times have changed!!!

I will support Governor Palin in advocacy for DS, special needs in general and BEING A GOOD MOTHER.

My comments were inadvertently listed under Dan's. I am the mother of 3 and the grandmother of 6, not Dan!

"How in the world is she going to help the country with a child with downs syndrome? I would think that she would be better off taking care of her special needs child. The poor child is going to be left behind or the office of Vice Presidency is going to be left behind. Interesting!" - DJohn758

Djohn, do you know anything about DS or are you just relying on your preconceived sterotypical views? Yes, there are "special needs" required by a parent of a child with DS (same as any other diagnosis), but it does not have to be a full time job any more than being a mom period. It can be if you choose - but it's not a necessity. You CAN live a typical life.

I see Gov. Palin as someone who's life will resonate with the American people and I firmly believe that this is something our country desperately needs!! For too long we have tolerated professional politicians who have no connection with the people, they just go about doing whatever to embellish their own political agendas and careers. So she is a reformer?? Well maybe we will FINALLY see term limits on the national level....Now THAT would be true reform!!!

As a college-educated, former career woman who gave up paid work to be at home these last 19 years to raise 2 sons with my physician husband working shifts around the clock, I've learned a lot about whether women should have a career or not while mothering. I've observed dozens of neighbors and friends being either stay-at-home moms or moms having paid employment. I've seen absolute ATROCITIES of neglect and abandonment from a few, but at the same time, I've seen extremely well adjusted kids and families when the following is the case: When one or both sets of grandparents live close by or within driving distance, and they routinely come to their grandchildren's home to spend time with them, OR they take the children off mom and dad's hands for an overnight stay each week or an over-the-weekend stay, at the grandparents' house. I've had no relatives nearby who could give me a break or spend time with our kids, teaching them what they know about life, and I see that this can make a world of difference. I suspect Sarah Palin has her children's grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins around to help her children grow up feeling secure. Maybe her mom and dad or her in-laws help her and maybe they'd move to Washington with them. I sense that Sarah has an unusual gift for visionary leadership. A visionary has the speaking and personal qualities that convince others to follow a vision they cannot see. The best part of Sarah's speech today was when she said voters "expect us to go into public service for the RIGHT REASONS"! I believe it when reports say she is fearless in shedding light on corruption and exposing TRUTH. Obama is a con artist all the way. McCain-Palin is an excellent ticket.

When I read the judgment being passed on Governor Palin by some of the "Christian" women in this forum--and men, for that matter--I am reminded of what exactly kept me a stranger to church and Christianity and my God for so long. Unbelievable.

The Proverbs 31 woman is lauded for her virtue and excellent character. She was certainly a "worker at home" (Titus 2:5), but also engaged her community and conducted business outside the home. Being a mother does not preclude working outside the home. It can certainly hinder it, but Palin seems to be the kind of balanced mother that the writer of Proverbs had in mind.

This is very good news for Biblical Christians. We now have a Bible-believing woman on the ballot for the first time in history, and someone who really stands up for family and human life. I think evangelicals are probably going to find this ticket a very attactive choice in November.

1. I don't care what Dr. Dobson thinks. 2. The Bible doesn't restrict women to working inside the home. 3. Why should I be glad that she's in the NRA?

Overall, I do think this was a great choice. Now, I do find it ironic that the far-right are applauding her as the the possible number 2 person, and possibly the number 1 person, of the most powerful country in the world, yet they believe that women overall are easily deceived and aren't fit to lead even a simple country church.

Did I hear someone ask Sarah who?

Two years or less ago I and many people I know would have been asking that of Obama, who must be possibly the least experienced presidential candidate ever. So we will get to know Sarah Palin just as we got to know Obama.

Actually, she sounds like a very interesting person to get to know -politician, State Governor, NRA member, married with multiple children, one of whom is disabled, woman of faith. Sounds like a real scrapper to me.

Let's get ready to rumbllllllle!

Sarah Palin is a brilliant choice. Obama will not dare to pull the Lack of Experience card because----duh. He has none. Some disgruntled Hillary followers might be won over simply because they want a woman so badly but I rather doubt that. But Palin WILL definetly rally the pro-life evangelicals even if she is not, technically, one of them (although she may be, we just dont know yet). As an ardent pro-lifer, myself, the sight of her on that stage with McCain and her little Down Syndrome baby that COULD so easily have been aborted but his parents chose Life----was moving. Especially in contrast with Obama's hell-bent-for-leather, kill 'em no matter what,stance. I mean, after all, the guy is on voting record as in favor of Live Birth Abortions.

So many ready to accuse a mother of not caring because she chooses to care too much. Her baby will not suffer - he has a father to help care for him. Why is it okay for a father to step out of the picture and go back to work and not a mother? I'm very conservative, but my husband and I have raised three children together - both working long hours - and they are productive, brilliant, community minded, strong people - both girls and our son. It takes TWO to raise a child - to instill work ethics, love, caring, responsibility, respect. Hurray for Palin and Hurray for McCain for having the guts to pick someone who does care!!!

I'm sorry but alot of the statements that I have heard in response to my OP completely contradict family core values represented by this website and many of the ministries associated with this readership. Women can have it all but not at the same time. God's ideal plan for children is to have their mother as their everyday caregiver. Serving as a governor is much more conducive to tucking your kids in at night than running for and serving as VP of the USA. Either she'll have to leave the newborn regularly for days on end, or she'll have to travel with him frequently maybe even weekly domestically and internationally. Are either of these fair to the child? Yes, grandparents and fathers are important caregivers, especially when moms have to work to PROVIDE for their family. But her choice does not represent that situation.

I'm a part time professional employed from home. I have turned down lucrative "important" jobs. Because I know that my role as caregiver is what's really important. God will "promote" me once my children are more independent. As I sit and fall in love with my own infant I can't imagine a mother who'd rather conquer the world than get to know her newborn.

There are other competent exciting conservative women who are qualified.

I think we should make Precious the VP. You nailed it Precious. I say "Amen"

"Women can have it all but not at the same time. God's ideal plan for children is to have their mother as their everyday caregiver."

Really, Rachel? I must be reading my Bible all wrong then because MY God doesn't tell me I have to choose between work and child - especially when I can balance both (something I think He helps me with). My God tells me that I answer only to Him and since I don't know where in the Bible it says I am doing wrong, I feel pretty safe! I'm a politically conservative, staunch Evangelical child of two ministers, too. Yup, two. That means one of them was my WORKING MOM. Let me go tell her to step down from the pulpit . . .

This thread has many interesting comments. Ms. Palin has much to commend her, but no one should be misled by her self-description as a reformer in Alaska, which is one of the most corrupt states of all, with its senator and sole representative both facing corruption charges brought by the Republican administration. Her website has already erased prior references to endorsements from these men. It is also silly to describe her as facing down "Big Oil." Let's praise her where praise is due, but not exaggerate where the facts do not warrant it.

I spent 3 week in Alsaka this summer, spent time talking with people who know Sarah Palin personally and read her biography which was publishished this past spring. Sarah is the genuine article. HK, she did not "abandon" her baby after 3 days, but took him to work with her and put his needs first. She spent much time in prayer and had complete family support before running for Govenor of Alaska. She has been exceptionally effective in combatting deeply entrenched corruption in Alasks. She believes and practices "family values" far better than most of us. She is a great choice for Vice President and would make a great President.

Palin's husband does stay home with the kids. In emailing with a friend in Alaska today, it seems Alaskans are very pleased with her. She doesn't cater to anyone and will fight for what she believes is right.

Her next youngest child is seven, and the oldest is already out of the home. So she doesn't have a house full of young children. She truly seems like a good choice.

No one asks the male candidates, "Who's going to look after the kids?"

We need more women such as Palin to be an example for our Girls and young women who now have Rosie O'Donnell or Brittany Spears to copy.

Women can be more than just one thing. And yes WOMEN CAN BE IN CHARGE.

Amen to the Prof!

Sarah Pulliam
Is a LIAR!
You do NOT have Genetic Testing Unless You are Aborting the Fetus if It has a medical problem!

She should NOT pretend! She and Her Husband later decided to keep it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

John Adams stated: "We have no government armed in power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion. Our
Constitution was made only for a religious and moral people. It is wholly inadequate for the government of any other."

I am very comfortable with her selection because she holds the political values I believe. I believe in female leadership and think it provides a measure of strength that benefits the country. A woman's place is outside of the home in positions of authority, and this is one of the reasons I support this decision.

I respect the role that her husband plays in their family because I could see myself in a similar role if I was married I would want to support my family in that similar manner. The decision to go into politics is not an easy one and requires much prayer before acting upon it. I am very confident that she and her family prayed over this decision and made plans to take care of their children.

Look at her character, her ethics, and her morality and you see someone who is ready to lead. I do not want anything to happen to McCain, but if something happens I believe she will handle the role of President of the United States with excellence.

I ask the question: does that political leader have the moral composition to lead? I will not support them if they do not have the conscience to lead and the ethics to utilize political power.

Palin is a horrid woman. She sued the Bush administration to have polar bears removed from the endangered species list, so she could drill where they were living.

She also had wolves, and their cubs, dragged out of their dens and shot. For the excuse that it would help sustain moose and deer populations. Despite the fact that these populations have never been higher BECAUSE they are hunting these poor animals from helicopters.

She would rather follow ambition and savagery, than stay at home and take care of her child that needs a mother.

Sarah Palin is appalling. I am disgusted to call her an American.

You don't need to stay home to take care of your child - she takes her child to work with her!

What are you people TALKING ABOUT????????!!!!!!
We are not talking about a woman with a four month old baby "working outside the home". We are talking about a woman with a 9 month old baby potenitally being PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.... She is an absolutely INSANE choice! And it really scares the hell out of me that anyone would gloss that over just because she is a chrisitan or pro life, or a member of the NRA!

Well, he is not 9 months since he was born in April. I'm bad at math but I can figure that out. What does the child's age have to do with her abilities as a VP?

I didn't like her hair-do.

Katy is 100% correct. Wake up, people. We are barely getting rid of the most terrible President in the history of the U.S. Are you happy with what he has left our country with? This woman, who touts "family values" made a choice to have a child at the age of 44. Fine. But now this child needs her and where is she? Running around the country chasing a job she is unqualified to do. Yes, I said unqualified. Alaska has 670,000 people total. The town she was mayor of has about 9,000 people. Compare this to the Chicago area which has 3 million people. She is waaaaay out of her league and McCain is out of his mind.

I believe the child that "needs her" is in her arms in her office. Correct me if I'm wrong?

Dan, check your facts so you don't get angry over typical knee-jerk sentimentalism for cuddly old polar bears.

They were placed on the endangered species list using non-scientific ESTIMATES and not facts. They were projecting the potential reduction of the polar bear population based on the unreliable global warming estimates.

The polar bear population is growing! It is bigger now than it has ever been. Gov. Palin is suing the U.S. Government for making a scientifc decision WITHOUT science.

With the ESA on Polar bears in place, environmental groups will be able to sue almost anyone to stop ALL development because it will harm the polar bear. Gov. Palin was head of the Alaska state environmental board. She currently has an 80%+ approval rating across the state of Alaska—a state that is FULL of environmentalists, and polar bears.

Texas is 261,914 square miles.
Alaska is 587,875 square miles.
Delaware is 1,955 Sq. miles (smaller than Hawaii, New Jersey, Connecticut, and all other states—except Rhode Island.

While we're on it: ANWR (Alaskan National Wildlife Reserve) is 20 MILLION acres. The piece of land they need to drill for and retrieve billions of gallons of gas is 2 THOUSAND acres. (That's one/ten thousandth of the total Reserve. Think of a postage stamp on a football field. And they area they want to drill on is NORTH of the arctic Circle, 700 miles from the nearest TREE.

Gov. Palin takes a back seat to no one on conservation (if you believe in using facts and not rhetoric.)

As a British citizen I have an interest in your Presodential election but I fail to understand why membership of the NRA is relevant when the USA has one of the highest pro rata murder rates in the world Surely , as in most European countries .ownership of weapons should be restricted to those groups in public service such as the Armed Forces who on a daily basis need to have them .Our police manage to keep us safe without carrying guns save for authorised special operations

I wonder how someone can be "Pro-life" and an NRA lifetime member. How can one be "Pro-life" and support sending one's son to war along with all of the others who potentially or actually kill for their country. Killing for one's country can include shooting and bombing men, women and children (including the pre-born) for whom Christ died. Is this "Pro-life?"

What a brilliant choice! McCain has completely changed the political dialogue and wrestled the nation's attention away from Obama.

I think John McCain's choice was ridiculous and irresponsible, and shows that his judgement is just as poor as the current president's. If Palin was a man, with her little experience, she would have never even been thought of as an option. If he wanted to pick a woman to get former Hillary supporters, he could have at least picked someone with experience, such as Condeleeza Rice, or Kay Bailey Hutchison, etc.

As a mother, I have no idea how she plans to regularly work 18 hour days, travel almost non-stop, have the weight of the world on her shoulders and be a mother to five children. She has an infant with down syndrome, did she or McCain think about him? Perhaps in the future she would be a good candidate to consider, but right now, her inexperience and the circumstances of her life make it irresponsible to place her in the number 2 position for making decisions that will effect the nation and the world.

At 3 a.m. she will be tending to her baby, who needs her, not thinking about terrorism.

I am a working mother and I am appalled by this decision.

I think the Governor will be an excellent VP. Possibly the first woman to become President of the United States. Her lack of "experience" in politics is, to me, refreshing. The fact that she stands against corruption and for life (even the life of an unborn child with a chromosomal anomaly) is great.

My wife and I have a 16 year-old daughter with Down Syndrome, and she is the joy of our life. Our older three kids have gone to college and are all serving the Lord. This past year our youngest daughter accepted the Lord and followed Him in Baptism. He is transforming her life the same way He has the others...

My prayer is for Governor Palin and her family. May the Lord give them His blessing and the strength to follow Him as she helps lead our country.

In His love,


good thing we don't have to have a consensus on Palin today!

i like the info where someone said that she could look you in the eye and try to convince you that black IS white... to me that's the soul of the situation. or lack of!

i approve in not, no way, no vote, etc...

Sarah Palin is an absurd choice. She was recently quoted as saying that she "has not been really interested in Iraq". Great. The biggest and most important issue of today, the one issue that goes DIRECTLY to the job description of the President and VP, and Sarah is "not interested." Her own son will be deployed to Iraq in September and Sarah is "not interested". Amazing.

From what I can tell she is far too busy to read or educate herself on forgign matters, a subject in which ANY VP should be QUALIFIED.

What are her Foreign Policy credentials? The answer is ZERO. NILL. ZIP. NADA. And National Security? - Even more impressive. Z.E.R.O.

And on the topic of motherhood - it is COMPLETELY IRRESPONSIBLE and RECKLESS to BOARD AN AIRPLANE, as Sarah Palin did, for an 11 hour flight AFTER your water breaks. AND, it happened in the 8th month - premature. EVERY doctor will tell you that is WRONG and a receipe for infection. She didn't even bother to go to a hospital before boarding to be hooked up to a fetal monitor to check on the status of her child. She just said that since she already had 4 children she "knew" she would be alright.

Again - WRONG. There is NO WAY OF KNOWING what is happening in the womb without being examined. Is the baby's heart rate normal, is he in distress, how dialated is she, what about HER bloodpressure?????
There is simply no way of knowing without an examination.

These questions never crossed her mind as she was 30,000 feet in the air....and she never bothered to inform the flight crew that she was in labot. EVERY doctor instructs a woman to go to the hospital after her water breaks because of the very real risk of infection. This is not my opinion, it is a medical fact. AFter four children, she could have gone into active labor at any time. The more children a woman has the faster they come.

But Ms. Palin wanted to have her child be "Alaskan born". Seriously. And her husband said that he couldn't "have a fish picker from Texas". Again, seriously. If you don't believe me, check it out on the Alaskan Daily News.

Family values? I don't think so.

As I see it, she is a reckless woman who wants children but does not want to BE a mother. There is NO JOB that needs you as much as yor newborn does. After her son was born, she was at work 3 days later and with her daughter, Piper, she was back to work the NEXT DAY. I suppose some people think she is admirable, but I think she is selfish and totally self consumed.

And plase don't sing her praises for bringing the baby to work with her. How attentive could she possibly be? Meetings, phonecalls, more meetings, LOTS of people mulling around, etc, etc, etc, ...Not much time to nuture and tend. Or to enjoy. But LOTS of time to show off.

A premature baby of any kind needs a very calm and quiet environment.

Again, Sarah wants to HAVE children but obviously does NOT want to RAISE them. She want to be constantly AT WORK. Why have kids? I guess she thinks it looks better. I haven't heard ONE WORD how she has in ANY WAY, put the needs of ANY of her children first. And I haven't heard anything about her husband being a full time dad. From everything I have read, they have made the decision that he will continue to work outside the home, as he has done with all of their children.

But aside from her personal life, she does not have the QALIFICATIONS or CAPACITY to be the President of the United States. And THAT is what the VP position is ALL about.

Anyone who thinks she does, has the same limited understanding of the job description of the offices of the President and Vice President of the United States. PERIOD.

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Please excuse the typos in my previous post. I was trying to type while holding my two year old daughter. And she's a wigglier.



As parent of 40 y/o Down Syndrome son & having worked with special needs children for over 40 years I came to my opinion about Ms Palin from a very different perspective.

I very much think she should be with her child during his formative years. It is not so much that she is a working mom, but it is the nature of this particular position. It is a job with a very high stress level & comes with much personal scrunity of her work. I really do not think at this stage she knows how stressful it will get.

Her son is very young (4-5 months old) at this age, she really doesn't know what she is going to encounter as he develops. There is a huge developmental range among downs. It could be he will be fine, I just woouldn't take that chance.

For the person who wonders what Dr. Dobson would say about what might be wrong in a particular political party...Don't worry, he'll adjust if it's the party he likes. Look at Pat Robinson endorsing Rudy Jiuliani. Pat Robinson, a conservative Republican...I can't figure out what he liked most about Rudy...his pro choice stands, his own adultery, or his pro gay-rights stands...Like I said, if the person belongs to the party they ascribe to and endorse, they will make adjustments...so much for being about God's agenda.

Wait a min. the same feminist women who shout for equality, and women not being tied down to just marriage and raising children, now want to criticize this lady for braking throught the glass ceiling and going for the very prize they have been screaming about for years, just because she is pro life and the all American girl. Well why am I not suprised. I say way to go Gov. Palin, a strong woman, who stands toe to toe with any man, a Christian, a hunter, fisherperson, a beauty queen, athletic, well spoken, intellegent, country girl, who runs one of the most important states in our country...... WOW, democrats you compare that to Joe Biden????? She is a winner, God bless her

Palin has NO, zip, nada qualifications to be president. (Her experience in government consists of: 18 months as a governor, and some time as a mayor of a 6000 some odd city.) But...She is markedly unqualified...which is about a million degrees worse than inexperienced. She is about as qualified as my sister, who is very intelligent and likeable, but totally without any in depth understanding or knowledge as to to what is going on in the world governements and our federal government. ONE month ago Sarah asked: What does a vp do all day? Today she is a vp candidate.

McCain had promised us he would pick an experienced vp who could take over if need be. He lied.

I love the courage of this young woman not to abort her DS child. Her strong character is a plus for the evanglical community and which will definitely help McCain to the White house. Goood luck.

Do you think she would have still kept the child if she were poor? Do you think she would have kept the child if she was not in the political spotlight? Do you think that every woman who aborts a child has no heart? I don't see many Christians adopting children period, much less special needs children, who are often foster children for life. Christians instead fill the world with even more mouths to feed by continuing to procreate. And leave all of the babies that were not aborted to rot. A Christian who has only their own children and has not adopted has no right to speak about anyone who has ever had an abortion. The child has every right as long as it is unborn. But once it is, leave it to a life of poverty and crime and abuse. We're too busy protecting all the unborn children to care about the ones already here. Hypocrites.

The thing that blows my mind is that it appears the Southern Baptist who are so much against a woman pastor think it is great to have a woman VP. Now - it that now what you call hipocracy?? Me thinks so.

I am the mother of 7 grown children. I too have searched the Bible (not the rules of my local Xn Culture) for examples: Miriam, Moses' right hand woman; Debra, Commander in Chief; the perfect (working) wife of of Proverbs 31, and Lydia, the devout business-woman who welcomed Paul. My heartfelt wish is that people would NOT skip over the LAST Chapter of Romans!

Three cheers for SARA, PaLAIN & TALL

It amazes me at how unbelievably naive most evangelical readings of the Bible really are. And yes it is ironic that the most conservative Christians who would not let a woman preach or "lead" in the pulpit are lock-in-step for a woman V.P. But then again, Pat Robertson, mister "anti-abortion" himself backed Rudy Giulliani. This just goes to show that most of the "conservative" Christian talking heads are just political tools and carpertbaggers. Its all good though the Hebrew prophets have words for them and the people who follow them.

I find myself surprised that evangelicals still buy color TV's; they appear to see only in black and white. When I hear/read the poltitical discussion from the evangelical community, it's usually a vitriolic diatribe, as we see in the McCain VP choice, once again. Why can't we at least be respectful of differing opinions (maybe we don't have all the answers) and rather listen before we speak. You may not like Sarah Palin, because you had your heart set on someone else, but why not, instead of taking her apart, work to get her elected. There are times when I think I get the picture, why the non-evangelical world is wary of us...we ourselves don't really appear to respect anyone who disagrees with us, why shouldn't they be afraid of us. To paraphrase a comment by the late C. Everett Koop, former Surgeon General of the United States: "I am the Surgeon General of every American...not just the Christians."

We may have indeed seen the enemy...and it's us!

John McCain's selection of Sarah Palin shows that he does not have the judgement to be president. His has put politics first instead of country first. Pro choice women will reject her. Conservative Christian women will wonder if she really walks the walk. There is no way that she can fulfill her job as a mother of young children as well as a special needs child and be an effective vice-president or president. She is not ready to be commander in chief, not ready for the economy, and maybe not even ready for the campaigning days ahead. This choice is a gimmick and the stakes are too high.

Obama is not pro-abortion; he is pro-choice. . .Sarah Palin made the choice to give birth to her baby boy. . .Her choice indicates that this baby has a very good chance of loving, nurturing care. The woman who chooses abortion but HAS to give birth (in the case of a law making abortion illegal) will likely have a baby who will suffer neglect or trauma at some point. Maybe THAT fetus would have been just as well off back in the arms of Jesus.

Stan, first you say:
"I find myself surprised that evangelicals still buy color TV's; they appear to see only in black and white."

But then you say:

"Why can't we at least be respectful of differing opinions (maybe we don't have all the answers) and rather listen before we speak."

I don't consider making negative judgements very respectful . . . maybe that's just me??

And this from Rachel, this I love:

"Do you think she would have still kept the child if she were poor? Do you think she would have kept the child if she was not in the political spotlight? Do you think that every woman who aborts a child has no heart?"

Well, I'm pretty poor myself. I'm in debt up to my eyeballs (nothing to do with my child lest you make that assumption). I'm also not in politics. So I'm pretty sure people can make the choice not to abort despite their economic or politic status. I'm sure I am not the only one.

By the way, there is a 2 year waiting list for people specifically wanting to adopt kids with Down syndrome! So when you say "I don't see many Christians adopting children period, much less special needs children" YOU ARE WRONG.

God Bless Senator McCain and Governor Palin and their beautiful families. I have a wonderful nephew with Down's Syndrome who is beginning his freshman year in college. He scored in the top 30% in math and science in his state, in addition to being an advocate for the disabled. He knows every Beatle, Van Halen song by heart and is a great movie buff. He has he wit of Jay Leno. If it were up to Obama, he could be lying in a trash heep. Murder is wrong. Go McCain/Palin. My prayers are with you. God Bless baby Trig.

Let's be honest..would McCain have picked Palin if she was a man? Again let's be honest...Do you really believe that McCain will be consulting with her or seeking her advice before making decisions? I really don't think so. And as Christians, lets be honest with ourselves...just because a person is a christian doesn't mean they are necessarily qualified for the job. President Bush (whom I voted for) comes to mind.

Personally, I do find it difficult how she plans to balance a family, with a special needs newborn, and the demands of a government job. Maybe it's possible when governing a barren and sparsely populated state such as Alaska. However, the vice president of the US and all that entails seems like an impossible task without something getting shortchanged in the process.

So, which genetic testing did Palin have...the amniocentesis that carries a risk of spontaenous abortion of the fetus, or the chorionic villus testing that carries an even bigger risk of spontaenous abortion of the fetus. Are we really supposed to believe that a woman who is pro-life even in the cases of rape and incest really put her fetus, that she knew she would not ever abort under any circumstances, at risk for abortion, just out of curiosity about something that would not change the outcome in or her decision in any way? This notion she did such a thing is pure republican spin-hackery, tacked on after the fact because it 'sounds good' that she made the choice to carry to term a fetus she 'knew' had a genetic defect. Wait til the truth about her grandchild, er, child's real parentage comes out. Sigh... people please reserve your judgements, if you are wise. I have to say though, as someone who was raised a southern baptist it is wonderful to hear such declarations of feminism and female-positive belief coming from christians for a change. I hope it's sincere, instead of 'knowing which side of the bread is buttered' so to speak.

Having taken the time to read quite a few of the responses to the CT article on Sen. McCain's choice of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin to be his VP running mate, it disheartening to see so much nit-picking, and what in some circles would be considered sexism (in this case by Christian women!) who think she ought to stay home and take care of her children. May I point out some things most posters are overlooking:

- She is married. Many of you have cut her husband, Todd, out of this picture. Why?

- Her oldest not only doesn't need care at home, he is serving with an elite Striker Brigade in Iraq.

- Her daughters are old enough to be major helps for their mother in the home. How many of you have such caring daughters?

- She is a strong counterpoint to all the oooohing and aaaahing by the media of just such women who have anti-Christian bents. Anyone heard the name of Nancy Pelosi?

Furthermore, if Sarah Palin is a believer on the Lord Jesus Christ, and has honored him in both her private and public life, this could be His way of honoring her back.

Experience? Yea, many (mostly Democrats) are going to harp on that. But I think integrity trumps experience. I look forward to Joe Biden tangling with her on the hot, current, and crucial issue of energy. Other than being the chief executive of the largest (by acreage) state in the Union, she needs to take a backseat to no one on the subject of energy.

A number of Alaskans have called talk shows to warn their fellow Americans in the lower-48 "not to underestimate" Gov. Palin. I suspect she is a quick-study. My only advice to her is: If you ever come to a place where you need to make a decision and aren't sure what to do, first consult the Lord, then answer the question "What would Reagan do?".

Those who criticized her for "sending" her oldest off to war are not only off base, but, apparently, don't think Christians should serve in the armed forces. For your information, there are not only thousands of Christians in the military (I was one once), but the military is also a mission field; just ask Campus Crusade for Christ.

My wife and I had been struggling with how to vote this November. Our prayers have been answered.

May God be honored by this VP pick.

As a working mother of 3 boys, the oldest of whom has Down Syndrome, I can share from personal experience that there are many excellent and creative ways to care for a special needs child that do not always require a mother to stay home full-time. Every situation is different. We should not be so quick to label and judge and put someone else in a box with rigid boundaries. If Sarah Palin believes she is capable of caring for her family and being VP at the same time, more power to her. I, for one, am appreciative of the sacrifices she is willing to make in order to have a positive impact in the political realm. Let's be honest, the life of a public servant is a sacrificial life, special needs child or not, and I have nothing but admiration for women who are willing to serve in this way.

I wasn't planning to vote for McCain before, but I am now!

You poor people. After a year of claiming that "Experience" is the most important thing in this election, John McCain turned himself into a liar by choosing the most inexperienced politican in the United States. Never again can he, or anyone else for that matter, criticize Barack Obama's experience.

He made this decision, not because he wanted a strong VP - Sarah Palin is clearly not that - but because he hoped the evangelical community would go nuts for her Pro-life stance and NRA membership (a partnership that has confused me my whole life). This board seems to indicate that his decision - based more on focus group research than any interest in strong governance - is working.

McCain seems to think that Christians are suckers. Let's not prove him right.

Per WSJ, “Gov. Palin's opted to board a jet from Dallas in April while about to deliver a child. Gov. Palin, who was eight months pregnant, says she felt a few contractions shortly before she was to give a keynote speech to an energy summit of governors in Dallas. But she says she went ahead with it after her doctor in Alaska advised her to put her feet up to rest. "I was not going to miss that speech," she says.” I'm a mother that had two high risk pregnancies. I can't imagine giving a political speech and then flying back to Alaska after my labor had begun. Did she have baby Trig's best interest at heart? I can't believe this is McCain's family values pick.

This was a thoroughly political choice, and a very poor one in terms of governance of this nation. Palin may be "inspirational" to some, but she has zero experience at the national or international level -- none -- and precious little even at the local and state level. Christians should be smart and look hard at a person's complete qualifications. Instead, we see a lot of the Christians using simple litmus tests and judging a person's fitness solely based on one or two hotbutton issues. We should also look closely at a person's character. This woman went on talk radio where the host called a woman cancer survivor and political opponent of hers a "cancer" and a "b**ch" -- and Palin not only went along, but laughed when these remarks were made. Possibly this was a one-off event and slip, but it certainly should cause one to want to ask a few more questions before a wholehearted endorsement. Christians must be wise and careful and thorough when judging something as important as this.

Someone above mentioned the size of Alaska, saying that it is "bigger than Texas". Well, listen, in matters of government, what is relevant is the POPULATION one governs. The population of Alaska is roughly 600,000. There are 700,000 people in El Paso Texas. That is the job Sarah Palin has had for 18 months. Let me quote Robert J. Ellisberg in a brilliant article, entitled "The Worst Vice Presidential Nomination in US History" in todays Huffington Post:

"Sarah Palin has been governor of Alaska for just a bit over 18 months. Alaska has a population of 683,000. (Though that doesn't include moose.) This would only make it the 17th most populous city in the United States. Just ahead of Fort Worth.

Before that, she was mayor of Wasilla, Alaska. Population 9,000. I know Republicans like to promote "small town values," but this is taking things to ridiculous extremes, don't you think? I'm from Glencoe, Illinois, population 8,762. It's so small it doesn't even have a mayor, it has an appointed village manager. I'm sure that Paul Harlow is doing wonderfully at his job in the village - but I don't expect that he sees himself as even wanting to be a heartbeat from the U.S. President in 18 months. You know what the top news story is on the Glencoe website? "Fire Hydrant Painting Underway." (To be fair, it's the #2 story. The top news is a clarification about displaying political signage.)

Do you know what the first two "powers and duties" are for the mayor of Wasilla, Alaska? Check their municipal code:

1. Preside at council meetings. The mayor may take part in the discussion of matters before the council, but may not vote, except that the mayor may vote in the case of a tie;

2. Act as ceremonial head of the city;


If you live in small town America (and I mean really, really small), look around you and be honest - do you see your mayor (or village manager) as a heartbeat from the presidency in 18 months? "

I just want to say that I am a christian and I am voting for senator Obama. I have been praying for a miracle because that what our world needs now. I just got it.

I am a mother with two young boys and there is no possible way a mother with young children is an appropriate choice to be the leader of the free world. Beyond that, nothing else about Sarah Palin matters.

I admire John McCain's service in Viet Nam and record as a "maverick" Senator, but this VP choice is blatant pandering. Then again, I've had it with Republicans and their relationship with the NRA, economic and environmental policies, the war in Iraq and position on capital punishment (the latter two being as anti-life as abortion, in my view), so I can't think of any VP choice that would sway my vote. I'm a pro-life evangelical Christian, wife, mother, corporate leader, and former Repulican. And I'm voting for Obama.

Sarah Palin just announced that her 17 yr old daughter is pregant and keeping the baby. I wonder if John McCain's vetters were aware of this. I'm glad she's keeping the baby. I think it's too early to tell if some will view her daughter of a bad influence. I think Sarah Palin was a reckless pick; however, I do not want her daughter to have to suffer as a result of the relentless scrutiny she will be under. I think we can all agree that Bristol Palin needs our prayers.

Haven't Dr. Dobson and all the pro-family advocates promoted putting family-first? How, then, can they explain and justify a woman taking on the highly politicized role of vice-presidential candidate when you have a special needs infant and your teen daughter is pregnant? Something was obviously wrong and taking on this new role will only add to the absenteeism. Sure, it is laudable that the teen is choosing life and her parents are supportive, but I am so disgusted by the hypocritical comments of the "evangelical leaders." If no politics were involved, would they not all privately advise any woman in this situation to put your children first?

We look to religious leaders more than we look to Christ. Jesus put His Spirit in us so we can walk with him and talk with him. I know its hard to find time in our schedule and to spends hours with the Lord each day. We spend more time listening to our leaders than to Christ.
Let us not be like the pharisees and their followers. Let us not think our leaders are perfect and infallible. Let us live by the knowledge that only God has the answer to all of our problems. Only Christ is perfect. We will find perfection in no man. There are no perfect Christians. We must live with a heart of repentance. We have all sinned and fallen short of God's Glory. Seek Christ first and not the answers to every man problems. Seek Christ first and not our personal righteous or the righteous of our leaders. For only Jesus is righteous. I will vote in the presidential election not based on our religious leaders. I will vote based on my time with Christ. For even the devil can disguise himself as an angel of light. People you need discernment.

We look to religious leaders more than we look to Christ. Jesus put His Spirit in us so we can walk with him and talk with him. I know its hard to find time in our schedule and to spends hours with the Lord each day. We spend more time listening to our leaders than to Christ.
Let us not be like the pharisees and their followers. Let us not think our leaders are perfect and infallible. Let us live by the knowledge that only God has the answer to all of our problems. Only Christ is perfect. We will find perfection in no man. There are no perfect Christians. We must live with a heart of repentance. We have all sinned and fallen short of God's Glory. Seek Christ first and not the answers to every man problems. Seek Christ first and not our personal righteous or the righteous of our leaders. For only Jesus is righteous. I will vote in the presidential election not based on our religious leaders. I will vote based on my time with Christ. For even the devil can disguise himself as an angel of light. People you need discernment.

It's easy to judge Sarah Palin for the choices that she has made. Only she can make the final determination of what she thought was God's will for her life.

If a man was in the same identical situation, we would be less likely to second-guess his decision to accept the VP nod.

Having just had my last enter college, I've often commented to friends that I needed to be at home and available for my kids more during their High School Years than I would have know, after school and weekend evenings were particularly important.

There has been much said about Gov. Palin working (& flying) right up to being in labor and then going back to work after 3 days. Yes the dad's can be the main caregiver for kids and extended family can also be important. Right now though I'm think about her 17 year old daughter and feeling sorrowful that possibly 5 or 6 months ago she wasn't receiving all of the support, supervision and attention that a teenager needs.

Allow me to correct a couple errors in my previous post, and add a few very important ideas and thoughts I have heard in the last 24 hours.

First, Gov. Palin's son is stationed at Fort Wainwright, AK. The unit he is with is called Stryker not "Striker."

Second, yes, the population of AK is small and many are making a big deal out of that. But how has she governed that small population? She has an 80-percent approval rating!

Third, acreage (over 365 million vs. Texas at 171 million) does matter because of how it will be used. Gov. Palin is adamate about drilling for oil in ANWR. The amount of area needed for that is .01 percent of the area of ANWR. Energy is a critical issue right now, and one researcher has said Gov. Palin has more expertise in this area than McCain, Obama and Biden COMBINED. Incidentally, Gov. Palin notes the United States bought Alaska just for its natural resources!

Fourth, yes the Gross State Product of Texas ($1, 141,965,000,000 - 2007) may tower over that of Alaska ($44,517,000,000), but even that "small" amount of money can bring corruption - which Gov. Palin has been quite effective in rooting out. And DC has plenty of it to be rooted out.

Fifth, McCain's first choice list included 36 names. (See Washington Post article on Aug. 31 by Dan Balz and Robert Barnes for the full story on the vetting process.) Each time the list was narrowed, Gov. Palin's name was still on it.

Sixth, Gov. Palin informed McCain's advisors about Bristol's pregnancy before the offer of VP. (See AP story on Sep. 1). Incidentally, Barak Obama's mother was unwed when she gave birth to him, according to his own words in his own book. Another thought on this later.

Now some thoughts.

At first I was outraged at all the people who posted on this story who called themselves Christian but slammed McCain for making this pick and accused Gov. Palin of abandoning her family to accept the offer. Then I was puzzled. Now I am simply determined to see McCain-Palin victorious.

Some of you claim to be Christians but admit you are Obama supporters. But that doesn't add up. The distance between Barak Hussein Obama and New Testament Christianity is greater than the distance betwen Juneau, AK and DC. Yes, I am aware some Christian "leaders" have voiced support for Obama. They are deliberately ignoring much of his background, his voting record, and his unbiblical and immoral stands on many many issues. (There is a lot of background on Obama he doesn't want made public - including foundational ties to Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers.)

Sarah Palin's life, on the other hand, is all-American. An open book. Many commentators are saying she is more qualified to be president than Obama. She can deliver more of what Obama CLAIMS he wants to deliver - CHANGE.

Here is a monumentally important question to ask yourself:
If Gov. Palin was offered the position of VP and had told Sen. McCain "No" she couldn't accept because her 17-year-old daughter was pregnant, what kind of guilt do you think Bristol would have to carry with her for the rest of her life, knowing she was the reason her mom couldn't be Vice President of the United States?????

Another equally important question:
If Gov. Palin were, instead, a vice president in a Fortune 500 company and was passed over for a seat on the board of directors of that company because she was the mother of a newborn with special needs, how would the MSM (mainstream media) report that? How do you think the board of directors, the CEO and the public in general would react?

You know there would be hue and a cry from coast to coast. So why do any of you propose she should not have accepted the offer? I say shame on all of you.

My wife and I struggled with how to vote in November. We have issues with McCain. We considered writing in the name Huckabee. We considered not voting. McCain's choice of Palin struck us as smart, not tokenism, or an attempt to get disaffected Hillary voters - which it may get a few of them, but no great shift. (Palin is not nearly liberal enough for Hillary's feminist supporters.)

McCain says he wanted a like-minded reformer. Fair enough. He blindsided the Left with his choice. They are now out to carve up Gov. Palin and her entire family anyway they can. They will also have the help of the MSM which is in the pocket of the Democratic Party. This is already creating a firestorm of backlash (conservative talk radio is livid about the attacks, esp. on her daughter Bristol) from many quarters, and a groundswell of support for Gov. Palin and the McCain-Palin ticket. (Tellingly, the McCain camp collected $10M during the weekend following the announcement.)

The negative reaction of many of you ("she should stay home" blah, blah, blah) is narrow-minded and disheartening. Those of you who slam McCain or praise Obama, put down CT and go pick up some Religious-Left rag that agrees with you. Don't come here with your swill. I was outraged; now I'm determined to support McCain-Palin even harder. My prayer is that Obama, like that other religious phoney, Jimmy Carter, will get crushed on election day.

After reading all of the posts, I feel that there are some good points made, but I didn't see this one:

How ambitious is this woman, who puts her career WAY ahead of her family? What does this have to do with family values?

And, what mother would put her teenage daughter out for the wolves to devour in order to serve to distract other questionable issues about her character-in order to help her campaign?

Sure, it looks like Sarah Palin is sharp, unafraid, and could do some good things in Washington, but when her core values are self-serving, how deep will this goodness go?

Examine the motives, the methods, the priorities here!

I am just waiting for something else to come up so we can all put this Palin issue behind us and get on to appointing a substantive VP.

Something has been fishy about this appointment from the beginning and I do not trust McCain's judgement. There have been several very unsavory people he has appointed to his campaign staff that he has had to get rid of already, Phil Gramm for one. Now this!

Heaven help us not to fall prey to this hidden agendas and deceptions of our politicians once again! Cheney got us in a mess of trouble and Palin has her own special interests with the oil companies she seems to be fighting, but took money from and stands to gain a lot if drilling in ANWAR takes place as she wants.


Hmmm...I'd rest a lot easier if we could choose our leaders based on their qualifications to lead and not on our personal opinions of how well we can project our own beliefs onto the candidates. Here's the question: Is the candidate following God's plan or is the candidate asking God to bless their personal choices?? Hmmm...

proverbs 28.15 says a wicked ruler is dengerous to the poor as a lion or bear attacking them. to me mcain and palin hate the poor . plus there falsE nitt rinnmy mormon friend. they dont talk or work for christ. they hate the poor.they want to cut every thing from the poor .were is jesus in there speech all they want is money there god . and they have no care for the poor.. proverbs 31 -9 says . yes speak up for the poor and helpless and see that they get justice.. so if you HATE THE POOR YOU HATE GOD .YOU CAN SAY ANYTHING YOU WANT . BUT THE BIBLE SAYS YOU SHALL KNOW THEM BY THERE FRUIT. SO HOW CAN YOU SAY YOU LOVE GOD . BUT YOU WANT TO KILL THE POOR ? YOU CANT IN FACT YOU HATE GOD

To Graham Cracker at September 2,
"...and get on to appointing a substantive VP..."
If you think Sen. McCain is going to throw Gov. Sarah Palin "under the bus" and choose someone else, then you are no judge of character. Gov. Palin has energized the Republican Party, huge numbers of evangelicals, and put the Obama campaign, Democrats, and their allies in the media on the defensive. Besides, his campaign would be toast if he did. Does the name Thomas Eagleton ring any bells?

"...Palin has her own special interests with the oil companies..." Where on earth are you getting that from? Sounds like nonsense from Huffington Post, Daily Kos, or the Obama campaign. She is the governor of a state rich in natural resources. She has pointed out that America bought Alaska for the purpose of exploiting those resources. She has become an energy expert allowing her to face down the oil companies over providing an economic cushion for Alaska residents in the area of energy costs.

To Otis Lamb at September 3,
You lost me. Try this: Sarah Palin has been attending the same Assemblies of God church since she was 10 - according to the church's website.

To John at September 5,
"wicked ruler"? "...McCain and Palin hate the poor." Where are you getting that from? You make no sense whatsoever.

Questions to all posters:
Why are Democrats and the Liberal media so concerned about McCain's VP choice? Why do they care? Why are they so angry about the choice? Why are they trashing her, her family, and the elected positions she has held? If McCain's choice is sooooo bad, shouldn't they be happy he has made it so much easier to beat him in November?

The truth is: McCain's choice IS substantive, brilliant on several levels, and inspiring. Gov. Palin is more qualified than Obama himself. Liberals are mad for two reasons: a) McCain didn't consult them first and b) they are scared because she is capable, intelligent, tough, and has solid CORE VALUES - personal and political!

Only two presidential candidates have excited me in the past: Ronald Reagan and Pat Robertson. John McCain did not get my vote until he chose Gov. Sarah Palin. There is reason to believe McCain will govern more conservatively than his tenure in the U.S. Senate would suggest.

I am CONVINCED an Obama presidency would be an unmitigated disaster for America. NOTHING about him instills confidence. He comes with too much questionable baggage - Rev. Wright, "community activism" with Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers, 130 "present" votes in the IL Senate, support for infanticide, hate for those who "cling to their religion and guns," confusing the 50 United States with the 57 Islamic states. The list goes on. Need I say more? I'm ready.

If there was no choice to be made, I wonder why she had amniocentesis?