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August 25, 2008

More interfaith gatherings, but over lunch

Several politicians spoke at the Faith & Politics Institute lunch today, but they tended to talk more broadly about faith without being too specific.

Here are some of Sen. Bob Casey's remarks:

"As a public official, one of the best ways to confront this issue of faith and how you talk about it in a campaign and the public square, is not only talk about your own reflection. One thing that’s been missing is a respect of people of other faiths. I think politicians think it’s best to talk about what you believe. Listening to others and their friends is as important as what we have to say.

"All of us need to do more to bring faith into the public square, to bring faith into our politics, because unless we do that, those we seek to help … cannot be helped in the way they need to be helped unless we bring this discussion into more and more campaigns."

Here are a few remarks from Katheleen Kennedy Townsend, former lieutenant governor from Maryland, author of Failing America's Faithful: How Today's Churches Are Mixing God with Politics and Losing Their Way.

"I really believe that children are not born good and they are not born bad. You have to teach them. That’s what I learned from my Catholic faith. I think it’s important to teach the values I learned as a child. Kids need to learn to serve, to care about others, to think about others. It came from my faith. In politics, what your faith gives you is to do things that aren’t popular but is the right thing to do.

"Faith gives you a way to deal with the toughest things in your life. We’ve dealt with a lot of tough things in our life. You have two choices. You can grow scared and angry and hit or you can say that that teaches you. We share these moments of difficulty with others, and if we open our hearts to others, our lives will be open to others. That’s really what I’ve learned from my faith."

By the way, the event ended with a prayer, er, a moment of silence.


Do people out there really know that the so-called interfaith movement is the one world religion prophesied in the Bible out of which will arise the false prophet who will be working alongside the antichrst to deceive, if possible, even the elect?

Many people think that the book of Revelation and strange visions that Daniel, and other prophets of the Old Testament, saw are impossible to understand. Throughout the centuries, many people have tried (and failed) to have a coherent interpretation of these amazing prophecies. This is because of Daniel 9:12 in which Daniel, after seeing the vision of the beasts, asked God what it meant and He said, "Go thy way, for the words are sealed up until the time of the end."

www.endtime.com has the most systematic and biblical teachings of these prophecies, as if God Himself is unveiling these prophesies to us. So, it wasn't because people of the past were less spiritual or less cluey about Bible prophecies, but because it was not yet time for the unveiling.

Every Christian should watch the free videos on this website and learn about what is coming. Even very skeptical Christian friends, after watching just the first few lessons, became so interested to learn more that I bought the set and we're doing home group with the videos.

It really is vital that people know the deception, that the inter-faith movement has a sinister agenda behind it. You don't have to believe me, watch the videos, click on Understanding the Endtime Level 1. Lessons 8a and 8b are on interfaithism. But you'll probably have a much better understanding if you start with Lesson 1.

I re-emphasize: this teaching is not only Biblical, but also extremely RATIONAL, not guesswork or personal "interpretations", but he uses Scripture to expand on Scripture. Quite amazing!

Bob Casey - "I think politicians think it’s best to talk about what you believe. Listening to others and their friends is as important as what we have to say."

This made me spill my coffee this morning....I have responded to Bob Casey's emails numerous times and every single one has been bounced back as undeliverable. The man does not want to hear what I have to say. I consider him a complete traitor to the pro-life cause and his father would be turning over in his grave (if that were possible) if he knew how Bob Jr. is giving 100% support to the most ardent pro-abortion politician of our day.