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August 27, 2008

New abortion study released

New research shows that women who live below the poverty level are more than four times likely to have an abortion than women above 300 percent of the poverty level.

The study was released by the Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good today. Alexia Kelly, executive director for the organization, presented the results to about 50 people who showed up for the Democrats for Life event this afternoon.

Three-fours of the women cited having a job, child care, or education as a factor for having an abortion, Kelly said.

The study of the U.S. 50 states from 1982 to 2000 finds that benefits for pregnant women such as employment, economic assistance to low-income families, quality child care and removal of state caps on the number of children eligible for economic assistance in low-income families has reduced abortions. However, permitting Medicaid payments for abortions increased the abortion rate.

Joseph Wright, a political science professor at Penn State University, and Michael Bailey, a American government professor at Georgetown University conducted the study.


It has been known for quite some time that abortion impacts the African American community harder than any other. This data shows the social engineering stance of the post-Sanger abortion rights advocates. The left willtrump this as proof that abortions should remain "safe" and legal, and should be funded by taxpayers. I, for one, do not want my tax money going for Nazi style social engineering.

Abortion as a contraceptive - come Jesus!!!! The biggest murder spree in history

Abortion is the symptom not the problem. The problem is a decay in moral values that even allows abortion as a solution. It is the lack of moral values that makes the “hook-up” sexuality rising in prominence an acceptable life style.
It also points to a lack of common sense. I just come back from Key West FL and viewed a prominent memorial to those who died from AIDS entitled “A Celebration of Life”. No, it isn’t, it is a celebration of death—95% of the names on the monument were men, and I have to assume practicing homosexuals. A life style was lived that lead to death.
Our society is endorsing sexual lifestyles of promiscuity that lead to death—regardless of the sexual orientation. Whether the death is from STDs or abortions. All are symptoms of the problem—total disregard for the consequences of immoral choices.