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August 11, 2008

Obama Making No Progress Among Evangelicals?

A new CBS poll has McCain winning among white evangelicals 58% to 24%. Mark Silk notes that if undecideds broke 50-50, Obama would end up with almost one third of the white evangelical vote, a hefty jump over Kerry's 22%. True enough.

But there's another way of looking at it: despite the months worth of outreach to evangelicals, the speeches, the Very Christian campaign literature, the interviews with Relevant and Christianity Today and Christian Broadcasting Network, the Newsweek cover story, etc -- Obama is still not doing any better than Kerry did. (And Kerry did worse among evangelicals than any Democrat since Mike Dukakis).

Perhaps that's just the nature of the moment. For some evangelicals, shifting from voting Republican to Democrat is a big deal. Maybe they need to pause for a few months in Undecided Land. But it's clear that Obama has not come close to reeling in those fish. And I think it's time for them to be asking whether their approach so far is sufficient.

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I don't need to pause for a few months. I know what I believe and what I am commited to. Part of the reason the Democrats' and in this case Obama hasn't done well with evangelicals is because it isn't a matter of party. As I just said, it's a matter of principles that I am committed to and feel good sound bites with little or no substance won't bring about the desired change they are looking for. As far as I can determine neither party understands this, but of the two the Democrats' seem the least informed.

“I’m rooted in the Christian tradition,” said Obama, who has declared himself a Christian. But then he adds something that most Christians will see as universalism: “I believe there are many paths to the same place, and that is a belief that there is a higher power, a belief that we are connected as a people.

Cal Thomas claims Obama is not a Christian, not I. That is between Barack Obama and Jesus. But perhaps this wishy-washy post-modern belief system is why Obama is not getting the Evangelical vote he is courting.

“I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”

Cal Thomas apparently refered to Obama as a false prophet. Cal Thomas is not Jesus. He's another right wing Christian very full of himself.

I am amazed that a bunch of "leaders" went out and endorsed a guy who rarely attends church, has a lot of trouble talking about his faith at all, and married his second wife a whole month after divorcing his first one.

I think that a lot of people on the fence are going to judge McCain by his fruits and find him wanting. Hardly anyone wants a third Bush term.

Why would a Christian vote for a man that would reverse partial birth abortions,would not cast a vote againist infanticide, but let it go it's on way, and also say after all the years of listening or supposing to listen to Rev,Wright he didn't realize what he was saying and then taking so long to act upon it. If you need further proof read the two books that he has written and see where he stands.
He will permit and endorse the teaching of alternate life style, is within God's law and if you speak or preach againist it...off to jail you'll go.

Let's face it...White evangelicals are not going vote for anyone who looks like Obama...PERIOD! the dirty little secret is that evangelical movements are often a smoke screen for racism.

Let's face it...White evangelicals are not going vote for anyone who looks like Obama...PERIOD! the dirty little secret is that evangelical movements are often a smoke screen for racism.

Let's face it...White evangelicals are not going vote for anyone who looks like Obama...PERIOD! the dirty little secret is that evangelical movements are often a smoke screen for racism.

Smoke screen for white racism?? I can't beleive that this was posted after a look ant trinity church of christ's web site and thier mission statement and doctrine, this is a church strongly for segregation between whites and blacks, ask them how many white people are members and how many asians are members, how many hispanics and latinos are members, it seems that white churches are more inclined to welcome african americans then the reverse, evangelican mvement is not a smoke screen for racism, Black Liberation Theology is the deviding article here, I have never seen the part of the bible where this is defined, we all are for Christ or we are at odds with one another and Black theology is word for word the same as white theology..

Well, now that Steven Strang has left a vacancy for a religious endorsement, on the stage at Barack's coronation ceremony, maybe Barack should come out of the closet and recruit the religious leaders who have always supported him ... and, who Barack has always supported. Pastor Jeremiah Wright ... Father Phleiger ... and the rest of the radicals. But, we know Barack won't do that, because even though that represents who Barack truly is ... it wouldn't help Barack deceive us ... and get him elected. In November. Vote for a man who truly loves America, with over 40 years of service and sacrafice ... not Obama, an inexperienced, incompetent, empty suit, who is being agressively packaged and sold to the American people.

What is Sarah Palin's attraction to the "Evangelicals"?

As a Christian I believe in the death and resurrection and the saving grace of Jesus Christ, and I am to live my life according to the two commandments He gave me: "Love the Lord your God with all your heart, and Love your neighbor as yourself." The so-called "Evangelical" Christian sway on the political system of our country has me puzzled. When Jesus lived on earth, and He talked about the "Kingdom of God", His followers, at first, thought that He had come to free them from the political oppression of the Romans, and set up a "political" kingdom. But they soon realized that He was talking about a Spiritual Kingdom, one that begins in the heart, one that is reflected and displayed through our daily lives and action, and through spreading the Good News, but not through a political uprising.

I wish many of the "Evangelical" or "Fundamental" Christians would come to that realization too. They seem to think that, some how, if there is a "Christian" President in the White House, everything else is going to fall in place. It is the kind of Christian George Bush says he is, and one that Sarah Palin says she is, but oh no,according to Dobson, Obama cannot be that type of Christian. His type of Christianity is less superior to theirs. She is doing exactly the same thing now that Bush did in 2000. That is, tapping into this false notion held by this group of voters, that the US is going to become more of a "Christian" nation, if we have some one in power, who is anti-gay and pro-life. There also seems to be some "weighting" in their thinking in terms of sin. Cheating, lying, committing adultery, fornication, stealing, false accusations....hmmm, these must be "minor" sins compared to abortion and gay marriage. Dobson, Falwell, and others, quickly recognized they could tap into the weakness of this type of thinking, and they have successfully, through their political propaganda, made these two issues the only ones that matter, and forced most of the Christians in this nation to believe that this makes them more righteous than every body else, and that, somehow, the term "Republican" equates with the term "Christian". This is a fundamental failure to understand that morality cannot be imposed on man through a set of laws, or through a political system. It begins in the heart.

That is why the younger generation is so skeptical about the brand of Christianity being displayed in the US today by the Sarah Palin followers. My daughters' generation cares deeply about poverty, the environment, global warming, stopping the war in Iraq, respect of, and adherence to, the US Constitution, Aids, oppression of the helpless around the world, and the separation of Church and State. I am so proud of these young people. They really are thinking beyond themselves. Life to them does not end with just being born. They see the full spectrum of life. That is why they do not understand this fascination and devotion to Sarah Palin. They fail to understand how for the Republican Party, being pro-life and anti-gay, seems enough to address all the significant issues they care deeply about. They have witnessed how some one just like her used his power during the past 8 years to bring this country to this mess we are in. That is why these young people are flocking to Obama.