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August 16, 2008

Presidential candidates face off at Saddleback

California mega-church pastor Rick Warren will interview the presumptive presidential candidates at 9 p.m. Eastern tonight.

The candidates will probably not introduce new political stances, but they may pitch new ideas of how to respond to issues like abortion or the environment.

So far, though, it seems as though several people are more interested in the questions Warren will ask. Warren has been kind of a poster child for evangelicals who have expanded their "agenda" from abortion and homosexuality to HIV/AIDS and the environment.

"I think Rick is in an unenviable position in that he stands to get attacked from the right and the left, based on what direction he takes," Mark DeMoss, an evangelical public relations specialist told Rachel Zoll of the Associated Press. "As an evangelical, I am much more interested in his list of questions than in either of their answers."

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Rick Warren was very professional and refrained from disagreeing with either candidate. I believe the Lord was with him in the planning and conducting the forum. He was very respectful toward each man regardless of his personal opinion. The questions were exactly what needed to be asked. The setting was not threatening to the candidates. I personally thought McCain answered each question precisely as a man of deep faith in God and with a level of maturity that Obama does not have at this time. Obama avoided answering a few of the questions in a direct manner. That is disturbing. If he cannot answer the question about when does life begin, then he needs to read Psalm 139 again and again until he "gets it." I am praying for our country. This is a very serious and important decision. God is in control and I pray that as Christians, we will humble ourselves before the Lord and pray for wisdom and godly discernment. God promises to grant the desires of our hearts when we put Him first. May the Lord be glorified and honored as we go to the voting polls in November.

I am a great admirer of Obama.
I however keep asking ,yself, is the gentleman a christian or not? What does he profess? Is the name Hussein his? Bottomline, we need a president who truly fears God. I dont know if he is that person.
But i hoestly prefer him to Mcain.

Hi Rick;

I am Canadian and proud of it. We are just now hearing from our PrimeMinister that we may be in for another Federal Election. Why? He said to get a government Body that will work to get things done. For me that is hard to believe.

Now for USA, I have been followering some of the campaigning by Obama and McCain, I agree with some of the reporting that Obama is the man. People are asking is he a real Christian? Can you ask that question of your candidates.

Here in canada because of our Constituion we can not. A person's, religious background, race, sexual orientation, nationality are not to be questioned.

People seem to question the leadership of our Nations as to who and what they believe in when they themsleves can not come close to answering. Is it that Amercians want their leaders to believe for them?

There is another issue facing the Canadion Church,
There is a New Age philosophy intersecting the centrality of Jesus Christ.

The other issue is what some in the United Church of Canada is calling it Progressive Christianity. Whay is your interption of Progressive Chrisianity?

Being a Born Again Christian, and have answered God calling into the Minstry. I have a problem with those who call themselves Christian Ministers, and yet do not profess Jesus Christ as Savoiur and Lord of the Church.


Rev. Jim Wencel.

Didn't ANYONE notice that Mcain said nothing that he has not said before? Just the same old rhetoric and tired political script. Just what the "choir" wanted to hear?

At least Obama seemed to be thinking and expressing his views.

Watching just the few comments on the evening news the other day, I was greatly dismayed by the professing "christian" Senator Obama when he stated his opinion on when life begins is "beyond his paygrade." If he were truly a believer on Christ Jesus as his LORD and Savior, there is no higher "pay-grade." Folks, be as a wise one and earnestly pray for the first tuesday in November.....if we are to remain "a christian nation" let us be "Christ-like" and seek HIM! To Rev Jim, I agree! The devil's deception is gaining ground because of inadequate prayer and time with the LORD! Progressive christianity is melting many beliefs into a "feeling good" religion.
the "S" word - sin - is the first to be removed in this progressive movement. Let us repent so God may be merciful to us all!!!

Rick, get out of politics.

It's out of your league and beyond your expertise.

Sincere and wise Christians disagree about politics.

I saw you on Fox last weekas did all my friends. What a sooper job you did. These things are affecting all of us and we need to be aware!. Thank you for the great questions you asked. (I am Kathy's Mom in Bloomington. I am reading Kay's book Kathy sent to me. It is a good one.)
Betty Byrne

"Rick, get out of poloitics".
What ever happened to Lincoln's concept:
It is rather for us to be here dedicated to the great task remaining before us -- that from these honored dead we take increased devotion to that cause for which they gave the last full measure of devotion -- that we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain -- that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom -- and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.