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August 11, 2008

Richard Land's VP Advice to McCain: Pick Sarah Palin

It's not the name you typically hear on the lips of Christian Right heavies leaning on John McCain to pick a rock-ribbed social conservative as a running mate: Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. But that's Southern Baptist Convention public policy chief--and Beliefnet blogger--Richard Land cited in his recent CBS News interview as his top veep pick:

CBSNews.com: Who's on the list of people mentioned for VP that you think would most excite Southern Baptists and other members of the conservative faith community?

Richard Land: Probably Governor Palin of Alaska, because she's a person of strong faith. She just had her fifth child, a Downs Syndrome child. And there's a wonderful quote that she gave about her baby, and the fact that she would never, ever consider having an abortion just because her child had Downs Syndrome. She's strongly pro-life.

She's a virtual lifetime member of the National Rifle Association. She would ring so many bells. And I just think it would help with independents because she's a woman. She's a reform Governor. I think that, from what I hear, that would be the choice that would probably ring the most bells, along with Mike Huckabee, of course, who's a Southern Baptist.

On Mitt Romney, meanwhile, Land is personally enthusiastic but says a good chunk of evangelicals would oppose him on religious grounds:

CBSNews.com: And what about Mitt Romney?

Richard Land: I think Mitt Romney would be an excellent choice. There are people in the evangelical community who would have a problem with his Mormonism. I am not one of them. I mean, I'm very clear that I do not believe Mormonism is a Christian faith. But that does not disqualify someone from being President or Vice President. And my guess would be that, probably, about 15 to 20 percent of the evangelical community would have a problem with his Mormonism.

So Palin, eh? If Land's saying it, her name must be making the rounds in evangelical circles. And God-o-Meter thinks Land's got a strong point about her ability to deliver independent women voters. How many other vice presidential picks could excite both cultural conservatives and swing voters?

This article is cross-posted from Beliefnet's God-o-Meter.


I always liked her policies. I never knew her background. She is fantastic.
Palin for President!

If I get this right. Just as long as you like GUNS and believe God is an American, you are qualified to be Vice President of the United States.
No wonder we lost our ways

She's currently being investigated for abuse of power. Seems her ex brother in law lost his Highway Patrol job after he divorced her sister. Abuse of power. Sounds somewhat Republican doesn't it.

McCain definitely needs a woman. I'm just wondering if someone from a welfare state at the center of a major oil/environmental controversy is the right one.

Agree with Sean. Since when did the right to own guns become a Christian issue? Bizarre.

Better yet, Condolesa Rice. She is a woman. She is black, She is incredibly bright. She has experience with national affairs (and international of course) and has presidential poise should her boss suffer a heart attack and is not a Mormon.
Land may not have a problem with a Mormon, but I do. After a century and a half, the scandals of the faith have been airbrushed with hues of good music and clean-cut young missionaries. But a president or vice president must concern himself with truth, good or bad. Comfortable or uncomfortable. The truth is out there, but he has chosen to follow a lie instead of break with his cultural and family context. The recent scandals of the Mormon cult leaders aren't the outsiders Salt Lake would have you to believe. They are almost exactly the modern replicas of their founding fathers.
Joseph Smith murdered two men in the jail house brawl. He got a vision to restore polygamy after getting a child pregnant who was posing as his page, he hid cattle so that the owners could pay him to look through his peep stones and "divine" their whereabouts. He burned down a newspaper office that was publishing accounts of his antics, which is what landed in jail in the first place where he was killed during the brawl in which he killed two others after his followers had slipped him a gun. So that is how he got to be an unwilling "martyr for the failth".
In contrast, Jesus would not have tried to shoot any one from the cross. He laid down his life willingly and in submission.
I've lived in the west among the Mormons and I love many of them. But I could not respect a president who follows a liar just because his father before him did, and if he is not more concerned about his eternal soul than that, why would he seek truth for the decisions related to our country, unless they were personally convenient to him? His approach to his religion is an index to the value he places on truth and also on how much personal courage he has to do what is right in the face of hard choices. If the truth wasn't out there, he would have an excuse. But it's out there in spite of all the work done by the Mormon history revisionists. Those who love truth, find it.

Lame.. please get your facts straight about Mormons. I may not be one but I respect their beliefs and the personal standards they have set for themselves. As fellow Christians we have the right to respect them for their beliefs just as much as they respect ours.

Mormon's believe that Jesus Christ is our savour. We do not fallow the Necian creed if that is what you are basing your information on. I am thankful for the sacrafice that he made for all of Gods Children to return to his presents.

Um, it's my belief and understanding, having rubbed shoulders closely with the "Mormon" Church, that they believe it's only through Christ anyone can be saved & that's He is the Son of God. Maybe I don't understand Christianity though. Because if I do, That DEFINITELY makes members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Christians.

The author of this article states that he does not believe that Mormons are Christian.. Iam Mormon, or so we are often called. But we also call ourselves LDS, which means, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, with the name of Jesus Christ in it,how do you confuse that we are not Christian based? How Church centers around Jesus Christ. Just wondering! Got more questions go to mormon.org

Palin sounds fantastic! This is the first "candidate" I feel some excitement about. This should really energize McCain's compaign. In regards to that last commenter, if you want the real truth about the Mormon Church, go to your public library. This is a recently formed cult and there is much history and "truth" recorded in many well researched books there. Don't waste your time at a biased and propagandized site like the one mentioned. If you want to save some time, read "One Nation Under Gods" by Richard Abanes. It is an astonishing and unbiased account of Mormon history. After reading that, you will understand why we shouldn't have a Mormon as VP or President of this great country.

I dont need to go to some other anti-mormon website, or read some anti-mormon book to get the truth I know the truth about my religion, and I can guarantee it is not what you think it is, cults usually contain a couple thousand people that is why its called a cult, so my quesion to you is how does 12 million + constitute a cult. "well Researched" is in thee eye of the beholder, please dont come on here and spew your mormon hate, it is very unchristian!! I dont go bashing others religions, so please dont come on here and do it to me. Thanks!

I'm exhilarated with McCain's choice of a VP. We need fresh view and vision on this country. What happens when you old politicians read, see and debate on the same issues for a long time? It gets old; it's like eating fried chicken for dinner every day...it gets boring and uninterested. Palin brings new perspective and ideas.

Those of you with anti-Mormon views, please....that's juvenile. Only children do that kind of stuff. Grow up and realize that to know the truth about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is to really find out for yourself with an open mind and heart. The Spirit can only confirm the truth to you, not your minister of anybody else. It's that simple; it's the Lord's way. I wasn't a member of the Church before but I did search, I did pray and I did find the truth. The gospel has helped me become a better person. God is our Father, Jesus Christ is our Savior. I'd like you to know that there will come a day when you will stand before the Savior and you will know the truth about this Church and it will be too late for you then. I hope you wouldn't wish you had listened.

Applaud for McCain and Palin....GO GET THEM.

Scat, I'm not bashing anyone or spewing Mormon hate, just agreeing with "redjet". He's obviously done his research. We need leaders who can seek truth no matter what the consequences. I don't personally think the truth is "anti-Mormon". Mormons frequently catagorize things as "Pro" or "Anti" Mormon and if you don't believe in the "Pro" version, you are hateful and evil. The truth is simply the truth. I have family members who are Mormon and even a nephew who is on a mission. I receive weekly updates and photos from him. Just because I seek the truth doesn't mean that I don't know how to get along with my fellow man. May God bless you :-)

Its not so much a debate about pro vs. con, its more I know what I believe, and I know what I dont believe. There is very rarely gray area, you either believe it or not, black or white. I have looked at the ant-mormon stuff just to see what people are saying and it is nothing but conjured-up BS. I just usually tell people if you want to know what a Dodge is like, you dont go to a Ford dealership cause they arent going to say anything nice, if you wanna know what mormons are like, talk to one of them, or visit their website. Nice discussion! Take care!!

I've researched Latter-Day Saints for over 18 years. I've done countless interviews and found them to be very sincere & devout followers of Christ (the very definition of "Christian"). They practice what they preach on a regular basis and do it without calling attention to themselves and without being paid.

Rather than write a book to simply make money from the research, I joined Christ's true church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I can honestly say I've never been happier and have greater knowledge of my relationship with the Savior.


....Well said!!


What a great pick by McCain!! I am LDS and was very pro-Romney for the Presidential and VP spots, but am extremely excited for Palin! She seems to be just what the party needs in these times. Pro-Choice, Pro-energy research and reform, a mother, and little-to-no connection with Washington politics!

Now let's all get out to the polls and make our stand!

Ooops! edit my comment with "Pro-life" instead of "Pro-choice" - i was typing too fast! Ha.

One more thing - I don't believe gun rights are a Christian issue - it's an American issue.

While we're correcting mistakes, I was referring to the post by askme, not redjet. Incidentally Scat, if I wanted to know something about a Dodge, I would go to the library and research it, not the Dodge salesman. And by the way, did you know that the dictionary.com definition of scat is "animal excrement"? That would make scat synonomous with BS :-). Just an interesting observation. In any case, it appears we all are in favor of McCain and Palin. So, Mormon or not, it's great we all agree. Now, let's focus on keeping Obama from becoming president.


Good Observation about the name, but obviously thats not what I was going for. How old are you? Cause if your about 50 to 65, you should be familiar with Dodge and Plymouth Scatpack, from the 70's, That is where I got it from, you didnt have to pull the one meaning out of ten thats describes scat as poo!! I was going for more along the lines of, "to get away fast"!! And also I didnt say that I would go to the Dodge salesman either, I just said I wouldnt go to the Ford dealership, or anyone else that will do what ever they can to convince me not to buy a dodge!!

This restores confidence in McCain with those of us that really were wondering where his commitments really lie.

Dear redjet, every story has two sides. For those of us inclined to hate, we just regurjitate what we have been feed growing up, rather than examining the other side and giving them the benefit of the doubt. It is just the same way a racist continues to believe the slander against another race and can't seem to free themself of the hate and the prejudice. The people who hated Joseph Smith in his day invented lie after lie to try to bring him down. If you do your research, those lies are still out there being presented as fact. It is hard to tell at this late date what was true and what was a lie, suffice to say, Christ gave us the way to know, "By their fruits ye shall know them" There is a big difference between the fruit of the "LDS" and the "FLDS" churches. I am LDS and know from experience the LDS church has the best fruit of all. Please stop hating Latter Day Saints and the LDS Church. We love you and know we are all brothers and sisters and wish you Gods choicest blessings.

Sincerely, DJ

I think it is interesting that AskMe made his comments and then fled the scene; leaving everyone else to banter back and forth with each other. He did make a very good point at the very end of his comment, "Those who love truth, find it."

I'd like to add that truth is not hard to uncover but you have to get on your knees to find it. It can't be found online, in the library or at a Ford or Dodge dealer. I found the truth and wish everyone else the best of luck in their quest.

Dear redjet, sorry I made a mistake, I was responding to askme.

Dear Denis,

Amen to that.

"For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is a gift of God: Not of works, lest any man should boast"

Ephesians 2:8-9

Translated: It's not by your works or good deeds that you are saved and blessed with eternal life, but by faith in Jesus alone.

This is the keystone of Christianity.

Which is a good thing for me because I'm not affiliated with any church, but am faithful to the Lord and his teachings. And also a conservative Republican :-)


Mormons have not excepted Jesus Christ as the only begotten son of God as Lord and saviour. Mormons do base their lives on christan values and are good God loving people, just a little mislead.
Joseph Smith whom founded the mormon religion / church has modified the Holy Bible and added additional books ( book of Mormon,Pearls etc.)This is why the Mormon church is a cult. Mornom core values are christian based and Joseph Smith will be accountable on jugment day for his deceptive teaching and leading the flocks a stray.The bible is the inspired word of God that will never change or be altered, when it is this should be shuned and pointed out. I've prayed about this,did my research.The Church of LDS is a cult and it is a heartbreaking that so many good Christ like people do not fully understand what they beleive. John 3:16
I also beleive that a mother with 5 children is best served being with her children and family.
Out of the work force and not running for VP.

@ tom murray

You said, "The bible is the inspired word of God that will never change or be altered, when it is this should be shuned and pointed out."

Which version of the Bible is the truly inspired one? The King James version? The New King James version? The NIV version?

I'm not trying to be rude or insulting, but if you study the different versions of the Bible, there are some serious differences, so it can cause confusion to some people.