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August 18, 2008

Rick Warren gave candidates an early glance at questions

Saddleback pastor Rick Warren gave the presidential candidates an early look at some of the questions he planned to ask them Saturday, the Washington Post reports.

He gave three examples of questions: What is your greatest moral failure? What is America's greatest moral failure? Who are the three people you rely on for wise advice?

Warren's spokesman A. Larry Ross told the Post that Warren provided McCain and Obama with the four subject areas: leadership, stewardship, worldview and international compassion. He also gave them a sense of the themes he would ask about, including topics such as energy and taxes.

On "Larry King Live" tonight, Warren said he thought Sen. John McCain had been in a "green room," what he called a "cone of silence" during Sen. Barack Obama's answers. Instead, McCain was in a car on the way to the church. Warren said that he takes McCain's word that he did not gain an advantage by hearing.


Before Warren asked them what is America's greatest moral failure, he should have made them clarify what they believe the nation's responsibilities are. What is the government morally obligated to do, both domestically and internationally?

The Washington Post??? This extreme left wing newspaper [editors]admit that they are pro Hussein Obama. They have run three times as many articles about Hussein Obama as they have McCain.

One other thing: Why is it that you run so many articles quoting Catholic sources?

After listening to the answers, the pedantic Obama had more a sense of the LOVE and CARE that Jesus showed. He talked about the ills in the world in a way to show he cares. The way to put an end to war is to help those in poor areas to learn how to feed themselves and to help them become economically viable. Machinery and training more than food is what is needed.I pray the USA will see its responsibility in this way rather than as an invader of sovereign countries.

To say that McCain did not have an advantage by hearing Obama's answers is naive. While watching the interview I was impressed by McCain's quick and direct answers. Not any more...he most certainly was not alone in that car as he drove to the church. If he listened, and got any advice on how to answer, he cheated. No other word for it.

A car is not a "cone of silence." I have XM radio in my car, and I can get CNN on that XM receiver.

Aren't Evangelicals the hardest to please? It really didn't matter to the crtics, what Rick Warren asked, or for that matter, how the cadidates answered, their criticism was already enshrined in their minds! As Warren explained on Larry King Live, he would have loved to ask "follow-ups" but had committed himself to rather getting out more questions and answers for the public to hear...he couldn't have it both ways!

Seems to me the *thinking* public (a minority, in an age that rewards mindlessness) is on serious overload in this election season. As a result, while it is lamentable, many folks tend to bracket off a word or a phrase or a sentence as if that were all we know of a candidate. I am pro-life, but not in a million years would I consider McCain pro-life: he eagerly embraces WAR.

I believe in the Christian ideal of marriage, and McCain's history-- abandoning a disfigured wife for a pskillionaire trophy wife beer heiress-- is disgraceful. My discernment tells me that his having had the advantage in this interview matters little: the more we know of him, the less we find to admire.

What difference does it make if they heard the questions a head of time? Are your morals in place or not? Are you willing to compromise or not? God is unchanging. No matter how much the world tries to make Him fit into the way they want things to be He doesn't change. We are supposed to fit into GOD's world, not the other way around. God didn't make mistakes when He put His plan in place. WE choose to try to adapt the plan. We choose to ignore certain things while accepting other things that are unacceptable. If a candidate follows Christ, truly following, there is no compromising your morals. For anyone.

I believe McCain when he said he did not hear the questions asked of Obama. And remember, he was only in the motercade for the first 10 minutes or so into the interview. Common people, quit being such sour grapes. It was a fair a civil interview... why can't you leave it that way???????????????????????

Face it: Obama can't "perform" unless the conditions are right (for him): adoring audience; teleprompter; and a prepared speech peppered with self-referential (and meaningless) slogans. (In short, he's not only vapid, he's a control freak.) All this has been evident before but came into high focus during the Saddleback "debate".

So McCain got to hear about half the questions while driving to Saddleback, with his assistants there to help him prepare his own answers,
McCain was caught out repeating his plagarised cross in the dirt while a prisoner story,
McCain lies to Rick Warren and others about both,
the CT poll shows he still gained more from Saddleback than Obama did.
Go figure.

We've had Republican presidents who have appointed Supreme Court justices, and they have not yet overturned Roe vs. Wade, and I doubt they will.

How about the national debt since Ronald Reagan and his Republican successors. Isn't the economic debt dumped on our grandchildren a moral issue?

By the way, I'm not a Democrat.

"the CT poll shows he (McCain) still gained more from Saddleback than Obama did."

Not in my eyes. McCain's answers seemed memorized and practiced, hardly thoughtful, and the news that he heard most of the questions ahead of time only confirms what I already noticed. It's sooooo past time for a new kind of politics in the white house. Aren't you sick of Washington-as-usual? It's driving this country into the ground. I want an America to be proud of again. I'm voting for Obama in '08. I think he's the real deal.

I am sad to read the comments of people who claim to know God's dsign for human beings. While Mc Cain was not my first choice for a canidate the debate showed so strongly the oportunistic nature of Obama that I will be voting for Mc Cain. Certainly one who claims to be a follower of Jesus Christ can't support the record that Obama has put together in his short. He worked in Chicago a city known for corruption without any change happening. This man's record must be examined and put to the test of God's Word.

"...the more we know of him, the less we find to admire."

Really, Stan. And what about Obama's vote to uphold partial birth abortion. He aint't exactly Mr. Rogers!

Rick really set up Obama. We were told McCain was in the Green Room in a cone of silence. Instead he and his debate coach were listening to the questions in a car and Preping. McCain did not deny he was in the cone of silence when Rick asked about at the beginning of his segment. McCain was dishonest. The coin toss for position wasn't even real as admitted by Rick on Larry King. We were all mislead and Obama was set up by Rove and the Republican dirty tricksters. Evangelicals bought it and obvious don't believe in fair play. It discredited the whole charade. What have some Christians become? Thank God I can still have faith in God. Cause you can't trust anyone when it comes to politics.The means juistify the ends and two wrongs make a right reasoning of the right.

"When does a baby gain civil rights?"
"I'm not a theologian or a scientist; it's not at my pay grade."

Is the supreme court theological or scientific in its decision making?
Should the government push such a decision on young women, who, "I know struggle with it," yet are not theologians or scientists at the time of their decision?

Steve Snyder
Athens, TN

Obama, as all Liberals, want to turn the US in to a 3rd world country with no health care, no defenses, no military, and no money in our bank accounts. He does not want Americans to prosper, he is all about putting the US in total poverty. He admires China for goodness sakes! Who in their right mind wants to live in China and be under that type of control? We can hold our heads up, what Americans do they do for love of the US not because the government will jail us if we don't agree. Why do so many want to live in America? Because we are the best in the world, they flee their country for ours. We need to be proud to be an American not ashamed like the Obama. Wake up Americans.

You know it isn't above my pay grade to know when life begins. When did the incarnation take place? It took place at conception, because Jesus was conceived by the Holy Spirit. He was full God and fully man at the time of conception. Indeed John the Baptist responded in the womb to the voice of Mary. Why is it so hard? And even if one isn't exactly sure, wouldn't it be best to be conservative on the issue.

As for Obama I have just one thing to say, "Analysis paralysis".

Rick Warren should not have been involved in giving any semblance of respect to the two mainstream parties which are both under powerful non-Christian (the Bible labels it Babylonian) financial control. Christians should utterly and totally reject these apalling, corrupt parties as well.
The Bible says, "Come out of her my People!" with reference to this satanic money-controlled system which is enslaving the world, not just the US. War, war, war. The US has been involved in too much killing for too long, and will soon start paying the price.