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August 29, 2008

Sarah Palin's faith

I am watching all the positive press releases from conservative evangelicals roll in on Sen. John McCain's vice president pick. So far, I haven't seen a negative one.

I am dying to blog more, but like the other 15,000 reporters, I have to get to the Denver airport to make it to Minneapolis.

More coming, but for now, Dallas Morning News reporter Jeffrey Weiss writes about her Pentecostal background and Mollie over at GetReligion has pulled together several articles on the religion angle.

Update: The Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life has put together a biographical page on Sarah Palin. Right now, it's mostly background information but a closer look at the new Vice Presidential candidate's faith will be coming.


Having faith in Jesus Christ (as I myself do 100%) does not automatically give you a 'free pass' to being a heartbeat away from being the President of the US. It's transparent and insulting to think that evangelical Americans are that clueless about what makes a good president. We cannot let ourselves be 'used' as we have been for the past few decades and most notably the past 8 years under the Rove/Cheney/Bush White house. Being a woman, being part time mayor of a small town in Alaska, having 5 kids, being runner up Miss Alaska, being under investigation for firing your brother-in-law does not a solid vice president make; it's deplorable choice...he could've chosen countless other women or men with vastly more national security, economic and foreign policy experience. This decision has Karl Rove and his unethical cronies written all over it; they have two puppets to manipulate now in the White House should they get elected.

As Christians, we must ask ourselves who has the wisdom, discernment and judgement to lead our country...we are NOT hiring a pastor. Senator McCain failed his first 'presidential' test today miserably today.

In terms of politics alone, views of a Veep-candidate matter only if they hurt Prez-candidate. Otherwise, views don't matter! Christians/conservatives wetting their pants over the choice of this lady don't realize she's sucker-bait for their support. Also, McCain has thrown away "experience" issue against Obama by naming a lady who, by contrast, makes Obama look like a veteran. McCain's belly-flop into the cell pool of sexual politics has most likely cost him the election -- which is fine with me. No true Christian can support either candidate.

John Lofton, Editor

TheAmericanView. com


As an Evangelical and former pastor. I am not in support of this decision. As Evangelicals we are taught to vote on two issues: abortion and gay marriage. While these are important issues they do not effect nearly as many people as poverty and education do. As well they are issues that are not spoken to in the New Testament nearly as powerfully as poverty was. I will not be scared into voting for the republicans again. It is time for Evangelicals to take the words of Jesus seriously and stand up for the oppressed instead of thowing stones.

No true Christian can vote for either candidate!?! What the hey? Mrs. Paline is the only candidate with any execitive experience. McClain "outBaraked Obama" today. This is the choice. What we need in the White House at the presidents side is a person of strength and conviction. I say "horay" for the soccer Mom!

Some of these comments are clearly hack-ish in intent. Sure, she's a former mayor of a small town. Is it a good representation of the truth to leave the statement there? Of course not. Mrs. Palin is the current governor of Alaska with a strong record of reform. Does she lack experience? Not relative to Mr. Obama, whose work history runs somewhat short of her own.

I have to add that anyone who saw Mrs. Palin speak today witnessed a flawless performance by a clearly seasoned individual. I would have been shaking like a leaf. She spoke clearly, confidently, and with conviction.

McCain's choice for VP is all about playing down to his anticipated audience-those who are single-issue voters, those who will always pull the lever for anyone who claims to be a conservative, and those who slavishly vote as they think (using the term losely) an Evangelical does! Palin's stand on life, including ALL life, the world aaround us and the environment, is more dismal than even Bush's.

Wake up, folks! If you want Bush Term III, if you voted for the current Occupant, claiming that he is pro-life (what about all those lives he's ended in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistans, etc.) you are being s\used again. The GOP views Evangelicals with contempt, because they know you'll vote their way without any ratioanl thought, and then they can ignore you for 4 years, as they have done since 2000.

If you are truly Christian, you may not like Obama's stand on abortion, but you cannot vote to continue the unjust slaughter of innocents brought on by Bush, Cheney and Rice...God says Thou Shalt not Kill, and this includes the War on Terror.

Obama may be a flawed candidate,, but he represents a better future than McCain and his Endless Wars.

I am horrified at what passes for "Christian" commentary among the readers of CT. Are Christians really so quick to condemn the announcement of Palin only a few hours old, ready to slam her by labeling her a "part time mayor" and beauty queen?

I am horrified at what passes for "Christian" commentary among the readers of CT. Are Christians really so quick to condemn the announcement of Palin only a few hours old, ready to slam her by labeling her a "part time mayor" and beauty queen?

Hunter Baker, you are only ½ right, God does say Thou shalt not kill, But God Has sent people into war, and often in the OT commanded his people to not allow any of the enemy to live, is that a contradiction? ...no it is not, the commandment was actually mis-interpreted, it should of been Thou shalt not commit murder, but in any case, God has allowed wars, and has help win some of them.
So you are wrong on your point. But let’s say that you were right, think about this, Jesus came to save us from our sins and our mistakes. He had not sinned, he had made no mistakes, so we have a innocent person (Jesus) paying the price for our mistakes and sins.
Now fast forward to today, we have babies being killed in this country because of other peoples mistakes.
There is 3 people involved in an abortion, but Obama wants the only one who is innocent, a innocent baby who has done nothing wrong, to pay the price for the other two who did make a mistake, he said, he did not want his daughters to have to pay a price for a mistake they might make. When will we both Democrats and Republicans quit having a innocent child pay the supreme price for our mistakes. I will vote for McCain, he is pro life, you are pro life too I take it, or are you only pro life when it suits you. Only you know.

John Lofton; I have no idea what Evangelicals you are talking about, I have never heard of abortion and gay marriage being the only two issues, and standing up for the oppressed and helping to educate is Christian issues to be sure.
1. When it comes to education we would do good to return to the model of our fore-fathers, they had it right, Bible centered, Protestant Christian schools existed in America 230 years before public schools were established. From the first American settlement school at Jamestown, Virginia, in 1607, to state controlled public schools established by Horace Mann in 1837, America's schools were Christ centered and committed to a high level of literacy. But my friend God was pushed out of our schools by the liberal Democrats for the most part., so where will you go to get help in bring him back? maybe you could turn to Obama, or his last minister Wright to teach our children, do you think he could teach them to say God Damn America? I think you need to get in a good church and sit under a good minister and thank God that you have quit the ministry.

look if mccain wants to appeal to a broader reach of voters there other qualified conservative women. i respect that ms. palin gave birth to a child with down syndrome. but i am concerned that regardless of her rhetoric, we do not share the same values. i can't relate to a mother who thinks spending the time caring for her 4 mth old infant is less important than running for VP. honestly, it seems that this opportunity was a moral test for her that she's failed. she's showing ruthless ambition. i am a mother and i work because i have to help provide for my family. my husband is my able parenting partner, but NO ONE can proxy for me in the care and development of my baby (11mths old) it's not a hobby that i can pick up on the weekends. by seeking this new all encompassing role she's delegating child rearing to others.

I agree 100% with everything that daisy said. Who is going to raise that baby that she just chose to have? I also think it is important as Christians to be good stewards of the environment and take care of the poverty stricken. She doesn't even believe in global warming. At least McCain has that going for him. I was a somewhat undecided voter leaning towards Obama, but the thought that Palin who is governer of a state of less than 1 million people may become our next commander and chief just sealed the deal for me.

Thank God for such a woman as Sarah Palin! I believe she will make a GREAT VP!!! I don't believe she should be compared with Hillary. Sarah is her own woman and can stand on her own two feet. America should give her a chance. Also, I respect her because she did NOT abort her baby because of "defects"? I will be voting for her and
Kay Osban

Some unbelieveable comments posted here! I direct mine at those who claim to be known by Christ. 1) For starters, Obama needs to encounter the Gospel. Any one who believes their non-Christian, deceased loved one is in heaven because they were a "really good person" is quite decieved. Let's pray for his true conversion. Thank God that we now finally appear to have a born-again Believer in the race. 2) Let's never even entertain the idea that Jesus' primary purpose was to bring a "social gospel" ... he hardly needed to bare the wrath of God on the tree in order to fight injustice, feed the poor or educate the masses. 3) I wonder how many of those who suggest Gov. Palin has somehow shirked her parental duties in the mothering department have themselves shirked their parental duties in the education of their own children, i.e. handed them over to Ceasar for unGodly instruction and indoctrination in an unBiblical worldview? 4) It's hard to believe that a professing Christian could be so biblically ignorant as to mistake God's commandment not to commit murder as being equal to not taking human life under any circumstance! The Moral Law is a reflection of the character & nature of God Himself. And God kills ... quite regularly as a matter of fact. And the state does not "bare the sword in vain".

Congrats! It's so exciting to have a McCain and Palin ticket in 2008! Good Luck!


What about the fact that God has placed a calling on this woman's life to parent a special needs child. Who will parent this child as she concentrates on national and international issues. I think that McCain has made a very selfish decision in choosing Palin. Not only is this unwise, but it is not what is best for her family, or for family values. It is certainly not what is best for the United States. When faced with a choice, should she choose her country, or her family? Which decision do each of us want her to make. Which decision would we make, if we had to choose. Do we want to say that it is ok for women to put their careers over their children? Are we forgetting the vast pressures of being a president or vice president? Why aren't our christian values saying, "No way, Palin may be a fantastic person, but her family should come first." She has a higher calling and responsibility, and it is an infant child, and her at home children. I am greatly grieved by this decision. I feel that it leaves us no responsible choices as christians, and voters.

Hummm... I surfed in and thought I was reading some kind of O B A M A propaganda???? She is going to be just fine...

PAstor Roda thinks we are 'taught" as Evangelicals how to vote. Maybe at his infantile church, but in 30 years in many churches I have never been so instructed. His failing as a teacher should not indict us all!

Would I like Sarah Palin to have more experience? Yes. However, I think she appears to be a strong candidate. And....how many people asked this about Dan Quayle when he was VP? As far as the comments about whether she should be with her children or not. I assume she wants to be with her children, but, her husband will be in Washington also, presumably. She seems to be very assertive and a fighter and she also seems to have integrity. She has been a reformer and she is a true conservative. As far as comments that Christians vote only in regards to gay marriage and abortion.....I do know a few Christians who do that....but they are very few.

The one thing that I have yet to see in the Christian community is a desire to pray for our candidates and pray that God will allow the outcome for His greater good. I have witnessed too many Christians tear down Obama stating that he can't be a "real" Christian based on a controversial pastor or his stance on the issues.
My concern with Sarah Palin is the fact that she does not play up to McCain's weaknesses as you will see Biden play to Obama's weaknesses. If she had to take over as President could she do it? Governor of Alaska is a different ballgame than President of the United States. If she has a Christian background, great! I will pray for her as well.
God's hand needs to be in this, and not our own desires. I hear Christian's (people from my church as well as well known Christian leaders) talk about taking "God" out of schools, taking immoral stances on issues such as abortion. If we don't pray for these candidates and pray that God's will be done, aren't we doing the same thing by taking God out of the equation?
This is how the world will view Christians. We are a testimony to others, but we are failing miserably. Weather it be Obama or McCain - Let God's will be done.

She seems like a fine addition to the ticket and as an Alaskan and a Christian I'm proud to offer up my vote in this Fall's election. With that said, there's a rumor circulating around Fox River here regarding her position on an epidemic that's unraveling many Alaskan small towns. That epidemic is called Crystal Wolf. I pray the good lord will get this under control by the Fall, but Crystal Wolf is her dirty little secret.

Jesus does not condemn being in poverty. To the contrary he tells his followers, "You will always have the poor among you, but you will not always have me." (John 12:8) He is clear about our level of compassion we ought to have for those who are outcast and where justice has not prevailed. But look at the context surrounding WHY Jesus spoke about this poor lady. She had come to the feet of Jesus in her poverty to give Him a gift-- an annointing of expensive perfume. Seeing this only superficially, we too are sounding very much like Jesus followers who condemned her in this gracious act by pontificating about what could have been done if this perfume were sold and the money given to the poor? It was (an oddly "american-sounding") Judas who tells us, "It was worth a year's wages."
Our idea of what it means to "love mercy, do justice and walk humbly with our God" must be taken as both/and.. not either/or proposition! Christians who believe in a godly America must deal with ALL these issues: first personally, second through local churches, and third when possible through our local governments.
Abortion, abuse, neglect, et. al. must continue to be addressed along with the neo-social issues of poverty, environment, and education if we hope not to not miss the point Jesus was making by receiving Mary's gift!










Oh my goodness, I can't believe some of the comments.

This woman is a super choice because of her character and experience. She has proven to be a strong leader taking on the huge task of cleaning up corruption in a very corrupt state. I don't know that she's ready, right now, today, for the number 1 slot but she certainly is running with and against people who can only talk of doing what she has already done.

I think she brings a lot to this flawed process. More then I thought was possible the way this was headed.

I am deeply disturbed that a candidate would name as his VP choice, a woman for the purpose of securing votes. Why wouldn't a candidate look for the best person to fill the position, one who has a clear history of foreign policy experience and other concerns which directly effect America?

As important as Christian moral issues are such as gay marriage and abortion, our country is in immediate threat of terrorist attacks, poverty, economic meltdown, enery crisis, trade agreements putting our farmers out of work..and the list goes on and on.

I have gone from feeling as though I'd better vote for McCain to keep Obama out, to now feeling as though I'd better vote for Obama to keep McCain out. His running mate frightens me. McCain is up in age and from what I understand, had been ill. I do not believe this woman has enough experience nor knowledge to be President of the United States, should something happen to McCain. Since the running mate announcement, I will no longer be voting for McCain.

Palin as the VP pick is just a political ploy to get McCain elected.

I wouldn't be surprised if after he wins, she is put on a few harmless pet projects he doesn't care about just to keep her out of the way as McCain has no respect for women as his voting record shows.

I believe the most important issues should be getting out of this war that is killing our citizens, reviving the economy, and moving away from oil/coal based energy.

All other issues, though still important, should be secondary for a while until we get things back on track.

McCain is either incapable of or in total disagreement with these important issues.

This leaves no other choice but to vote for Obama/Biden.

May the Lord help us all.

I am amazed at the CONCLUSIONS some of you people have arrived at in less than 24 hours. Why don"t you wait at least a few days, a week or so before you condemn Sarah Palin? Jesus taught us not to judge.He was speaking of a persons heart, their motivations,(go read it in context)many of you hav already judged John McCain.You have judged Sarah Palin and presume to know her motives and her heart. As believers we may judge actions,because we have Gods word on what is sin.We may judge outcomes because we have Gods word, and it tells us what is sin. We may judge concluding statements, because Gods word tells us what truth is and what it is not.Wisdom is the appropriate application of truth.I believe we will be demonstrating wisddom as we judge in the right manner.


Look how McCain has voted in the past; you can see where he stands on women by his voting records.

Waiting "at least a few days, a week or so" will not change history.


Sorry, had to chime in again.

It was said above that "I believe the most important issues should be getting out of this war that is killing our citizens, reviving the economy, and moving away from oil/coal based energy."

The democrats favor ending the war (to save our citizens and economical reasons), but also tolerate or agree with abortion.

Now then, doesn't it make more sense to vote for someone who is for saving innocent human life that doesn't have a choice. People forget that our soldiers volunteer to fight...and look how many have volunteered even after this war started. I appreciate what our troops are doing, but they made their choice...the baby doesn't get one.

If not voting for Obama means that I have to stretch my money a little further, but we make progress in getting abortion banned...that is well worth it.

As I read these commentaries, I am saddened by how much they look like the commentaries written by non-believers. They do not seem to stand apart and point to the Kingdom of Heaven. They are emotional and argumentative. Some are even mean-spirited. Our job as Believers is to seek God's will for our whole lives. We know from the scriptures that He will ultimately put in place the leaders He has already chosen. Can we please stop arguing about these issues and start praying about them? Let us be unified as a Body (just as Christ prayed for us), and seek God's will for our country's president. On voting day, some Christ Followers will vote for Obama and some will vote for McCain. Then, the will of God shall prevail!!! We don't have to worry, fuss or fret. He is still sovereign! Please don't allow the Enemy to use this election to frighten us or divide us! Praise God, for He shall provide the outcome that will be best for the USA! I just pray that whatever happens, this country will turn back to Him! In Jesus' name!!!

Is there such thing as Ferraro-Cliton-Palin Era for a brave new world?

Yes, It is definitely so for us all who are starved for a new food for our soul.

God bless America. cs

I agree that we need to be praying for our countries leadership, but we can also see in scriptures that God uses people (what a blessing and privelege that is) to accomplish his purposes. We can't sit by passively and expect things to happen.

For example: My greatest responsibility here on earth is to raise and provide for my family. I pray to God everyday to give me the wisdom, discernment, courage, and patience to do that. We are a part of God's story and we need to be an empty vessel that God can work through. That doesn't mean that we simply pray and hope for the best. It means that we pray, and respond and allow God to use us for his story.

I can't just sit by and watch babies be aborted, our public schools go to pot, our welfare systems hinder peoples future, and the institution of marriage become tainted. Yeah, I pray about those things often...and then we need to do something about them.

"Evil prevails when good men do nothing"

Most of the posters here are simply posting along their political alignment and not evaluating Sarah Palin. Several even have wrong information. One even said we have to vote Obama because it is better to rip babies from their mothers womb then it is to kill innocent terrorists. Wow!

Sarah has govorned longer the Obama and Biden. They never have
Sarah has more years in politics then Obama. Sarah is pro life and lives it. Does Mac want your vote? Yes. How is he asking for it? By giving you what you want for it.

Obama said children are a punishment to parents (google it)
Sarah knows they are a blessing from God

"Moreover thou shalt provide out of all the people able MEN, such as fear God, men of truth, hating covetousness; and place [such] over them, [to be] rulers of thousands, [and] rulers of hundreds, rulers of fifties, and rulers of tens..." Exodus 18:21

The Lord is clear about rulers. Able MEN. Wake up Christians!

Okay, I have to comment.
Being CHRISTIAN woman, I feel compelled to do so.
God used Deborah and Jael in the book of Judges;
where were the men ? If they were supposed to be the
rulers, and why did God not choose a man? Not ready?
Not able? Hmmm.
Then there is Queen Esther....
Wow! God can use what some people portray as "foolish"
to confound the wise!
If a MAN had done the things that Gov. Palin has done,
I think it would be a DIFFERENT story. She is remarkable; and
I for one don't remember hearing of ANY politicians doing
anything near as hard and courageous..going against the
system... Applause!
Let's pray for her and remeber, God can and does use ANYONE
HE chooses to.
To all the men out there, thank you to the ones who "get it" and
all the rest, I wish you could be womnan for one day and realize
what we go through. It's so nice to see someone truly celebrated
for her accomplishments, and sad to see people not recognize their own prejudices.


Some mothers are obliged to work outside the home to support her familie, however, Sarah Palin doesn't fit this category. In addition her baby has special needs. Someone else can be vice president. No one else can be Trig's mother.

She underwent the sacrement of marriage. She must put her husband before all others. This does include the country and the president.

Last, being Vice President is a big job. She holds the job (and our country) in disdain if she thinks she can do it well while being a good mother to her young children and a good wife to her husband.

She will fall at one or all of these three things. As a Christian woman, I am appalled John McCain would pander to me in this way.

She is only a Christian in words. Her actions speak otherwise.

I'm not voting.

Christian values and acts are a necessity. But, I don't believe it is the only thing that casts votes, or moves me. I place judgment not on rumors but acts. Palin's AK votes, platforms are out in the open. I have a problem with her lack of interest, at all, in the enviorment. I need to protect my family, my children. She won't help me do that. I don't judge her, I don't know her. But I don't agree with her on many issues. I can't vote for her. At least McCain was open to cost/benefit analysis of enviornment measures. Palin simply has no interest. I just can't do it.

This election isn't about Sarah Palin. Its about us, the people. Each of us has to decide for ourselves whether Senator McCain used good presidential judgment in making this selection. He may have been a US Senator for some 26 years, but this is still the first decision he has made that would be indicative of his presidency. The decisions he's made as a senator have all been from that perspective. In this matter he and Senator Obama are on equal ground. They have both made but a single presidential decision. We each have to decide who, if either, chose wisely. More spin and misrepresention from either side serves in nobody's best interest.

I recommend that everyone take a deep breath, do your own research and make your own decision about who will best lead this country in the future.

It appears this comment forum has been struck by political hacks. I would disregard most opinions on politics posted here.

Sarah Palin has more executive experience than Obama, Biden and McCain put together. McCain is the only other candidate with a son sent into harm's way in Iraq to defend freedom. Sarah is of the unique ilk, ability and intellect to help make America great again. Bush and Cheney have done the best possible given the idiot congress with Hillary Obama and Pelosi running everything. We have won in Iraq- the economy is improving for the first time since Bill Clinton tanked it out with the internet bubble burst. Wake up people, the government can't give you a bunch of handouts without charging back double.

BTW my sincere apologies to Bruce above regarding political statement. I was a bit outraged hearing abortion promoting murderers like Obama being promoted on a Christian website. Sarah Palin is a woman of tremendous ethics and has arranged for excellent help in raising her child. There is no proof that this causes the child to be less capable. Moses was raised by another mother and ruled Israel and wrote the first five books called the Torah.

I can't believe some of you really think Obama and the democrats are even worth considering. I am from the South but know we need a person such as Mrs. Palin to stand up for the people and end so much of the political pandering that has gone on in both parties. She has got what it takes to do so. I feel she is just perfect and the best candidate of all four at the top to make changes. I am not thrilled with John and been upset with President Bush but I feel she has what it takes to stand up to the insiders and work for the people. WAKE UP AMERICANS !!!

As Bruce says... "It appears this comment forum has been struck by political hacks. I would disregard most opinions on politics posted here."

I would only add it would be best to disregard most of the opinions based upon christianity as well... There are more than a few religious hacks on this comment forum, as well.

It may be hard to swallow, but Jesus was the original progressive and above all preached tolerance. In today's world, I'm positive he'd be preaching for compromise in such a divided country.

Tolerance of what? You think he would preach tolerance concerning abortion?

People take for granted how tolerant this country is. If you don't think so, go live in cuba, russia, or china for a while. Try to speak openly and live how you feel convicted. Then come back here and tell people they aren't tolerant.

I'm willing to compromise on social issues...anybody willing to compromise on moral issues needs to rediscover their convictions.

A lot of you don't sound much like Christians, but Pharisees. Gov Palin is free to do just what God gave her the Talent, Skill, and Intelligence to do. It doesn't hurt that she just happens to be beautiful and a wonderful wife and mother too. Am I happy about her possible new job? I'M SO EXCITED I CAN'T SLEEP!!!

I just visited the church site for Palin. The Staff is completely All White men... The Inverted-misguided-Mirror image of Trinity and Reverend Wright. Without any kind of diversity how could her world be inclusive? If her staff is so mono-culutural how does she depart from the self serving view that is likely focused on just one demographic: Working class whites.

As Christians we need to opportune this election as a time to take a look at the example set in History by one of our Greatest Christians MLK JR. and build a bridge accross the racial divide this time.

Instead of selfish-ambition we need to get someone into office who really is looking to bring people from all backgrounds together.

Good luck trying to sell her to Black Evangelicals like me as some kind of "different" kind of candidate.

McCain is an self-professed Adulterer. This is the Sin that The GOP forciblby impeached Clinton on saying: he was unfit for office. How can anyone think it's Gods will to vote for an professed, weak faithed man who left his handicapped wife to marry his rich mistress?

McCain Voted against the MLK Holiday? Any Reason why? I am not saying he's a racist, but where is his "courage" here? It's easy to say you are for the Holiday now -- it's politically safe.

Is this change we can believe in? I think the man is an adulter we need to avoid. Obama has a marriage and family we can trust.

As a Christian mother, I am apalled to see so many forgetting what is most important in this woman's life, her children. I find it unloving for a mother to leave her children, especially an infant with down syndrome, to run for political office. I am appalled to hear Christian leaders applauding this decision. We are supposed to love our children and guide them. I am all for women having the careers that they want, but not when they require abandoning your children. That's what this race and being vice president requires from Sara Palin. Her judgement and John McCains are severely questionable. I'm voting for Obama, partly for the sake of Sara Palin's family. Our families matter, not political aspirations.

I can't believe some of you actually claim to be servants of Christ. Judge not, lest ye be judged. For those of you who think she is abdicating her responsibility of raising her children, I take exception. If Mrs Palin is truly what she claims to be then her family will be just fine because her husband will be behind her 100%. It will be refreshing to see a woman in that position because they know how to get things done. Oh, and by the way I'm not a woman. Go Sarah!

Maybe some fo you would benefit from searching for information on Rev. Wright, Mr. Obama's pastor. Listen too what he says and if you still vote for Obama there is not way you are a Christian.

There are press releases that spout how great it is that Palin was back at work, as Governor, the day after delivering her youngest child... but, that child is severely disabled! Seems she's more interested in the photo op than her responsibilities. As a special ed. teacher, I'm appalled that she is leaving her youngest child, an infant with special needs, to a nanny to raise while she romps around the country to become VP. VP is not a 'job' it is your entire life... these are the "Family Values" she espouses?!? Having the income to hire a household staff is not the same as being a 'working mom;' it is simply managing a business. In addition, she is under investigation for an Ethics violation (abuse of power); she was for the "Bridge to Nowhere," in a 2006 interview; then when it became a political liability she flip-flopped over to voice opposition for the project, and she owns three houses, but doesn't apparently count two of them as they're only vacation homes... whose the elitist? Every move she's ever made has been to attain 'fame,' not to be in politics for service to the country, (beauty pageants, journalism, sports announcing, politics). No wonder McCain likes her - it's someone just like him. I look at her and see "Handmaid's Tale."

Sarah Palin's water broke in Texas. She then delivers a speech she "can't" miss. She then does not go the hospital in Texas, but takes an eight hour flight to Alaska to deliver and then goes back to work after 3 days. Her recklessness could have cost her "awesome" son his life. What family values is she supposed to get credit for? This is a woman who does not even belive that married couples should use birth control. Well there are some of us who think that giving birth to a "tribe" that you don't intend to care for is irresponsible.

http://www.MXIDreamTeam.com As a Christain business owner, Sarah Palin is a breath of fresh air. She clearly presents a threat to the "business as usual" attitude that has paralized Congress.

You Go Girl!

Our Lord God chose a boy to be king of Israel. Our Lord Jesus Christ chose fishermen and a tax collector, ordinary people like you and me, to sit on the 12 Heavenly thrones. What is God wanting to demonstrate this time? Maybe the same thing.. "not by power nor by might, but My Spirit"! If God chose them, He can surely choose Palin as a VP. And if she makes it to office let's pray she does well. "And you shall know them (believers) by their love for one another"

Hi good Christians of America,

I write from Kenya, in Africa.

Christians here do not understand why a country of mostly Christians should choose to be divided into two every few years over what the two political parties' views on abortion are. We assume it is the politics, precisely Presidential politics; that you are drawn in in subtle and not too subtle ways, despite yourselves ...Mark you abortion, illegal here, nevertheless takes place - though Christians are strongly opposed to it.

But, we understand ...

Our issues, petty too, when viewed critically (I guess) have to do more with which candidate is likely to empower the Muslim minority! That kind of preoccupation ensures that we don't see the suffering all around us, before, during and after the election campaigns ...

What would happen if Christians just went about preaching, baptising and discipling all people as we are commanded to? Perhaps we wouldn't be too bothered trying to outdo each other as to who is a better Christian, right?

If the gospel is spread and accepted, moreover, we will be all going to heaven, no more abortions, right?

Christianity is hard enough without the competition as to who is a better believer, without the spiritual oneupmanship, right?

HAVING said that I must confess that I find it 'ungood' that Christians are not STRONGLY opposed to the idea that the good Christian mother, Sarah Palin, actually CHOSE to return to work 3 days after giving birth!

I know of mo mother in this 3rd World neck of the woods who would willingly do that. In fact, just a few minutes ago I shared that fact with a friend, the mother of a 4 month old baby and she was shocked!

Robert Alu
Dar es Salaam

I am amazed at the ignorance of a statement like above, discussing Abortion of a fetus as something where 2 people made a mistake! Sarah Palin is against abortion for ANY reason. Do you call Rape a mistake that a female made? How about Incest. (Oh yeah, there is plenty of that around from Fathers and Brothers, as disgusting as it is to believe). These are some kinds of mistakes? What about those women who choose abortion , when they discover the fetus is badly disabled and deformed, will live a short painfilled life? You think God wants this fetus to be brought into this life? You think this is some kind of mistake? Maybe it was nature's and environmental mistake, but not a woman who is compassionate enough to end the pain before it begins.

God is paying attention, you know. the bible is filled with much much more about poverty and suffering than it is about any gays or aborting. In fact, Jesus never said one word about Abortion nor Gays! So before you go and make a vote, you think of What Would Jesus Really Do! You think Jesus would turn the other cheek on the elderly, the children, Veterans, US troops dying for a lie, the disabled, minorities and vote Republican? I think Not! Not the Jesus I know!

Bristol Palin is pregant. Her mother just announced it. She may not be the best example of abstinence only education. I'm glad Bristol is keeping the baby. May God bless them both.

The only reason people consider here a "hero" when it comes to having carried to term...the ONLY reason...is because she had a choice in the FIRST place.

Well now. Lots of folks bickering here and not many with anything to say.
If Sarah Palin is a true sister in the Kingdom of God, then I hope she gets to stay in Alaska.
Being a Christian and being a mayor or a governor does not require of her any devaluing of her faith. On the other hand, if by some quirk, she gets residence at the Naval Observatory, she will have little choice but to quickly decide which is more important, being in the Kingdom, or being in D.C., because this country is a 'theocracy', it's just not, never has been, never will be, the Kingdom of God; the 'god' this nation worships with the most fervor is named Mammon.


You come into the world with nothing, and you'll leave with nothing. It's what you do between those markers that matters in the eyes of our Lord.

Pro-lifers better mean more than pro-birth. The number of children killed in this country after they are born, by a parent, relative, or family friend far exceeds the number killed by abortion providers, stray dogs, and strangers combined!

Shouting down the voices which differ from yours is shutting down the only engine of change still barely our remaining civil right: Freedom of Speech, Freedom to Gather, and Freedom to Associate.

Fall flat and pray to God that He shows this nation His Everlasting Mercy. For, if He determines, for the good of the 95% of the people of the planet who are not citizens of the United States, to judge this nation shortly, it will be a scorched demise, and a righteous cleansing. Frankly, we'll be mourned for a couple of days, maybe even a week or two, but the world will be a better place for the Kingdom of God to flourish with "America" gone.

Nations rise and fall, the Kingdom of God is eternal.

Just a Kingdom Dude,

I'm going to have to disagree. I strongly believed that this nation was no "accident". If you want the the word to flourish, it is much easier in a free environment. The problem is that too many christians go overseas to preach the gospel, BUT they preach a "westernized" version of it.

You take for granted what you have. This country was founded on Godly principles and we are losing that because there are too many complacent people that don't care. If the world loses America, You will most likely see a decline in democracy. Have you ever tried to spread the gospel in the middle east, china, russia, etc...? Those countries tell you what is right to believe. Have you seen how it slows things down when you work with "underground" churches?

Our forefather came to this country for religious freedom, and so many are willing to throw it away...People need to learn from our history and stop making the same mistakes over and over...

I get why you disagree. The colonists who came here came for, among other things, the freedom from the persecutions they had to endure in their homelands. Sadly, they were less charitable to the locals than Christ calls His flock to be. The Revolution, however, was never about religious liberty, it was about capitalism and taxation.

The religious "freedoms" we have here have allowed a pudgy comfy form of Christianity to emerge. A bit of genuine persecution would do us good. As difficult as things might be in other lands, the faith that grows, despite the difficulties, is robust and true.

The trend to export "democracy" is farcical and tragic. It is not, despite what the talking heads have said as they parrot the Press Secretaries, about creating democracies around the world, it's about "opening markets".

That a country would tell its citizens what to believe is as irrelevant as being told you can't pray in school. You can believe whatever you want anywhere, and despite the clamoring, anybody can pray any time, anywhere. They just can't require other people to participate or make a show of it all.

Frankly, Aaron, having state approval of any religion is more damaging than any disapproval.

Where the idea comes from that democracy and capitalism are linked to Christianity is a mystery to me. There is nothing democratic about following Christ: He never turned to His followers and said: "All in favor, say 'Aye'".

And capitalism has morphed from making a living into making a killing (often, quite literally).

I take nothing for granted, my friend. But current American values are secular and often, quite depraved. We are 5% of the global population, but we consume nearly 50% of the planet's resources, and 2% of our population controls 50% of our national wealth.
Some people might think this is great, but God revealed in Scripture sees otherwise.

Sorry, I meant to address the last issue again...repeating myself.

The reason we are dealing with secular values is because too many Christians gave up on our country, and are still complacent. Too many Christians don't see a point in voting for good Godly leaders...or feel that politics is the "worlds" game. It should have been ours, but we let it go and we have no one to blame for it but ourselves. This country was founded "under God" and we gave it back...shame on us...not them...we are responsible for making God known and leading people "under God".

I agree with much of what you're saying, and I will be voting in the upcoming election, having given proper focus on the positions and histories of both of the leading political parties. With that said, however, we need to know when to speak Truth to Power. If Power shuts us out, which it usually does, then there will be consequences; God alone will judge.

Christians in America aren't merely complacent. They are willfully ignorant of what they believe, and cripplingly incurious. They'll pick out Pepsi from Coke, and state their preference, but most can't name the Twelve Disciples off the top of their heads. They spend Super Bowl Sunday at home. The currency circulates the phrase: "In God We Trust", but we have the largest arsenal on the planet. This is not faith, it's a mockery.

Trust me, most people in this country will say they are Christians when asked, but ask them when they last read their Bibles. Even many of the Bible-thumpers preach "another gospel", and they don't know God.

In the eternal scheme of things, it's not that politics don't Seem to matter, it's that they Don't matter. "All is vanity…" We should participate, not jerking our knees uninformed, and being the echo chambers of spin-doctors who see Christian "values" as a means to an end, but with bended knees we seek to be righteous in all our endeavors, and that means we must place the Kingdom before the State, and that means that "Christian values" can no longer be marketed as a means to an end, but that Christian values be the end of the means by which evil is done at home and abroad.

I think we agree more than we think...maybe we just have different ways of saying what we believe.

However, I don't believe that there is anything wrong with a strong military. Ultimately, our faith and trust should be in God, but God has also made us responsible to take care of those that he entrusts us with. Do you wear your seatbelt when your drive? Do you or will you make your children wear their seatbelt when they ride. Do you lock your doors at night when you go to bed. Would you defend yourself and your family if you were attacked? If you answered yes to any of the above, would you say you lack faith, or you are just being responsible of what God has blessed you with.

Along the same lines, I trust God to provide for me, but it is still my responsibilty to work...and I feel as Christians, it is of utmost importance that we give 110% when we work. Did you ever hear the joke about the man that was sitting on his roof during the flood and he prayed to God to save him. Three times help came in the form of two boats and a helicopter, but each time the man said, "nope, God will deliver me". Sadly the flood waters rose, and the man didn't make it. As he walked up to the pearly gates, he asked God, "Why didn't you save me?" God said, "I tried three times, and you turned them all down". God answers prayers and provides for us through various means. I ask God for provision, he blesses me with a good job and it is up to me to work hard. I feel that God has blessed me with the opportunity to live in America, and it is up to myself and others, to make sure that we take care of what we have been entrusted with.

I'm glad to hear that you will vote...because those that don't get involved and vote don't have the right to complain or get frustrated when this country edges away from our founding principles and God.




Internet surffing and came across your site, it's so disturbing to see so much hate, so much arrogance, and so much intolerance in the name of Christ. You people make me ashamed to say I'm a Christian....it's amazing how you know everything and only your convictions are true Christianity. This is why we as a nation of Christians will always disagree, we can't agree that we have different interpretations of the bible and expectations of our leaders. Thank God for that! Big thank you to all you sanctomounius folk out there tring to force your interpretations down our throats. I do not believe as you do but my faith is as strong as yours and there are enough of us to counter balance your extremeism. Look into a mirror and you will see fanatical Islam staring back at you. May God forgive you and protect us from your kind.

No need to reply, I won't sully my soul or keyboard by coming back to this site.

I always find it hillarious how so many people use GOD as a crutch and to be forgiven for terrible wrongs and hide behind while passing judgement on others. I mean isn't this the job of GOD and not his followers! I mean think about how many Republican conservatives are caught in sexual mishaps,moral corruption,drug abuse and more and just use GOD to make everyone forget about it! Mrs. Palin wants to control what we read,control what we decide to do with our own bodies and try to set an example while mothering a teenage daughter who is preganant which goes against all of conservative christian values but because she is willing to play GOD herself and decide who can marry who, what we can do with our bodies,continue to promote war and death for what, the church goers will allow this VERY MAJOR conflicting issue to pass again. Just imagine if this would have been Hillary Clinton's daughter at a young age knocked up!!! The church goers and conservatives would have had a filed day.
We hold athletes,actors and people with fame to higher standards than most of you are willing to hole Sara Palin to all because she preaches church and is anti-abortion! Wake up people she is not GOD and therefore should not judge! Her husband has been caught drunk driving,she has a pregnant teenage daughter,she runs a state with very little to worry about other than pumping oil,she does not care about the enviroment and the world GOD created and I am sure wants us to repsect and protect!!
I just dont get it. At least Biden has knowledge of the world and its ways politically and Obama while not my first choice has a legal education and is involved in the politics of a state the is more diverse and representative of th types of issues and problems that a President will face!
I wonder how many so called Christians will not vote for him because of his skin color! I know way to many holly rollers who have no problem discrminating on this basis...do you think GOD would approve of that???
BY the way why sol ittle diversoty in the RNC's convention????
Who do they really represent

As an African American woman, neither DEM OR REP, I must say that I am happy that a woman has been chosen for a number of reasons. For those of you condone a woman in charge might I refer you to the Esther in the OT and other women in Scriptures whom God used to fulfill His purpose. God can use whomever He pleases. Our opinions really don't matter. In any case we are definitely not walking in the love that God commands us to do.
Secondly, there is a Black genocide occuring in this country that so few people know or don't care about. This is all due to the high percentage of abortions among Black women. We need to educate them the impact of this on our country and on themselves. Does anyone care about these lost lives.
The DEM and REP system does nothing but divide people. The angry tones and harsh words I hear and read are coming not only from non-believers but believers in Christ as well in regards to this election. WHY? We really need to stop and ask ourselves WHAT AM I DOING or SAYING? Perhpas we need to convert the harshness to being more compassionate. We need to recognize that no man or woman can do the job of GOD. It all start with the internal heart and not the external being.

I am a Christian woman and proud of it. But, Sarah Palin does not represent me as Christian at all! How could she get up there during her convention speech and belittle her opponent and show so much anger and sarcasm. Especially, in front of her children. She really needs prayer and we need to pray for her to not be so full of hate and anger. Someone needs to ask her would Jesus have handled the speech that way? Not my Jesus, he would have said what he had to say with strength and love not hate.


Your post is inconsistent and I would dare say illogical.

First you talk about how it is Gods job to judge, yet your entire post is full of judgement. You accuse Sarah Palin of trying to control us, then you judge her for her husband having a DUI (You do realize this was 22 years ago right?), you judge her for her daughters mistake. Alot of good christain parents have children make bad choices...again we all make bad choices...sin is sin...your sin is just as bad as anyones...even the non-believers (The difference is GRACE...that's it!). Finally, you accuse christians of not voting for Obama simply because he is Black. That is a huge assumption and judgement on your part!

I don't understand how you can state that Sarah Palin is trying to control us, yet you obviously promote abortion. Is there any greater control than you deciding that you have the right to kill an unborn baby. I always find it HILARIOUS that people that tolerate or promote abortion are usally "save the environment" people as well. How ironic is that. I'm all for taking care of the environment. I think it is our responsibility to take care of what God has blessed us with, including human life.

Furthermore, how can you not have a problem with Gay marriage. The bible is clear that homosexuality is wrong, yet you ignore that and then go further by advocating the marriage of homosexuals. Maybe you don't understand what marriage represents and how it refines us and reveals more about God's Nature.

I don't get it, your views seem to cross all over the place...

Regardless of how one feels about how important it is to stress abstinence in sex ed, it's remarkable that Palin utterly failed to communicate that to her own child. And yet it was one of her most important convictions regarding morality and policy. How will she be able to communicate anything at all to the American public?

Secondly, she is allowing that very same child to be used such calculating way by placing her in the international spotlight, knowing that all kinds of details and rumours will circulate about her. That's certainly not stellar parenting, and it shows no respect for her own child. The sad and conflicted look on the girl's face nearly broke my heart. I doubt she had much of a choice in this matter.

Thirdly, she appears very enthusiatic about sending her oldest son to war. People, the war in Iraq is definitely NOT God's task, and it is most definitely not a pro-life venture.

How can evangelicals YET AGAIN allow themselves to be used so shamelessly in an election? Have we not learned our lesson?

I am no more inclined to vote McCain/Palin than I was before the announcement. McCain is still who he is and like Dr James Dobson - I can not in good conscience vote for him. Sadly, Dr Dobson - whom I hold in high esteem - has chosen to throw in the towel with an action that says "we can't beat him so we'll join him." Obama and McCain are NOT the only candidates, though the leftward media will not tell you otherwise. Could Ambassador Alan Keyes win? Yes. Will he? Most likely not. But that does not mean we have to choose the lessor of two evils - which is still an evil. If we're going to talk about taking a stand and about voting our conscience, then it behooves us to make a decision we believe in regardless of the results. As a side note, I'm disturbed also by Mrs Palin's dispensational philosophy that has weakened the church overall and has taken it away from a gospel of repentence from sin unto salvation.

I can hardly believe true Christians can be involved in this egotistical figthing between two political parties. As if our Lord was for the Romans or for the Jews, or for anyone else fo that matter. Instead, we should be about our Father's business.

Neither one of these politicos represent our Lord nor true Christians. they represent themselves and for their own gain. Let us not be deceived, brothers and sisters. Follow our Lord Jesus Christ and do His will for the time is short. Remember, we're all going to give an account one day. Let us use everyday to reach out for the lost. Let Christ be in you and let Him do His Will in your life.

I too used to think that "my vote" would count for something. What a farce!

Let us unite as true Christians. Politics only divide our true devotion to our Father and Lord. Let us send instead a strong message: that we vote for Christ our Lord, and Him alone! End of story.

In His Love,


If you feel like your vote doesn't count for something and choose not to vote...then you DO NOT have the right to complain when abortion continues to remain legal and Christ is further removed from our society.

Christians like to complain about the way the world is and how our society has declined...which it has, BUT they fail to see that it has declined because Christians have become more and more passive and try to stay out of politics and society.

If you want to end division, why don't we as christians quite worrying about who's methodist, baptist, penticostle, assembly of God, etc... That does far more damage to our faith than democrats vs. republicans. If you want to end division, quite worrying about who smokes, has the occasional drink, cusses, etc... There are so many man made rules in our religion that cause far more division than liberal vs. conservative.

If you choose to stay out of politics, then be consistent and stay out. Don't get angry, frustrated, or sad when our country continues to drift away from God...or makes laws/decisions that devalue human life. I too believe we have to answer for our choices...and being passive and allowing evil to happen is a choice.

Apologies to Jim Cass. I noted when my comment was posted that the blogger's name appears under the posting, AFTER the line has been drawn. The person being addressed should have been "Aaron." Sorry.

As a parent of a special needs child, I have to agree with Aaron's post. I went to the university and graduated magna cum laude with a degree in Business/Accounting. I worked for over 25 years in acounting, but when my son was diagnosed, I quit my job and started a 16 year struggle trying to do the best for my kid. Medical and Educational systems do not respond to kids without parental involvement. I guess this was taught to me from a young age, but when we bring a child into the world, we are responsible for that child and need to make sure that child could live to his fullest potential. Working with my child is like having 5 jobs. There is no way that Sarah Palin will be able to take care of her kid and meet the demands of VP. If she is truly pro-family, she would focus on her kids, not on politics.

I would like to clear up a misconception here. The money provided by the welfare system is not a great sum of money that people receive to just sit and do nothing. I went on welfare once out of necessity and was appalled at what they actually receive. I barely made it in the year that I was on it. It was only by the Grace of God. There are people who actually go on it for what it was intended for "on a temporary basis." While there are people who take advantage of the system, there are plenty who are victims of generational curses. There are people who have been victims of abuse (physical, mental, sexual, emotional, drug, the list goes on and on). Some people can't get past their past and nothing is being done to help them! We need a REFORM and we do need CHANGE. But we need one that has the love of Christ. Palin/Obama. It doesn't matter who we vote for. Do you honestly believe that Our God is not involved in this election? Palin could be the next Esther or Obama could be the next Paul! I do have Faith in Our Lord and Savior and believe that the one to take over will be the one that HE elects!
"This is what the LORD Almighty says: 'Administer true justice; show mercy and compassion to one another. Do not oppress the widow or the fatherless, the alien or the poor. In your hearts do not think evil of each other. But they refused to pay attention; stubbornly they turned their backs and stopped up their ears." (Zechariah 7:9-11). Those who call themselves by HIS Name, should act accordingly! Pray and Praise Him for the next president. God is doing a NEW THING!