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August 28, 2008

Speaker: How the 'Obama Is a Muslim' E-mail Made Me an Obama Voter

An interesting testimony from Monica Early from Cuyahoga Falls, who says the circulating e-mail that says he's a secret Muslim led her eventually to support the candidate.

Early's my.BarackObama.com page says she supports Obama because "he speaks to my spiritual beliefs."


Why did Monica Early keep applauding herself?

Why I support Obama in this election:

At my local place of worship, before each election we were always tacitly encouraged to vote republican. However, recently I have become uneasy and began to question this call for the following reasons.

1. My pastor always defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over, even when it does not work. These were words you will certainly hear each time a message was preached on faith for years . However, he stopped for political correctness when it was obvious President Bush was determined to stay the "course" even when wisdom counselled otherwise.

2.As was in prior elections, evangelicals were encouraged to vote for GOP candidates in 2000 and 2004, but I never heard a call for a prayer of repentance when the GOP led congress was riddled with one slander after another. It was as if well, now that they have won the elections the "agenda" has been fulfilled.It did not matter if they lived as "lights of the world or not". They failed to realize that they were not just accountable to the electorate but to the word of God on which evangelicals had been lured to cast their votes.

3. The scripture is not all anti-abortion and anti-gay.It is also anti-hate, anti-racism,anti-hypocrisy,anti-false accusation (aka Obama is a Muslim),anti-poverty,anti-lies,anti-pretence (aka Iraq war)etc.The latter vices which seem to be rife in the GOP. I was shocked to learn that Cheney who gave a speech on morality in my small town just before the 2004 election had a daughter who was the President of "Lesbians for GOP"!

4.The scripture tells us that to whom more is given, more is expected. And I wonder why the GOP supports lesser tax for the wealthy with all the millions they make in profit.We are told that with their profit they will create more jobs.Yes they are creating more jobs but where? Abroad.How patriotic!

5. When I listen to the criticisms coming from fellow republicans there is so much vexation and venom in their choice of words and I wonder, why? The scripture reminds us that "out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks". Why so much venom in their hearts? Are we no longer to correct "in love"?. Are we only Christians at election times?

5.The greatest commandments in the scriptures are all directly related to the Love of God. (1) To love God with all our heart,mind and soul. (2) To love our neighbour as ourselves.Why, because our neighbour is created in the likeness of God, so by loving the image of God, we are loving God. The scripture reminds us that we can not say we love God when we do not love man whom we see. Yet, some of us do not like Obama because of his african-american heritage, even though he spent only, yes, only one month of his childhood with his Kenyan father and it was here in the US, not in Kenya. We conveniently forget that his mother was white and that he spent practically all his childhood and adolescence years with the white half of his family.We refuse to see the white half of him and we pretend that he has a different value system.Fortunately, for Obama, his half-sister,white grandmother and uncle are all living witnesses to his childhood. Otherwise, we certainly would have been inundated with lies from his political opponents.

7.I salute Senator McCain and his choice of VP for willing to serve this nation.But by choosing a female VP, is he not guilty of the same thing Senator Obama was falsely accused of? Sexism,Pandering and Appeasement.

Finally, I sense there will be fiery responses to these comments. Fair, but also critically examine your motives when you do and ask your self this question, what is life like on the other side of the aisle?

Beautifully written the best post I've seen!!!!!!!
God is not pleased at the sinful slander/gossip email campaign (against the honorable US Senator from Illinois) launched/spread and supported by the religious right in a man-made-effort to control a political election. Instead of a true trust in God position. Instead of a pray for our leaders mindset, instead there is man-made manipulation throughout due to fear/uncertainty.

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