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August 20, 2008

The international media's take on Saddleback

Media outlets are still parsing Rick Warren's forum with the presidential candidates on Saturday. Tom Heneghan at Reuters' religion blog took a look at some of the international headlines.

"It's striking how many chose the term 'confession' to describe the event," he writes. Here's a sample:

U.S. religious forum would not have happened here - The separation of church and state is more notional than real in the U.S. (Montreal Gazette, Canada)

Obama&McCain:Confession in front of puritans (Journal du Dimanche, France)

McCain and Obama confess their sins (Elsevier, Netherlands)

Campaign launched for religious voters ? Obama and McCain "confessed" to the pastor of the nation (DieStandard.at, Austria)

Obama and McCain reveal their dark sides on stage (La Stampa, Italy)

Confession road to the White House (El Peri?dico de Catalunya, Spain)


These comments are consistent with the spiritual darkness in Europe. They demonstrate a real absence of religion in the lives of Europeans. Recent polls have shown that most of Europe doesn't even believe in God. I am sure that the press spews an anti-Christian message in more ways than the headlines above. That is why Europe is a mission field and why American believers must continue to pray for Europe.

Thank you! I'm glad you give us a "take" on ourselves from the rest of the world, something we "navel-gazing", self-absorbed Americans really need. And then, most importantly here, I appreciate the call to pray for our 'civilized' yet spiritually dark counterparts.

How about a take from a believer from the dark side of the 49th parallel. I read some of the feedback on the evening at Saddleback and also watched the program too. The writer from the Montreal Gazette was correct in saying that we would never see this kind of thing in Canada. I commend Rick W for what he attempted to do and it was refreshing. And it is never harmful to see how others see you, CT is not giving credence to these opinions, and besides, you are living by the Word of God ultimately not the Constitution of a country. Blessings on you in your election this fall

In God's economy polls and opinions don't count! It is Truth that will set us free. The "What do you think?" perhaps should be replaced by "What does God say?" I acknowledge that dialog is fruitful in certain contexts, but it is perspective that is so sadly lacking. Even satan chimed in at the Garden scene with, "Hath God said…?" When we listen too long to the tellers of tales we are likely to surrender to their siren sounds without knowing it. We need "truth in the inward parts" more than more information about the opinions of others.

Good for Marilyn! We have been given the gift of Christ! Therefore we are more responsible for how we care for the least of these. Europe may have limits on health care. Limits ARE always with us. But, it seems to me they are caring for the "least of these" far better than we are. As I see it, limits, waiting and quotas are better than NOTHING.

I think the map in the posting below from 2004 sums up the _Montreal Gazette's_ position:


I'm a Canadian living in the USA for 11 years now. Having been "inside" both styles of healthcare, let me assure BOTH SIDES, that there's much to complain about with each: privitized and universal. Having had a father-in-law in Canada die in his 60s because of long waits for the heart care he required, as well as other relatives' suffering (e.g. brother, waited, in pain for 9 mos. for shoulder surgery), etc. "universal" really means "universally BAD healthcare".
On the other side, however, my best friends stateside are in the midst of working 3 jobs in order to pay for building a cabin on their property to house both sets of aging parents (small business owners who couldn't afford insurance) who lost their livelihoods and homes due to medical expenses!!!

I certainly do not know which system is the lesser of two evils. But I do wish that, in our "progressive" economies and "civilized" cultures, we could come up with something that would WORK...the best of both??...if it were possible?!

Please, Lord Jesus.