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August 26, 2008

Thousands march around Denver Planned Parenthood

More than 2,000 people marched around a new Planned Parenthood Clinic in Denver tonight instead of following the Democratic National Convention.

Alveda King, a niece of the late Martin Luther King Jr., and Archbishop of Denver Charles Chaput spoke to the crowd before they lit candles and circled the gated clinic.

Alveda King's mother conceived her daughter when she was a freshman in college. She had wanted to get an abortion, but Martin Luther King Sr. told her mother she could not abort her baby.


"This little baby human girl was allowed to live," she said to the cheering crowd.

King later aborted two of her children.

"People say, ?Aren't you embarrassed and ashamed to stand up and say you had abortions?" King said. "I'd be more embarrassed if I didn't tell you, because it is wrong, and without the grace and mercy of Jesus Christ, I would not have been forgiven. Jesus Christ said, ?Go and sin no more.'"

She then praised Bishop Charles Blake's pro-life message at the interfaith gathering yesterday.

"He delivered some very startling and surprising words. They expected the rhetoric that always proceeds. But he began to tell the audience, ?I am a pro-life Democrat.' We want to commend those men and women and say that life is a civil right, life is precious, and that it transcends politics."

King wrote a guest column last week for the Denver Post, calling abortion an "industry of racism. She does not plan to vote for Sen. Barack Obama unless he changes his stance on abortion.

"People in every party should say, ?We're for life,'" she told Christianity Today. "They should not be held captive by politics in the battle and the struggle."


Women who have abortions are co-conspirtors in murder. The doctors who perfrom the abortions are murderers. Put the murderers and their co-conspirators in jail or execute them. There is no statute of limitations on murder. Did your mother, sister, daughter or girlfriend have an abortion? How about the pastor's wife? How about your female co-workers or supervisors? If so, then, arrest them, punish them. Is the church in America ready to do this?

Unless we are, then the strident voices of the pro-life movement need to re-evaluate their position. How much power do we want to give the government?

Steve is a troll, but in the interest of furthering the discussion, I'm glad to see a movement like this happening. More and more it seems that being "pro-choice" is an uncomfortable position as it is obvious (given modern technology) that life begins very early on in the womb. Kudos to CT for reporting this event.

I am thrilled to see Democrats speaking their minds and pulling their party back from the edge of the cliff. Many, Democrats and Republicans alike, recognize that the first right any woman can have, is the Right to Life, for without life, there can be no right to choose.

Monday night, at a prayer march around Denver's Planned Parenthood facility, the largest abortion facility in the nation, Dr. Alveda King informed us that Bishop Charles Blake had addressed the Democratic Convention earlier in the day, by saying,

"I am a Pro Life Democrat and it is time to stop abortion in America."

God bless him, and all who stand for the rights of the innocent.

I've blogged on the prayer march, and posted my 44 minute video of the speakers there. My post can be found at


I hope you'll take the time to listen to the speakers, and, if you're so inclined, to leave a comment for me there.

John Gaudio