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August 25, 2008

Words of wisdom from Cal Thomas

Syndicated columnist Cal Thomas offered a few words of wisdom about the Democratic National Convention, but don't expect anything too political. His column runs in 550 newspapers and he is heard on over 300 radio stations.

"It’s whole matters little in eternity. It’s all a diversion from things that matter most. You look around and you see all the promises of politicians pledged to make our lives better, but no politician can make our lives better. That’s up to each individual. Plus, of course, the one glaring omission from all of this in Denver and in St. Paul is an accurate diagnosis of the human condition, which is, that we are sinners and do not need to be reformed as much as we need to be redeemed, which is something no politician has the power to do."

"That sounds rather blanket, but my first convention was when I was a copy boy for NBC in 1964. I’ve been to many of them since them, and I’ve not noticed that any politician has made any significant difference when it comes to poverty, race, war and peace issues, AIDS, education and the long list that Republicans and Democrats continue to address. That’s because they address it from the outside instead of from the inside where the problems lie.

"I notice the Democrats think they’re making inroads among the religious. The Democrats are trying to do some of the same thing at the Republican Party, that is to cynically manipulate Christians into believe that there’s more power in this world than there is in the kingdom not of this world."

(On the interfaith gathering)
"What do Christians have in common with Islam and with any of those other so called faiths that were there? Jesus said, 'I’m the way the truth and the life, no one comes to the Father but by me.' Why waste time on other things?"

(On the Democratic Party’s religious outreach)
"This is an attempt by man to bring God down to his level. The only time that God has stooped to our level is Jesus Christ so that we might be brought up to his level."


Thank you Cal Thomas for telling the truth. This vieled attempt at religio-political correctness makes a mockery of what Christ taught. (Attention Democrats: go back to your hotel rooms, find that Gideon bible in the drawer and read John 14:6). That interfaith dog and pony show reminds me of what I've read of the Reich Church of Hitler's Germany in the 1930's and 40's, where the state cherry picked pre-determined quasi biblical truths, alligning them with the established dictates of the Reich, totally ignoring the rest of God's word.
God help us all...here come the Democrats. If they were really honest with the American people, they'd own up to the fact that they are the party of secular humanism, agnosticism and atheism. Nobody's being fooled here.

Has Cal Thomas said these kind of things during past Republican Conventions? Will he treat us to similar dismissive sentiments next week from St Paul?

I doubt it. Among his many impressive talents, Cal Thomas is a skilled political partisan with a knack for wrapping his conservative dogma in Christian trappings.

Christianity Today needs to guard against being just another cog of the right wing echo chamber.

I tend to agree with what Cal says. Let's just make sure that we don't suddenly start thinking that politicians will save us when the GOP convention rolls around.

Good coverage from Cal Thomas. I think he will say the same in St. Paul.

I did not realize that "Christian Right" knew that they have been lied to by the politicians. Every election the promises are made about abortion, gay rights, prayer, etc. nothing is never done, however. The Republicans have been in charge of all 3 branches of government during part of GW Bush's terms. nothing. The great late Ronald Regan administration did nothing. Now they are attaching there wagon to McCain who said we must destroy evil. I always thought that only God could do that. When will the Christians realize that no party is God's party. Stop believing the lies. You shall know them by their fruits.

Amen to Sarah! As a devout Latin Catholic, Cal Thomas nails it's!!!
When are people ever going to wake up?

Oh brother... these generic snippets are what passes for "wisdom"? So, we know politicians can't save our souls, and human beings are sinful. Big news. (Although, maybe to politicians it is big news, who knows!?) But what really bothers me is Thomas' apparent belief that, since Christianity is different from other religions, we shouldn't even bother spending time getting to know those who are different than we are. Yeah, that sounds a lot like the "kingdom not of this world." (sarcasm - rolls eyes) God, help us, indeed.

Cal, You are so right...thank you for the stand you take (as always) Your wisdom is wide-spread and far reaching. I pray that God will help all of us to listen to your advice. '...out of the abundance of the heart ...' D.H. Mapson Fresno,CA

Perfect comment - Cal. The heart of the matter is "the heart of the matter"! Keep up the good work!

First, I am not a secular humanist, an agnostic, or an atheist. I am a committed Christian and I am pro-life. And I am a Democrat. And based on what I see now, I will never register as Republican. Your characterization of the Democratic party is unfair. Those of us who are Christians and Democrats believe that concern for life is important not only for the unborn, but that the policies and goals of an elected government are important and matter for those already alive. Any thinking Christian knows that party platforms, government policies and elected officials are not the source of redemption. Any thinking person knows no candidate or government can fulfill all the promises that are made. But in this country we have a voice as to how we are governed and how we are represented in this country and in the world. We can choose our leaders. The policies of those who govern do matter. We have both the privilege and the obligation of civic responsibility. To imply that political involvement and the political process are illegitimate because they do not address in the public square, in this particular venue, foundational Christian doctrine belies an ignorance of the purposes of both religion and government, and the U.S. Constitution as well.

TO Elizabeth, the Democratic party is hostile to those who take their faith seriously. Their party right now is controlled by left wing extremist who despise the Christian faith and its moral teaching. If Obama is elected there will be an all out war against those who believe in the traditions of this country that are from a Christian faith. He will codify into law further violattions of the natural moral to appease his base. However I am almost certain that the Democrats will be crushed in the election come November.

Good words from Cal Thomas. No matter the party, we can never look to politicians to solve the moral problems of our country. We must each do our small part by praying for our country, and living out the teachings of Jesus in our own little part of the world. Government will never solve the abortion problem as conservatives desire. Only God can change hearts on this issue. Government should not be the vehicle for meeting every need of the least among us as the liberals desire. The body of Christ must take care of these needs. Rather than taking strident political positions we should be queitly praying that God's will be done in our country and that He makes us aware of our part in carrying out His will.

The best politician is one that realizes just how little he/she can really do. Obama is no savior. He's just another politician. McCain doesn't claim to be a savior, but there is little one man can do. The bottom line is that if people want a better life they better get busy themselves because their life is their responsibility.

For Don Railey: your own words betray you "Those of us who are Christians and Democrats believe that concern for life is important not only for the unborn but that policies and goals of an elected government are important and matter for those already alive." For your information Mr. Railey, the unborn baby in the womb of her mother IS already alive; and has been from the very moment of her conception.

Some day the "Kill 'em if you choose" democrats will come to the realization that the base of the Social Security and Medicare pyramid (a ponzi scheme) is short 50 million, and counting, contributors because of the right to choose. On that day, for the most crass of reasons, they just might become pro life.

Back in the seventies the pig trough of American politicos of both parties feasted joyously together, and now the trough where pigs gather is larger, raunchier, and darker. Change-what change?