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August 24, 2008

Yes, there are people of faith who are Democrats

DNC's CEO Leah Daughtry gave the first speech at the interfaith gathering. Here is part of the speech where she emphasizes how there are people of faith in the Democratic Party.

"Over the past few years, many have had much to say about our efforts to ‘bring faith’ to the Democratic Party. With all due respect to the commentators and my friends in the media, we didn’t need to bring faith to the Democratic Party, faith was already here. (clapping). Those of us know that Democrats, are, have been, and continue to be people of faith.

"We believe we are created equal and each one of us deserves the opportunity to live full and prosperous lives. Our responsibility to our neighbor is at least as important as our responsibility to God. These values of fairness, opportunity, inclusion, and respect are central to my faith. While our party may not be perfect, it is perfect for me. We stand at crossroads today. Our jobs are disappearing. We are working harder and earning less.

"Today is a celebration of our faith and our values. The best tradition of the Democratic Party. Today we respect our differences while striving to find our commonalities. It remains true that there’s more that unites us than divides us."


It seems as though both Democrats and Republicans have simply replaced the word optimism with "faith." It gives their rhetoric a religious flavor while allowing them to lump all religions together by the "good feelings" they can bring.

Faith goes farther than being good to our neighbors (which we ought to do.) It means believing in a God who sent his Son to die for our sins and obeying the principles set forth in his book,the Bible.. The Democratic Party will convince me of their "faith" when they do all they can to stop killing unborn babies and promote marriage as being for one man and one woman. These are two of the many things which will show me their faith.

As an Evangelical Democrat I find your remarks hurtful. Our God is so much bigger than we can begin to imagine. When we attack the faith of others are we acting in His love?

I think we ought to stop looking for "faith" in politics and stop linking our relationship with God thru Christ with political institutions. We learned how Karl Rove and Co. manipulated the deep and devout commitment to God of many Christians simply for political gain. We have CA legalizing gay marriage and no action taken on abortion. The first that Bush did in his second term was social security. The Democrats understand this and they are capitalizing on it. Another manipulation. Let's pray to be guided as individuals as we vote and stop looking for the unclean to act like the clean.

I'm very disappointed with both parties. It seems like they(the politicians) drag us(people of faith) out every four years or whenever there is an election to help them win. Then they don't do the work we require of them and solve our nation's problems. In fact, they make them worse because the politicians go back to their special interest groups which are often the antithesis of what we desire as people of faith. But then again maybe the problem is the church - we as a people don't even agree on the hot button issues such as abortion and homosexual marriage. God help us!

"T" touched on something. If we, people who belive in Jesus as Lord and Savior, get out there and help unwed mothers, the homeless, the widows, the orphans, ie. then the Government and politics will follow. That is because the Government doesn't know how to lead they only know how to follow the popular belief. Not that Christians shouldn't vote or have a voice but our voice will become louder by our actions.

I have been a born again Christian since I was 9 yrs old and I have been a Democrat since I could first vote 44 years ago. I find nothing wrong with my faith or my politics. I know when I get to heaven there will not be just Republicans there. I do not see what one thing has to do with the other. In fact if anything Democrats are more for helping the comman man than the Republicans ever have been!!!

Some of you speak as if God is a Democrate or Republican. Get serious for a change.

I don't doubt that there are democrats who are Christians---I know some!
But it is a case of supreme deception for any Christian to find ways to justify the murder of helpless, unborn, God created children.
One simple answer to abortion: adoption.
I have two close family members who had to go out of the country to adopt. We Americans prefer abortion.
It is unfathomable to me that there are Christian leaders out there today who have figured out ways to justify something like abortion which has to be the most atrocious abomination to the heart of God than anything else I can think of in modern times. The Democrats will never get my vote or contribution until they step up and use their power and control to stop abortions.
The condoning of abortion by Christians leaves me utterly speechless.
So this is how the Church now beckons the little ones.

What about the Iraqi innocents? The men, women and children our leaders dimiss as collateral damage. Why is it okay to kill them? Are those who thought, and think, the war is justified guilty of their murders?

Mark, don't confuse the issue of abortion, which is murder of innocent life, with the atrocities of war, including the death of innocent people, who unfortunately, are caught in the battle of good and evil because of man's sin against God, which I remind you is a battle we are all in. Nobody, on either side of the Iraq war debate, dismiss the people killed as "collateral damage". To bring up the Iraqi war and equate it to the debate of abortion is intellectually dishonest.

Why is war and abortion different. Both are innocents, both died. I think it is the separation of the two that is intellectually dishonest. Of course those that die are "dismissed as collateral damage." That is why the Defense Department has insisted that they not be officially counted. If they were serious about minimizing collateral damage then they would be officially counted and each mission would be evaluated in part on how well they did an missing innocents. Those that have advocated for that method of evaluation have been removed from their positions. Of course innocents will die in war, it is war. But the deaths in Afghanistan this past week show why we need to officially count and investigate. We killed over 60 men, women and children that worked with us against the Taliban because of a tribal dispute and intentional mis-information. The US military was used as a pawn. The way to end problems like that is to make sure that we look into every civilian death to insure that it doesn't happen again. Taking seriously civilian deaths means we are being serious about the sanctity of life, not minimizing it.

Ms. Daughtry makes one very troubling statement, that tends to illustrate a major problem with our society. She says that "Our responsibility to our neighbor is at least as important to our responsibility to God." According to Scripture, that is incorrect. As Jesus acknowledged, the 2 greatest commandments were to 1) Honor God with all of your heart, soul and mind, then 2) honor your neighbor as yourself (not AS God, or before God). When God is placed 1st in our lives, desire to do the right things should follow. That means following the teachings of Scripture, including aspects that you may not socially agree with (homosexuality, abortion, etc.). The basis of salvation is acceptance of Christ, and living after Him, not merely "living a good life," as many seem to believe. As it has been proven throughout history, when man opposes God, God always wins.