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September 2, 2008

Actor: Bristol Palin 'going through a lot of hell'

Actor Jon Voight's eyes started watering when he spoke to reporters this morning about Sarah Palin's daughter Bristol Palin's pregnancy.


"We're all human beings, we've all made mistakes in our life, unless we're really some kind of saints that have never participated in human decisions. This kid's going through a lot of stuff right now. I say, let's put our attention on this kid with love and not make this trauma worse than it is. Can you imagine her in a room trying to make a decision as to whether to tell her mom and dad about this situation? I mean that's what I think. I think she's going through a lot of hell, and we can make it worse or take care of her."

Voight said he thinks Palin was a "magnificent choice."

"I think that since her nomination, she's taken over the spotlight in such a remarkable way because it came out of no where. Seeing her was very moving to me because she had such confidence, her reputation was so extraordinary, she has an 80 percent rating in Alaska as governor. In two years, she's done enormous things, she's been an activist against corruption. She's such a graceful person. The pride with which she introduced her family with love, I think she's fantastic. I can't wait to meet her."


John Voight is beginning to resemble the character he played in the 1980's film, "Desert Bloom". He just seems very disturbed these days. Poor man.

she was a "magnificent choice.". Alaska is the largest state in our nation, thats just like running the US. Alaska is also the closest state to Russia. So she has allot of foreign policy experience.

Look past the fact she has allot of skelotons in her closet that are now coming out, she would be one hell of a President. I think Bill Clinton is jelous he did not find her first.

Sarah shoots bears, catches fish and eats moose. Her bike is a Harley. She has run a commercial fishing company, a town and now she runs a state. I'll take her over a Harvard elite any day.

Yes, John, calling for love and support for a teenage girl is a sure sign of being disturbed. Call the little men in the white coats, stat!

Obama says families are off limits, yet it continues. If he can't effectively defend a 17yr old girl from his own party, how can he defend the nation from rogue regimes and terrorists?

Even sniveling, ectomorphic Harvard men need love, too.

I am so sorry for the daughter but this shows us all that the party of PEACE and LOVE is anything but. Joe Biden has a son and a brother under indictment, Barack-no-executive-experience-Obama has intimate ties to white hating preachers, to unrepentant terrorists, and to criminal business people, and the MSM cannot find even a tenth of the investigative power that they put into Bristol Palin. Like Sean Hannity has claimed, this is the year any pretense of an objective media died. They are all just wings of the Democrat party and their only objective is to get their guy elected so they can alleviate their white guilt. Pathetic, shameful, disgusting.

I believe that if the American voter could and has been able to handle Dick Cheney's lesbian daughter and her "partner" and their child, then the Palin family issues pale (no pun here) in comparison.
I don't know an American family that has not been touched by an out of wedlock pregnancy. The Palin child is different in that she has not aborted.
God bless them.

This is a total unforseen disaster for the Republicans......Obama wins hands down!

How a person handles their family's affairs is a good indication of how they will handle their professional careers. Republicans pretend (when convenient) to care about high moral standards and values when they are exposing someone else not possessing any. However, now that Miss Vice President beauty padgent princess' values come under scruntiny they say it doesn't matter and its not anyone's elses business. Well it matters to me if young Christian women of American are spoon fed the notion that pregnacy before marriage is acceptable. This a a horrible role model for the Whitehouse. Another honorable mention is Palin's daughter is almost 6 months pregant and why didn't the boy marry her daughter before now???? I would love to hear what he and his family has to say about this unwanted pregnancy. What happened to abstaining, and at the basic level; birth control? What happen to the TALK Palin? Or was she too busy running for office and running her brother-in-law out-of-town. What kind of woman would be willing to drag her family through the political arena come hell or high water? That's a lot selfish to me. I'm not advocating a stay at home attitude for career minded woman but a woman has a choice in these matters. That's part of what pro choice is all about. If a woman decides to have a mini-sports team then she ought to opt out of the political arena because citizens derserve their representative's availabilty. And if she is too available to her constituents then guess what -- her family life is going-to-hell-in-a-breadbasket. Women can have it all but having it all should not come at the expense of other fragile lives dangling in the wings wanting and needing the majority of her time, love and support more than her constituents. A persons priorities are a measure of their integrity. I am told that she is still breast feeding Trig -- I bet that goes over well in the war room. Is this choice logical or ethical? I say no! When Palin was nominated I watched her parading her youngest daughter all around Dayton Stadium because she is so cute, while her other children looked like orphans and she pretended to barely know her husband when he stepped up to congratulate her. He had to take his cues from Cindy. Then she saddles her pregnant daughter with the responsiblity of caretaker for her little infant whom requires special care. The daughter may have felt that pregnancy answered her mother's demand on her to become a nanny. This woman has all kinds of issues and too much baggage for McCain...... I wondering if he is senile??????? Republicans need to have him tested immediately. I guess if he could decide to stay in a POW camp another 3 years after they flug the doors open and told him to leave and he made the intelligent decision to stay because there were other prisoners that were there before him I shouldn't be confused at this decision. If he could shoot hisself in the foot then why not step-up his maveric game and aim the 6 shooter at his temple? Truthfully, his story does not wash with me. However, if he did do that, it makes him a terrible decision maker back then, and from all accounts; he didn't even sugguest to the POW guards to allow any prisoner who was there longer than he leave in his place, from all accounts they all just stay 3 years longer together. I would love to hear the otherside of this story from his fellow prisoners. You know what I believe... After he flicked his cigarette into the fuel tank while they were gasing up his plane and his plane blew up causing serveral other planes to blow up and cause the death of 65 people they shipped his butt to Viet Nam. Where because of his wonderful decision making capacity he was immediatly shot down and he was too ashamed to walk out of the POW camp because he had denounced his country to face the music at home so he DECIDED to stay another 3 years where he transformed himself some kind of war hero. Truthfully speaking McCain's choice for vice president has nothing on his buddy Bush's Shock and Awe technique. I call the Palin choice Shock and Awe-Hell-Naw!!!!!

This judging thing that is going on-----
It doesn't matter a twit what would be going on if the shoe were or were not on the other's foot. This judging--especially of a child---is shameful. If I have only learned one thing as a Christian for 36 years now, it is that God detests judging. I don't walk in that revelation but I try my best not to judge---which is hard when everyone's faults and sins are shamelessly put up for all the world to see and to examine and, yes, judge.
This is awful what is going on here, on a Christian blog.
Stop it! We're making ourselves look terrible.

Brave keyboard cowboys for Obama all over the net these days. Do you guys make a living, well, outside of maybe a Rezko funded salary?

Yeah Jon is very disturbed.

When anyone takes a coherent position (unlike most Hollywood nut jobs), is conservative and can back it up with facts, that person is slammed as being stupid, crazy etc. as you have done here.

Please tell me 3 things Obama has done. And don't give me the crap that he is a good speaker, has charisma etc Name them. Tell me about change. Change to what? Is change bringing on a senator who was first elected when Nixon was President? Way to go Barry!

To the previous commentator. I wonder if you are a woman or not. If you are not, I understand, if not I don't. Women have tough choices to make in this world. And it is high time a woman makes it to the level of Vice President. I know Palin has made tough choices to get to where she is. You are right that something must give for a woman to get to that level, perhaps her family has somewhat. But they would also suffer if she did not reach her potential and stand up for corruption. As for her daughter, that could happen to any parent. It is poor timing for Palin. As far as her "issues", every woman has them and how she chooses to deal with them is her business. I want to know how she will help run the country, thats how I will choose to vote. People need to give women more credit and less grief for the choices they have to make. I hope she wins in a sense so that the girls of this nation can see that someone besides a man has a shot at breaking the glass ceiling, they need to know they can in reality be whatever they dream. Go Palin, I hope you help the girls of this nation see that their dreams can come true inspite of great adversity.

A child in the womb has as much relevant experience as Namby-Pamby Obambi and should be protected.

"Obama says families are off limits, yet it continues. If he can't effectively defend a 17yr old girl from his own party, how can he defend the nation from rogue regimes and terrorists?"

Sometimes on these blogs you catch a poster who captures in a fraction of the words you yourself can muster, the core idea of a topic. Nicely said Scott!

Hey misogynist Mike, you hate your mother and boyfriend too just 'fer the heck of it? Take your redneck hating somewhere else, like another country. I GUARANTEE she'll be the first US VP, like it or not...

I think that Mrs. Palin will be a grandmother in 4 months is the least of her and Mr. McCain's worries - there are so many other issues here that she likely will become McCain's Eagleton.

What a compassionate,supportive thing for Voight to say. Touching.

AC: Some Republican critics say, you don’t have the experience to handle a situation like this [Hurricane Gustav]. They’ve in fact said that Governor Palin has more executive experience as mayor of a small town and as governor of a big state like Alaska. What’s your response?
BO: Well, you know, my understanding is that, uh, Governor Palin’s town of Wasilly [sic] has, uh, 50 employees, uh, uh, we’ve got 2500, uh, in this campaign. I think their budget is maybe $12 million a year. Uh, uh, we have a budget of about three times that just for the month. Uh, so I think that, uh, our ability to manage large systems, uh, and to, uh, execute, uh, I think has been made clear over the last couple of years. Uh, and certainly, in terms of, uh, the legislation that I’ve passed just dealing with this issue post-Katrina, uh, of how we handle emergency management. The fact that, uh, many of my recommendations were adopted and are being put in place, uh, as we speak indicates to extent to which we can provide the kinds of support and good service that the American people expect.

Sarah Palin is the Clarence Thomas smear of 2008. Democrats and their willing accomplices in the Drive-By Media seek to destroy this woman through her pregnant daughter. It's the Wellstone Memorial times ten.

"Every parent with a child has hoped that this never happens to their daughter. They don't appreciate political hacks trying to make hay out of it. It is a tradition that Americans understand that families are not part of political campaigns. The smart Democrats -- and I think there probably are a couple -- don't want to debate Bristol Palin's pregnancy. The problem is, the wackos run their party now."

Pretty obvious who the candidate of "change" will be. While McCain walks the walk, Obama "talks the talk" by choosing "more of the same" in choosing Biden.Can you imagine our future female VP,will have more experience,based on achievements and judgment than the Dems Presidential nominee...
"What a country"....

It always bothers me when people refer to an unintended pregnancy as "A Mistake". Maybe it's just a pet-peeve of mine, but a baby IMO is never a "Mistake". An Accident, yes maybe, but a baby intended or otherwise is not a Mistake.

As a long-time Republican I am increasingly discouraged by the state of the Republican party, ever since Newt Gingrich was Speaker of the House. It is amazing that someone as incoherent and seemingly mentally befuddled as John McCain can become a Presidential candidate. His choice of Sarah Palin as VP only further indicates that his campaign has no logical direction. I am insulted that they think Republicans are stupid enough to accept his choice.

We've had one idiot in the White House for eight years. Must we endure another one for four more?

However, now that Miss Vice President beauty padgent princess' values come under scruntiny they say it doesn't matter and its not anyone's elses business.

This is silly. Surely, this poster understands the distinction between "values" and "circumstances." Values are the principles that guide us in (hopefully) becoming the people that we want to be. Circumstances are simply facts that we are dealt. And it is our values that dictate how we cope with circumstances.

The pregnancy of Gov. Palin's daughter is a circumstance; it is a fact that undoubtedly arose in spite of Gov. Palin's values. But in dealing with that circumstance, it seems to me that Gov. Palin is expressing her values in an apt way; i.e., encouraging her daughter to marry the father, and to see the pregnancy through.

What's done is done. How you handle it tells us who you are.

Nice try Wiley. You're no more a Republican than Obama is. Exactly what kind of Republican candidate were you looking for? Who was your pick? Dollars to doughnuts it was the very junior senator from the state of Illinois.

Don't debate obvious trolls about morality and values. Those guys have none. That makes it quite convienient and easy to attack everyone else.

Any true Cristian would understand the circumstances in this case. Only those with superficial understanding of the religion try to use the "values" card in cases such as this. The only people that will agree with them are already on their side.

The fact that Palin accepted McCain's offer to be his VP speaks more about her character (or lack thereof) than any pregnant kid of hers ever could. Keep in mind that McCain gladly accepted Bush's endorsement -- the same Mr. Bush who is regarded as a war criminal by this poster and much of the civilized world. Apparently you can be "pro-life" and pro-war and still sleep at night. Unbelievable. Are these really the best leaders America has to offer?

Please keep attacking Palin and her family, Dems.

You have so enraged evangelicals and women that they're donating millions to McCain and the RNC, and they're volunteering in numbers not seen since the heady days of Ronald Reagan.

What you don't understand--because you can't be bothered to learn--is that conservatives already knew Sarah Palin. She was an iconic folk hero to conservatives, the person they could only dream of having on the ticket.

The unprecedented, demonic attacks on her, her baby, and her daughter have angered women to the point that millions are putting aside their politics and will vote for McCain as an act of revenge against the misogyny.

Susan Estrich says at least one third of Hillary supporters are in play.

So keep it up. Each attack brings McCain another 10,000 votes from women.

Sarah Palin is more manly than Barack Obama.

Al said, "This a a horrible role model for the Whitehouse."

First I would suggest you review your posts prior to posting, many grammatical errors and typos.

As for your above comment regarding "horrible role models" you obviously have not heard or thought of the phrase "those in glass houses should not throw stones" because if you had you would of never made such a comment considering what your precious Slick Willy did in the Oval office with an intern not to mention that AQ was able to successfully plot 9-11 because Slick was too busy playing “hide the cigar” and covering up his indiscretions!

What Slick Willy did (and lied about later) was much worse an offense than the fact Palin's daughter is pregnant out of wedlock...horrible role model indeed...did you manage to keep a straight face when typing that!?!?!?!

No one’s perfect but this whole leftist attack on Palin's daughter being pregnant (or worse yet that Trig is really not Palin's kid but her daughters) is not only asinine it is none of our business, yet the left is making it THIER business which is ironic considering the left is always up in arms about the government infringing on their rights and civil liberties!

Bottom line is none of this reflects nor does it equate to Sarah's ability to be the VP, Sarah has more experience, ability to lead, and morals in her little pinky than the -O-Empty-Suit has in his entire body and that's the fact jack!

Mark Douglas, so you've been a life long Republican? You are nothing of the sort. RINO!

Seems to me that Jon Voight is trying to do a lot of good with his life. And he obviously has a sensitive heart and good values perspective. Good for you Jon. Be well.

Wow, this is Christianity Today? What's with the venom, people? Doesn't the Bible say the world is supposed to know we're Christians by our love?

I'd like to think that if my daughter, God forbid, were to be in a similar situation, that our family would handle it the same way as the Palins have.

I was enamoured with Obama. But now I have awoken from my slumber. He is dangerous to America, and regardless of how I may feel about McCain, I have no choice but to vote for him. Sarah Palin convinces me even more of the inevitablity of my change to McCain/Palin vote.

To mbabitt --

Please check your facts about Biden's son and brother. Biden's son and brother are NOT "under indictment." An "indictment" refers to criminal charges brought by state or federal prosecutors. Biden's son and brother have been sued in the CIVIL courts by their business partner for allegedly defrauding him. They claim that, instead, it was the business partner who defrauded them. Just because allegations have been made does not mean they are true. Here's the link to the Washington Post article. http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2008/08/23/AR2008082302200.html Sen. Biden is NOT named as a defendant.

Gov. Palin, on the other hand, is HERSELF the target of an investigation by both the Alaska Legislature and the Alaska Attorney General. Of course, just because there is an investigation does not mean the allegations against her are true either. But, there's a big difference between a candidate HIM/HERSELF being named in a lawsuit, indictment, or an investigation, and the candidate's FAMILY being so named.

As to Gov. Palin, I applaud her support for her child who's having a child. But, she wants to impose that decision on other girls and women who don't have an extended family with the means and energy to help raise a child or the willing participation of the child's father. Abortions are going to happen regardless of whether it's legal or not. I believe the best anti-abortion approach is that of the Democrats -- programs and education to help girls and women avoid unintended pregancies or to have enough financial or other support to have a more than hypothetical option to continue the pregnancy and either raise the child or allow it to be adopted.

And, please, all the nastiness about each other's political positions -- what a great witness!

Let's focus not on Bristol, but on Sarah. Sarah Palin made the decision to accept the offer to run with McCain. Did she, or McCain, have any qualms about putting this girl on center stage in what must be an overwhelming, if not embarrasing, situation?

I heard stated, that Sarah accepted McCain offer because she was concerned about the country. Does she really think she was the only person with experiece and knowledge to offer McCain and the County?? Scarry thoughts to ponder. Please, just think about it!

What really bothers me is that when I was a working mother of two children under 6, I was ostracized by other people in my church because I was not home taking care of my children. AND THIS type of thinking still continues among Evangelicals. It is perpetuated by James Dobson and others. You are not a good Christian woman if your family is not first in your life.
Of course, my kids have turned out with better lives than a lot of those that stayed home or home-schooled.
HOWEVER, HOW CAN everyone say it is OK for her to take on this job with FIVE children and condemn the rest of us??
Don't say this doesnt' happen everyday because I HAVE seen the judgmental attitudes!
I guess you can pick and choose who is allowed to and who isn't. If you are high enough in the food chain, you can do what you please.
AND, I expect that all of you who have condemned working mothers before to report EXACTLY how things are going with her and not sugar coat anything!
I am fairly sure if my daughter was pregnant and unmarried, my working outside the home would be the first thing thrown in my face!
It is no wonder that my non-Christian friends pick up on all of this hypocrisy and say what is the point of your Christianity if this is the way you are treated by other Christians!

Wow, some of you certainly display the bitter water-pure water fountains. How do they flow together out of the same heart???
I feel compassion for this young woman who is pregnant. I identify with Jon Voight- you go brother! Our Saviour must be looking down in grief at the anger and vitriolic displays. God Help us. What have we come to as a nation? Is it "Christian Fun, and Entertainment" to tear down and try to obliviate Sarah Palin, a fellow believer? And trying to bring disrepute and participate in blatant bullying of Bristol must excite the demons of Hell in frenzied fury. Is this what it means to be a follower of Jesus Christ? If so, I don't want to be associated with this group of venomous snakes.

I give Jon a lot of credit for acting like a compassionate father,
because he's gone through a lot of grief with his Hollywood
daughter (can't think of her name) -- they've had a poor relationship in the past and I'm sure he has many regrets and
has tried to improve the situation.
Anytime a youngster has serious problems, they need love and
understanding to try to rectify the situation as best as it
can be. Who hasn't made big-time mistakes in their life and
maybe "gotten away" with it? Bristol is very vulnerable at
this time -- especially being in the limelight of a Presidential
campaign, and I don't see why the media is going after this
so crazily? It's truly a very minor story when there are many
important issues that have to be considered about Sarah Palin.
I believe Sarah will turn out very good for McCain in the long
run, and together they'll beat Obama and Biden.
If nothing else Sarah really livened up this race -- it looked
like it would be very boring with McCain, Obama, Biden -- 3 guys
that don't get a person stimulated and interested in the
outcome in Nov.

As I read these comments I am distrubed by the amount of venom and inconsistencies that we manifest as believers. It was not too long ago when the Clintons were in the White House that the Republicans, yes the same Republicans bashed, maligned, attacked their only daughter until Bill had to ask for them to lay off his daughter. And now the same hypocritical so-call praying Christians are requesting that Palin should be handled with children's gloves? No wonder the Pharisees left a bitter taste in the mouth of Jesus just as many so call people claiming to be Christians are today. My prayer is that each person's business will one day come out and let us see how you would want someone to handle your mistakes? Will it be with compassion as Jesus did to the woman caught in adultery or will it be like the men who brought stones to stone the woman but conveniently forgot to bring the man as well. Amazing, when Hillary was running people had an issue with her and now it is Palin and everyone is in love. Well, I believe that God is teaching the whole world that it is time to reckon with the woman. Without the woman at the well, the Gospel would not have penetrated Samaria. For the first time in my life as a Democrat, I will not be voting at all. Do not trust Obama and will not support McCain against my own party. So whatever happens in the next four years I guess I will have to quietly shut up and bear it. But for the rest of you, shame on you all. Remember that whatever you sow you are bound to reap.

Just because they were Ignorant Republicans tearing down Chelsea doesn't mean that they were necessarily praying Christians. That whole thing was inexcusable and Pres. Clinton needed to make a statement against Evil. So what's your Beef Cassandra?? Sounds like you have a problem with Christians trying to mediate and bring peace to a potentially volatile situation, or do you "groove" on the volatile thing??

The Lord is good:
his kindness endures forever,
and his faithfulness to all

The Lord is good:
his kindness endures forever,
and his faithfulness to all


Just finished reading all these posts and I feel like I need a good shower! If this passes for discourse in America today, our country is in deep trouble!

I found Mike (one of the first to broadcast his opinions) especially offensive and out of touch with reality. His fifteen plus misspellings and typos are revealing. My favorite... "If he could shoot hisself in the foot then why not step-up his maveric game and aim the 6 shooter at his temple?"

I lost it when Mike alleges that John McCain refused release from the "Hanoi Hilton" and endured another three years of torture and daily degradation because he was afraid to face the American people "because he had denounced his country." First I am not at all convinced that he "denounced his country" and if he did I an understand why!

I have visited the Hoa Lo prison in Hanoi on numerous occasions. I have seen the cells where John McCain and others of our heroes were imprisoned. They, including McCain were kept in concrete cells with no lights and tiny, ceiling-high windows (if any). They were interrogated relentlessly, degraded, humiliated and tortured.

They were chained at the ankles on concrete slabs that tilted downward so that their heads were below their feet. They were not released for "potty breaks" so when nature ran its course, their urine and excrement would slowly work its way past their heads and collect in a trough just below their heads.

Every time I take people through Hoa Lo prison, I find myself wondering, how long could I have endured this? Would it have been the first year, the first month or the first day that I would have signed any document put in front of me? Hey Mike, how long do you think you would have lasted? Anyone who has seen where John McCain was held those long years would find it absolutely ludicrous to think that McCain was so "fearful of facing the American people" that he would turn down release.

Knowing what I know, having seen what I have seen, anyone who stayed a single day at Hoa Lo is nothing short of a real deal hero not matter what they signed or allegedly said.

If you don't like McCain's positions and policies that's your prerogative. Argue against his policies and positions. But dismissing McCain as "senile" and questioning his patriotism demonstrates monumental ignorance and boorishness.