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September 15, 2008

Believers unbuttoned


A few hours ago, I blogged about the Obama campaign's new faith merchandise, noting that the campaign uses the fish outline, a symbol used by Christians.

A faithful reader of the blog pointed out that the buttons are no longer for sale. The website where supporters could purchase the button now says, "You do not have access to this page. Please contact customer service for further details on accessing this password protected section."

The "Believers for Obama" sticker is still selling for $3 and the rally sign is selling for $2.50, but they don't have the fish symbol on it. The campaign has not responded yet on why it was pulled down.


I suppose the fish symbol offended those supporting Barack who think fish symbols undermine the Darwin-amphibian symbol crowd, a key Obama constituency.
Or, more likely, since the Palin VP pick for McCain has pretty much sewn up Evangelical votes for the Republicans, the Obama campaign figured it would be a waste of time to aggressively target fish-toting conservative Evangelicals.
On the other hand, the Darwin argument may be the more salient, as Obama may help advance human evolution. http://www.uncommondescent.com/evolution/obama-helping-humanity-evolve/

Someone knew what a load of crap and misrepresentive it was having Obama and a chritian symbol right next to each other. Maybe someone should be selling a button that has a picture of Obama next to that of the racist Rev. Jeremiah Wright--That would be more correct, appropriate and worth purchasing.

To really get the word out regarding the Obama record and agenda to the faith communities, they need a broader range of bumper stickers. Since BeliefNet reports that the Obama campaign has more such gear in the works, here are a few suggestions:

Another Believer for Barack
and Partial-Birth Abortion

Catholics Who Want Barack
and the Freedom of Choice Act

Tax-Funded Abortion
We Can Believe In:
Obama 2008

Re-legalize Partial-Birth Abortion --
Obama-Biden in 2008

Another Born-Again Believer
Against Born-Alive Infants Protection

Faith. Hope. Change.
Partial-birth abortion.
Obama 2008

Douglas Johnson
Legislative Director
National Right to Life Committee
Washington, D.C.

I still can't access that page.....has the Obama campaign explained why?

Douglas-nice post.The evangelical Obomites are hypnotized by his smooth words and persuasion. We saw Obama's true colors when Rick Warren asked the now infamous question,"when do you believe life begins?" Obama resounded with a gutless and insolent "that's above my pay grade".I got news for you--so is President of the United States of America.

Do some of you really believe all Christians will fall for the McCain/Palin LIES? I am prolife and pro-Obama because I can't stand the Bush lies that killed over 93,000 iraqis - oh I guess Christians here don't care because Iraqis don't look like them? How about the culture of corruption, secrecy, suppression of dissent, cronyism and dare I say LIES behind the McCain/Palin ticket. And they lie unashamedly in the name of GOD - wow. I'm amazed at how rightwing prolifers are only concerned about babies in the womb but don't push their senators to vote to insure the living children - oh, most of those kids are minorities. No McCain/Palin.

Catalystmama, You hit the nail right on the head. It always amazes me that we have these arguments over when life begins (actually the correct answer is millions of years ago....sorry Genesis literalists) but we want nothing to do with the life that actually cries and breathes. Instead we hear "that's your problem now...should've thought of the consequences when you were having fun" etc etc. What about some real hard support for life that actually costs, oh I don't know, tax dollars!!!

First off there's no such thing as being pro-life and pro-obama, that would make you pro choice and pro-obama, no separating the two as much as you try.Nice try though.
Secondly you libs would be the first to whine and moan if our nation was weak on national defense--you can't have it both ways.

Thank you Catalystmama. I found the suggested bumper stickers ofensive. Douglas, check out the facts of Obama's votes in IL. Guess what, it is above ALL of our pay grades, folks. I am Pro-life and pro-Obama. As long as Palin is pro-unborn life do we disregard her distortions and lies about her own record as well as her attacks on Obama-Biden that are blatant falshoods? Surely health care and wages that allow parents to clothe, feed, and educate their children are pro-life issues. Making abortons illegal will not stop abortions. Making it possible for poor mothers to have access to contraception, health care, and a decent wage will greatly decrease abortions. Do we want to be redemptive here or judgemental?

of course you can be pro-life and pro-Obama. It just means you disagree with Obama on crtain issues, but that overall you find him more worthy of support.
Similarly you can be anti-war and pro-McCain or anti-hunting and pro-Palin.
Support for a candidate does not automatically imply support for everything that candidate supports.

And it really is about more than just abortion; and there really is dissent about when life begins (by the by the conception answer isn't actually in the bible if you'd care to look); and neither candidate is taking any steps to actually , you know, save unbon lives - McCain in overturning Roe just wants to pass the buck to states (which will never happen, because how would the GOP get your support next election without Roe).

Be Blessed (seriously),

To Douglas Johnson of the National Right to Life Committee -- Try this:

Big Government for Your Bedroom

Hangars 'R Us

Women for McCain/Palin
Barefoot and Pregnant

Men for McCain/Palin
Supporting Strong Women Everywhere (except at home and in the church)

A Bridge to Nowhere

Perhaps the reason that when a baby becomes is not in the Bible is because scientifically, people back then only realized that a baby got born from having sex. They had no way to prove that sperm and an egg made a baby and the how of it. They didn't have ultrasound back then or machines that could figure out what a sperm and an egg did. However, they knew that life came from the stomach the second the stomach started getting bigger. And the problem with the poor single mother is WHERE IS THE FATHER??? It takes sperm and egg to make a baby. Why does the government insist on encouraging only women to be responsible for raising babies on my money. Why aren't we encouraging two parents to take responsibility for what they did instead of making me responsible for something I made sure didn't happen to me. Therein lies the problem. I'll help anybody out as long as they try but I won't help them to commit murder. The kid can be adopted out or make the father part of the deal. That's the way God and Jesus wants it to be. And I'm not saying a bad parent or partner needs to be kept in marriage but they sure can be made to pay for their responsibility instead of putting it on me.

Okay folks, lets take an analytical approach.

Poverty + Abstinence Only Education + No Health Care = Abortion

Anti-Abortion Legistation + Back Street Abortions = Death

Economic Opportunities + Birth Control Education + Universal Health Care = Life

So how is McCain/Palin pro-life?

It could be possible that they were pulled because every "fish" symbol I have ever seen had the tale on the right, not the left. Maybe they saw this as a printing error, and removed them.

Pity, I was going to get some and send them to my mother and sisters - boy, would that have stirred up the hornets nest in the household!

Maybe I should get them a "Republican for Obama" pin instead?

I suppose that they would have forgiven me by the end of the end of this Century!

What Would Jesus Do? Election 2008 Edition

What would Jesus do to win an election?

Would Jesus lie?

Would Jesus stand silent while others did so on his behalf?

Would Jesus belittle his opponents?

Which campaign ads would Jesus approve?

How would Jesus want us to share the bounty of our nation?

Would Jesus deny anyone medical care?

Would Jesus vilify an immigrant, even one who entered the country illegally?

How would Jesus treat his Father’s creation?

Would Jesus deem any criminal beyond remorse and redemption?

Did Jesus really mean we should love our enemies?

Did Jesus leave any loopholes in the Golden Rule?

Who would Jesus ridicule?

Who would Jesus execute?

Who would Jesus waterboard?

Who would Jesus bomb?

Who would Jesus hate?

Considering these questions will not yield specific answers about when war is justified, whether our energy policy should include off-shore drilling, whether our immigration policy should include “amnesty,” whether single-payer health insurance makes economic sense, how best to defeat terrorism, and what the corporate tax rate should be. But when all four major presidential and VP candidates (and most voters) identify themselves as Christians, shouldn’t these questions at least influence the way these issues are approached and how campaigns are conducted? It would be presumptuous to speculate about how Jesus would vote. But shouldn’t we consider to what extent each candidate’s words, actions, and priorities reflect the teachings of Jesus?

Paula Brandt's post really does typify the result of a poor understanding of both the gospel and, apparently, ALL of the candidates in question's views.

I'm and Alaskan, a republican, and a born again believer who is strongly prolife, but I will not be voting for the MCCain/Palin ticket. I made the mistake of voting for Bush because he was prolife and born again. After an invented war that cost so many lives and limbs, I vowed I would NEVER again be politically manipulated on the single issue of abortion. Additionally, Palin bears such strange fruit for a believer and she has not taken to heart that we are called to do "all for the glory of God" including running a campaign.


I'm and Alaskan, a republican, and a born again believer who is strongly prolife, but I will not be voting for the MCCain/Palin ticket. I made the mistake of voting for Bush because he was prolife and born again. After an invented war that cost so many lives and limbs, I vowed I would NEVER again be politically manipulated on the single issue of abortion. Additionally, Palin bears such strange fruit for a believer and she has not taken to heart that we are called to do "all for the glory of God" including running a campaign.



I wrote an article recently about the use of the 'fish symbol' in modern society.


Any comments gladly received.