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September 15, 2008

Capitalizing on the faith vote

The Obama campaign just launched a line of merchandise, most of which specifically target Christians.


The campaign is selling "Believers for Barack," "Pro-Family Pro-Obama," and "Catholics for Obama" buttons and bumper stickers for $3 each and signs for $2.50 each.

The "Believers for Barack" button includes the ichthys, the fish outline that became a secret symbol for persecuted Christians in the early church.

"When threatened by Romans in the first centuries after Christ, Christians used the fish mark meeting places and tombs, or to distinguish friends from foes," Elesha Coffman wrote for Christian History, CT's sister publication.

Also, I've only heard "believers" apply only to Christians. The campaign seems to be targeting Christians specifically, since it usually uses broader terms like "people of faith."


Probably didn't want to offend the Darwin-amphibian crowd. After all, Obama is a spiritually advanced "Lightworker" who may "help us evolve." Check it out:

Barak Hussein Obama would never admit to being religious unless he knew it would get him elected. The 2004 election of GW Bush opened his eyes to the fact that he would need the "Christian"(for whatever that means) vote, or at least a chunck of it in order to get elected. Or to get right to the point,Obama's new found religion is purely a matter of convenience.To take a page out of the Clintons playbook it's tell the people what they want to hear and then plow'em under when you don't need'em any more. Clintoon didn't keep half the promises he made and Obama is after all the second coming of Bill Clinton,not Jesus as his supporters keep insisting. I thought it was a liberals sworn duty to wipe out all mention of religion in the public square anyway? Oh, that would be after the election.

When you take a fish out of its natural element, it starts to flip flop. Maybe that is an association they wished to avoid. Anyway, to really get the word out regarding the Obama record and agenda to the faith communities, they need a broader range of bumper stickers. Since the BeliefNet God-O-Meter reports that the campaign has more such gear in the works, here are a few suggestions:

Another Believer for Barack
and Partial-Birth Abortion

Catholics Who Want Barack
and the Freedom of Choice Act

Tax-Funded Abortion
We Can Believe In:
Obama 2008

Re-legalize Partial-Birth Abortion --
Obama-Biden in 2008

Another Born-Again Believer
Against Born-Alive Infants Protection

Faith. Hope. Change.
Partial-birth abortion.
Obama 2008

"To take a page out of the Clintons playbook it's tell the people what they want to hear and then plow'em under when you don't need'em any more."

Yeah Bush and the GOP used that page too... Created a whole Faith Based Initiative program and then hire a person to lead it and then never met with the guy again. Ha ha, whatever man.

The whole "second coming of Jesus" is a page pulled out of the GOP propaganda play book. The only reference I have heard to that stuff has come from conservative talk radio. I have not heard a single Obama supporter liken him to any form a of deity as you GOP people claim.

When you find a more rational and logical argument then speak up.

Ben--you have to admit it, Obama would never even think of talking religion unless he knew he needed at least part of that voting block.The liberals started plotting that strategy immediately after Bush garnered so much of the "christian" vote in '04.Everyone kept saying how that put him over the top. Even Hillary was known to darken the door step of a church as long as the cameras were rolling--unheard of!!

LOL--check this outhttp://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,263362,00.html

So Slider, what you're suggesting is that Obama began planning his run for the presidency back when he first became a Christian, you know, like 20 years ago.
That it's all been a sham since then; just for the cameras and the faith community; and that they're just copying Bush from 2000/04.
Except having started planning it 20 years ago would mean that it was Bush copying them. So which was it again?

Dear Slider, Douglas and Brendan -- good names all! Still I can't help but think how you might be surprised one day, when Jesus hands you the towel to wash the feet of those ... with names like Hillary, and George W, Barack and (oh!) there's Trent. But ah, you know this already. Pilgrim on.

I'm unsure of the news-worthiness of this article. If I understand market-driven economics and "capitalism," products are sold according to consumer-need. So we can assume some Christians support Obama--is it wrong for Obama's people to produce products for them?

The other implication is the Jesus fish is a republican "brand." Any intellectual property lawyers out there?

Regardless, I don't recall the headline "McCain capitalizes on Christians by chosing Palin" Capitalism being a key-word for McCain as he clearly supports the oil interests....

While I'm still torn over some issues in this election, I'm no longer confused by this journal. Terminology is important--and I'm disappointed CT thinks the readers are unable to parse the headlines...