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September 8, 2008

Do vice presidents really matter?

According to Legal Times, they matter quite a bit in picking Supreme Court nominees and other judges. (Link via Melissa Rogers.)


Vice Presidential candidates do matter, if they are able to help put the presidential candidate over the top. I think Chenney helped Bush. I don't think Gore helped Clinton, and I don't think Quayle helped Bush sr.. Truman and Teddy Roosevelt turned out to be very important VP's.

I think Sara will be a good help to McCain

I think that Sara Palin will be a great help to John Mc Cain

I think that Sara Palin will be a great help to John Mc Cain

There was so little else that his competitors could say against Obama that Biden was just grasping the obvious point of Obama's youth and newness when trying to elevate his own claim to political experience. The first clip is just sound bites under media pressure to diss one another during a loaded political debate. The other clip shows a more extensive, personal reaction, response and opinion of Obama when Joe is not touting his own cause. It's all politics but I believe the second "shirtsleeve" clip is more honest and fairminded. i just saw in pollclash that Joe Biden has now been officially introduced as Barack Obama's Vice Presidential selection well you can see teh video in http://pollclash.com

Of course the Vice President matters if the President dies in office. I think people should definitely vote for McCain/Palin as it will put the final nail in the coffin for the US when Palin becomes President and is unable to handle her duties.

As an evangelical and understanding the moral leadership this country so badly needs, no worse choice could have been made for a vice president candidate than Palin. The Lord guide and help us!