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September 28, 2008

Finding religion in political cartoons

The Washington Post has received 750 e-mails from readers for posting a cartoon caricaturing Sarah Palin speaking in tongues. The cartoonist drew God telling St. Peter "All I can hear is some dam' right-wing politician spouting gibberish."


Pat Oliphant's cartoon was not chosen for the print publication, but it was posted on the Post's website on September 9 with other syndicated cartoons that are posted through an automatic feed, The Washington Post's Ombudsman Deborah Howell wrote today. Howell writes that for political cartoonists, "being fair is not a virtue."

"Most cartoonists don't go out of their way to lambaste religion," Howell writes. "But the pope is a frequent editorial cartoon character, as are God and St. Peter at the Pearly Gates."

Here's a sampling of some recent cartoons that did include religion:

Nate Beeler


Kevin Kallaugher


Daryl Cagle


Gary Varvel


And Pat Oliphant again.



I'm utterly nauseated. Religion , spirituality is fair game, but not race or even gender. We're trapped in the slippery slope of leftist radicalism. If Gov Palin were a 'D' or even a confused liberal 'R' or 'I' you can be confident that this type of slur would never make print.

Race and gender have been lambasted in cartoons before. But, the difference is that when it comes to religion, it's all based on fairy tales. Race and gender on the other hand are not joked at as much because it's not a fairy tale.

The religious right can dish it out (in the name of god, of course) but they can't take it. You know, liberal refers to the idea of an individual positing humanity first--before other things (particularly material things). Explain to me how it became a target of the fascist religious right (wrong). Is it mere ignorance?

Roy: Huh?

Tom Berman: Huh?