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September 13, 2008

Fired up against Obama

Yesterday was love of Sarah Palin day but the crowd got riled up against Barack Obama this morning.

"Great to see so many bitter Americans. I see you cling to your guns and your bibles," Fox News commentator Sean Hannity said to a cheering crowd.

"How many of you saw Barack Apollo Obama at Obama's Greek temple designed by Britney Spears' set designer?" he said to those in the audience, some of whom wore buttons with "Nobama" and "Obama" crossed out on them. "Barack descended from the heavens, ladies and gentlemen. He descended the multi-talented God of light, the God of sun, God of truth, the God of prophecy, the God of socialized medicine, sent down from heavens to save you."

"I promise you I will do everything I can to make sure Barack Apollo Obama does not become president," Hannity said as the crowd stood applauding and snapping more photos.


It is so sad to see a campaing comletely based on lies and half truths. Sean Hanity knows that Barack Obama was defending the Christians in response to a question which attempted to peg them as racist. He said they are not racist but when politicians lie to you every year you become bitter and vote for the things you can count on people who share your religion and stand for your guns. The rest of the context was to say the people aren't racist he remains unknown to them and so the vote what they know. I voted for George Bush the last two times, but as I see dishonest ads that distort statements and records I cannot vote for JOhn McCain. How can Christians tolerate lies only because they agree with a candidates politics, I am voting for Barack Obama who at least is honet about his record, his Christian faith (although its too liberal for my taste), and doesn't lie on the other candidate. Wake up, the kingdom of God is not a the rep party who does whatever it takes to get elected and neglects the poor, widow, and alien, and criples urban areas with poor education systems, WAKE up Church.. stop the lies!

As Christians we really need to pray for Sean Hannity. He is a hateful, sick and twisted individual who really needs the Lord.

IS CT prommoting Macain? Carroll

Its hard to hear and watch the Sean Hannitys of the world with their hateful and distorted view. He certainly needs our prayers as does John McCain and Barack Obama, but for different reasons. John is certainly not walking with Lord as he continually lies about Obama, while taking advice from Karl Rove. We can pray that he will stop the lies and that Obama will not stoop to this level of mudslinging politics. It's sad to see that the Republicans will do anything to retain power and even sadder to watch Christians go along with it. I know we don't want abortions but how far are we willing to go?

It is apparent that CT Magazine is diluting its credibility as a serious Christian Communication Channel.When Churches and professed Christian leaders believe it is important to advance the ambition of man and not the Kingdom of God, they have lost their way, or were never of the Way, and must be therefore be identified with those who pretend to be of the light but are something else.It is disgusting and offensive that this CT magazine is promoting and publishing the gall and trash spewn from the mouth of Hannity in its publications, regulator and electronic.Be warned you cannot have sweet water and bitter water coming out of the same vessel.CT! make your identity plain.

I am so happy to see that we, the people...especially God's people...are picking up on the pollution that has covered the minds of the likes of Mr. Hannity. How, pray tell, can anything righteous and holy be built upon such a rotten foundation as is manifested in his statements? Is anyone really to believe that this kind of evil speaking comes from the heart of one filled with a desire to please God? Sounds like someone who wants his own way no matter what it takes.

Again, I'm glad that so many are able to grasp and discern that which is good and evil; it's so easy to be swept away.

Note how mortals pick their poison and bow down to worship it after choosing the poison. They fool themselves into believing that there is a particular party that is holy. They make all kinds of compromises in order to get that party in office. Check out Pat Robertson endorsing Rudy Guiliano who practiced adultery, endorses pro-choice standards and gay unions. Note how there are loads and loads of christian Democrats who are pro-life and who are miserable because there seems to be no Democrat who will take a stand for the life of the unborn. People are torn because these spineless politicians make believe they love justice, truth, and mercy but really only pick what they will support based on whether it will fly with their party...what about their God? Sometimes, I think christians have no faith in God; they seem to think He is some kind of bellboy who will go along with anything they come up with...surely their idols have taken the place of a living God who hears and sees every motive of every heart.

It is good that we Christians can defame Mr. Hannity about his beliefs but where were we when the Bible was removed from schools,the Ten Commandments being removed,and no religious education in schools,no public prayers,no Nativity scenes, and removing Christmas themes. We should be about our Fathers business instead of Mr. Hannity.

It is good that we Christians can defame Mr. Hannity about his beliefs but where were we when the Bible was removed from schools,the Ten Commandments being removed,and no religious education in schools,no public prayers,no Nativity scenes, and removing Christmas themes. We should be about our Fathers business instead of Mr. Hannitys beliefs.

Stephen writes: I am voting for Barack Obama who at least is honet about his record,

WHAT RECORD??? Wanting to pitch poorly aborted Down Syndrome kids in a garbage can? Or being part of a south Chicago political machine? What record? What has he done? WHO is he? How did he rise to such renown?

Elaine-You're right about Obama's non-existent record except for the times he voted present. Obama makes it so easy for the right wingers to mock and scorn him, he's brought much of it on himself.That Roman column thing was pretty elitest. When all you can boast about is two self agrandizing books when you've had plenty of time in the Senate to accomplish good things as a public servant that is very sad. Seems like Obama does have a record after all--a record that is all about him.

It is about time all of you accept the greatness of Gov. Palin as she has been chosen by God to lead this nation in our wars against the enemy.
Sen McCain is a real man and a real hero. He is our next President and a true man of God. We thank God daily that he left and Satan infested Episcopal church and became a true believer.
Thank God the late Rev. Falwell lead him on a new path of life.

The problem is that I don't know if Arugula/Kitty is being sarcastic or serious.

This article was a low moment in your fine publication's election coverage. You took the words of an independent FOX rught wing fool like Hannity, quoted him as if he stood for anyone in the McCain or GOp campaign, trashed him and had the writer say that was obviously why all people with highter hopes should support Obama. Lets face it; neither of the candidates are perfect...or all bad. But in my opinion as a moderate, McCain has a mix of a record of many years and the experience to better deal with issues at hand of wars and a need to reach across the isle than 2 years in the Senate Obama. My respectful, no name calling opinion.

Sean Hannity and Ann Coulter: two great Americans and witnesses for Christ. Their on-air personas truly reflect the love and compassion expressed in the Gospels. They really should marry and have lots of children, as we need more of their kind to restore America to it's God-given greatness.

Good job, Christianity Today, maybe you could put Sean and Ann on the editorial staff.....

Adam S, I think Elaine is being serious and Arugala is being sarcastic.

Do you know about the "Alinsky Method"? You should!
Saul Allinsky was a Marxist "Community Organizer" in Chicago. He died in 1972 but his most well known book "Rules for Radicals", lives on in the "Alinsky Method". Obama was hired in the 80's, in South Chicago, by some of Alinksy's former students to be a "Community Organizer". Obama taught the techniques of Alinsky and is using those techniques today to work over his opponents. These techniques are being used by Obama camp, DNC, ACLU, and many of our left wing educational institutions. Everyone needs to know what is on Obama's mind and the organization techniques he uses in order really know the man.
Don't believe me? Check it out yourself. While you're at it why don't you see who Saul Alinksy's book, "Rules for Radicals" is dedicated to. It will chill you. Then you will finally know that a true Chistian would never embrace this man's teachings.

thanks for embracing the name of the Lord. we are praying so hard to see that God choses the leader Him self because leadership comes from Heaven.May God be and bless all the aspiring Candidates to have aheart of serving their country in the context that deserves the civilians/citzens.

Hey Zeb, Jesus was a community organizer...and Pontius Pilate was a governor. If Christ spoke at most "evangelical" churches today he would immediatedly dismissed as a "far-left loon", who regarding the Global War on Terror, just doesn't not get it (with all his "love your enemies" and "blessed are the peacemakers" rhetoric).

what in the WORLD? dear lord, people, no need to get so offended. yes, while, sean hannity''s comments might upset some, or many, that is no need to call him a, what is it, "a hateful, sick, and twisted individual"? come now, let us be reasonable! anyone who calls anyone (besides Hitler, and other certain individuals--even then, i don't exactly agree with it) such a thing might as well be one. he maddee his jibe politely--don't lose your heads. using word like 'defame' and 'sick', 'twisted', is a very immature way to respond to a simple scoff.
i personally am more of mccain supporter, but i understand why other would choose to vote for Senator Barack Obama. and that's all we need

I can not believe how some of you think, Obama is the biggest liberal and Non believer, he is coming in sheeps clothing, read your Bible, anyone that believes in gay marriage, killing babies, is not who they claim to be. And look at who is in his back pocket. Obama lies so much and people better think.

I dont see why all you 'christians' are trashing Hannity so badly. I don't believe exactly the way that he does. But isn't the real bad guy here Barack Hussain Obama?
If you will recall Jesus told the desciples of others who were casting out devils. "those who are for us are not against us". Hannity does stand up to the same evils that we do. How many rallys do you attend to stand for what is right?
As for voting if a candidate cannot stand for the right to life of a child, and cannot call sodomy a sin then he is not fit to be president of this once christian nation. And a vote for such a man is a sin. Because in voting for him you condone his actions and policies and the what he stands for.
Do you honostly think Jesus would vote for such a man if he were in the earth as a man today?
No... He would not! Jesus was quite clear about orphans, widows, homeless and fatherless. He said to care for them not kill them.

Caputo, et al vs. Obama.

I want to start a Class Action Law Suit against Barack Hussein Obama for putting me, my Children and my Grand Children $800,000,000,000.00 Billion Dollars in debt and destroying their future.

Anyone out there want to join me in this Class Action Law Suit?

Any Lawyer out there want to handle this Law Suit?

Tony Caputo of Sarasota County, Florida.....August 27, 2009.

ps: In the 'short scale', which is used predominantly by America, a billion is 1000 million: 1,000,000,000.