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September 12, 2008

FRC says thanks but no thanks to Sarah Palin video

The McCain campaign offered to send a video of vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin to the Values Voter Summit, but the Family Research Council declined the invitation.

"I said, ‘That won’t work,’ because legally we can’t do that," FRC President Tony Perkins told me this afternoon. "Barack Obama wanted to come early on, and if I didn’t extend the same format that I had given to her, we would be open to challenge. We had a complaint filed against us last year which took thousands of dollars. It was cleared up, but I have to be very careful."

FRC will show a video with former candidate Mike Huckabee at a gala tomorrow night.


Is there any real point to this article?

Especially since in another article it says that the Values Voters Summit advertised that Obama and Biden had been invited to speak but declined.

Well...that clears that up!

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