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September 1, 2008

Indiana governor: Palin is ideal

Governor of Indiana Mitch Daniels praised John McCain's vice presidential pick Sarah Palin today.

"I had hoped to see a woman on the ticket of our party for a long, long time," he said. "I think now that it’s happened, the woman that we’ve waited for is ideal."

We just found out that Sarah Palin’s daughter is pregnant. Will that have an impact on voters?
I don’t know. They’re handling a difficult and all too common dilemma that millions of American families face. It’s just another mark of authenticity of this family and the way they’re handling the young couple in question, I think, is the right way. I hope that people will personally give them a little room for privacy. But since it’s public, I think they’ve done the right thing.

Do you have any thoughts on how the McCain campaign can reach out to evangelicals?
As a believer, I always felt that the God I know was larger than politics. The work of the religious leaders is more important, far more important, all important, than the work of temporary public employees like me. I’m always happy when people of faith decide that they want to be involved in public activity, but it should never distract us from what’s primary, from the mission of saving souls.


That last quote is awesome. Who knew Daniels had such good ideas about the importance of the work of the church?

If McCain wants to reach out to evangelicals he should show some good sense and dump Palin for a qualified Republican. The next episodes of the Palin family soap opera are not going to get any better.

Nobody in there right mind thinks that Gov Sarah Palin is able to command respect or even fear dealing with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad(Iran), Vladimir Putin(Russia), Muhammadmian Soomro(Pakistan) and Kim Yong-Il(North Korea)?
Republicans need to challenge her nomination at the convention this week. This country does not deserve to be in the hands of a Freshman Gov of a state that is only 3% the population of Florida.
As for her family values and integrity... why is her daughter always holding their newborn baby? Because Sarah Palin was hiding the fact that her daughter is pregnant. They were not planning on telling anyone until after the election because they think it undermines their chances at getting elected. Not from liberals. We don't care. They were deceiving conservatives.
Yeah. She's a great leader. She gets her own daughter to participate in lying to the American public.

Can CT do anything about all the anti-Palin trolls on this site? It's one thing to have healthy debate, but these personal attacks bring down the value of this site.

I am not in favor of Sarah Palin running for vice-president. She has no experience in foreign policy, or economics or any area of federal government. She doesn't even know what the vice-president does, according to her quote. Just because I don't agree with this pick, however, does not make me a troll.

Some want to suppress any discussion of values of candidates who we the people could delegate leadership responsibilities. This is a learning moment for the country as a whole, but some partisan and religious leadership would allow no room for debate - just to create the illusion of evangelical unity behind a hasty and ill-considered decision. If you are spreading delusions, you should expect the democratic process to question your premises.

So now we have candidate is submitted for public consideration for higher office who claims qualification with a set of values with some kind of superiority. Religion is being used here to distinguish that superiority, so religious values come under the cross hairs of public scrutiny. The people have a right to know the facts to make up their own minds about leaders. No surprise that the press will vet someone if a political party doesn't.

There is nothing fair about the glare of the media spotlight,
but some on the far right feel that their candidates should get a excused from any careful examination by the press. You know the old holier-than thou mindset that says no scrutiny necessary with some big shot holy roller endorsements. The old Elmer Gantry tricks pulled out again, but the religious partisan press will have no cross examination. Lets face it, a candidate whose prime supporters are the likes of Limbaugh, Reed, Dobson, Schlafly and Viguerie needs scrutiny and shouldn't get a free pass. Wouldn't you want to have been a fly on the wall during the negotiations that arrived at this VP pick.

You can bet the US public has a right to know and be concerned if for instance we suddenly found out a candidate had belonged to the Hawaiian Succession Party. The religious context of this current debate maybe just the icing on the cake of characterizing candidates' qualifications.

Bottomline: McCain made decision on his VP choice that is vulnerable to criticism, a decision the reflects his judgment and by all means qualifications should be vigorous debated.

I can't wait to see Sarah take on the media and the chump blogospherers! What they have done to her family is horrific and as a mom...I'd come out swinging with both fists if anyone treated my daughter the way Bristol has been treated this past weekend.
And...I'm convinced that many of the people who comment on this site are not Christians at all, but people who think they know what Christianity is and then try to make it look like that's what Christians think. I know LOTS of Christians...and none of them talk or think the way many of the commenters do on this site.

Mollie - You say Palin doesn't have foreign policy experience. Does Obama?

I am not a troll either but if one looks at judgement and ability to perform, Palin has some explaining to do. She fired most the senior staff in the little town where she was mayor and went to Anchorage where she started to do the same. Does that mean they were all incompetent or does it mean, if you don't agree 100% with me I will fire you". I suspect it was the latter from what we read but hope it was the former.

Sarah Palin has executive experience as governor of Alaska and as mayor of a small town. John McCain has executive experience as a commaning officer of a fighter jet squadron in the Navy. Neither Biden nor Obama have any executive experience--none. She will make a great vice-president.

Go ahead and investigate the firing of the Alaska State Trooper Commissioner and let the chips fall where they may. When the facts are known, they will vindicate Sarah Palin. How about Obama's skeletons, including how he, along with William Ayers, spent $100 million grant money on the Annenberg fund received and earmarked for "educational" causes? Why won't Obama allow the media to examine documents about how the money was spent? Or how about Obama and the sweetheart deal from convicted felon Tony Rezko involving the "sale" of property adjacent to Obama's residence? Or how about Joe Biden's son Hunter representing credit card giant MBNA during bankruptcy reform legislation--which Biden voted for? The Democrats have a lot more explaining to do than Sarah Palin.

If Sarah Palin wants to run for office of VP she needs to first get her own house in order.
We live in very difficult times, what with the war, terrorism, a weak economy. The office of the President & VP requires time commitment that Mrs Palin cannot in good conscience provide.

Doesn't anyone see that McCain chose Palin just to get votes, i.e., sucker evangelicals into voting for him? It seems to have worked. It's all politics, and it's amazing that Christians fall for such a farce.

I constantly hear the term "foreign policy experience" but have yet to hear anyone articulate exactly what that means. We know nothing about how Mrs Palin would deal with foreign leaders. Her only travels abroad was last year to visit troops. Im more interested in the temperament of a candidate. John McCain's temperament troubles me. He likes to shoot from the hip without understanding the repercussions.

Mollie wrote:"The next episodes of the Palin family soap opera are not going to get any better."
I believe that if the American voter could and has been able to handle Dick Cheney's lesbian daughter and her "partner" and their child, then the Palin family issues pale (no pun here) in comparison.
I don't know an American family that has not been touched by an out of wedlock pregnancy. The Palin child is different in that she has not aborted.
God bless them.

While I agree that the media should not "frenzy" over Palin's daughter, I can't help but think that if this had been Chelsea Clinton during Clinton's presidency (or candidacy) the Republicans would have been relentless in offering this as "proof" that it was because her home was lacking in moral values. Interesting...

Gov. Palin is the ONLY one of the four candidate with EXECUTIVE experience.
The Obama ticket has its own scandal. Joe Biden's brother and son, Hunter, the one you don't hear about, have to answer for FRAUD charges in Court. Why isn't that being covered 24/7 ? I only hear it on Delaware stations.

Most of this criticism is nothing but thinly veiled HATRED OF WOMEN especially women seeking power. It has nothing to do with issues.

Palin brings a record of reform. This is something that politicians who have held elected office for 30 years or more rarely achieve. Palin has held elected office for 16 years. She has been in an executive position for most of those years. Biden and Obama have only held legislative positions. They have less leadership experience. They simply try to pass laws. Obama has worked a total of 143 days in the Senate. Further, Palin is authentic, principled, and real. She takes away the moral "high ground" from people on the political left who have high ideas but behaviors that don't match. Though she doesn't have a lot of foreign policy experience, she has the aptitude for it like Margaret Thatcher, who had little foreign policy experience when she became prime minister of England. Palin was a brilliant pick by McCain.

I believe McCain/Palin is a great ticket.I feel a basic knowledge of working in the various area of government is needed. But more important is having administrative abilities. You can always surround yourself with people who can specialize in foreign policy,budget,etc.Palin has a background as a mayor and a governor. McCain has a lifetime of trianing in military and federal government. Sounds like a winner to me..Al.Roswell,NM

Everyone is talking about Palin's lack of experience in Washington and the White House. Does Barak Obama have much more experience in Foreign policy, the presidency, and politics than she does? I think governors make great presidents and VP choices. They already know how to run a state and get things done and are not part of the Senate or Congress "good ol' boy" system that is designed to scratch each other's backs to get things done. Look, lets give Mrs. Palin a chance. She is pro-choice, pro-family, able to be elected as governor of a state (no easy task), and has the potential of swaying voters who might have voted for Hillary. I think Palin is going to be a breath of freash air to the McCain campaign.

I had previously written Palin is "pro-choice" and meant to state that she is pro-life. Having five children of her own, she knows the sanctity of human life and respects and protects the value of it. I think she was an excellent choice for John McCain's running mate.

I have friends who are Alaska State Troopers. Both of them confided to me that most of the AST folk weren't all that sad to see their boss fired. The so-called scandal is a media circus, and will eventually go away once the full truth comes out. Mrs. Palin is much like many other women who sacrificed a great deal to be the best mother she could be. That her daughter failed to follow some of her mother's teachings is not Mrs. Palin's fault any more than the fact that I've run stop signs is my driving instructor's fault. Her politics are right, her theology (at least what we've been introduced to) is right, her management skills are right, and her ability to become the President of the United States is clear. From what I've seen and heard, she has more real leadership and management skills than any current or recent Democrat nominee for the job, going back as far as Jimmy Carter, maybe farther. If she were the party's nominee for President, she'd have my vote.

I'm proud to call Mitch Daniels my Governor. While I'm still learning about Sarah Palin, if Mitch Daniels thinks she is a good choice I doubt that I will find fault with this selection.

I will make up my own mind of course, but if a person with the character and professional qualities of Governor Daniels says she is a good candidate, she is not a good choice, but a great one.

God bless those that govern your people here on earth.

is this what the "dumbing down of America" means?

The vitriol and hatred being expressed on what is supposed to be a Chrisitian site is very sad. There are definitely radical left trolls bringing out all their talking points. For Christians, trying to debate with these folks will not accomplish anything. I would encourage all Christians to spend much time praying that God's will be done in this election. Not our will, but His. God is in control and regardless of all the efforts of men to win this election through honest or dishonest efforts, His will for this country and this world will be done, whatever that may be. Take comfort in the fact that all those lusting for power will someday join all of us in bowing before the King of Kings. Maintain an eternal perspective.

"A recent Pew Forum poll showed that evangelicals aren’t as excited about McCain as they were about President Bush four years ago.
That was true until a combination of John McCain’s interview with Rick Warren where he touched on issues of importance to evangelicals and the Christian right. They were able to learn that his core thinking is very much what their core thinking is, and combining that with the values of Sarah Palin. They’re 100 percent on board, enthused and ready to go."

Okay - McCain has a HUGE track record behind him. Why did it take an interview with an evangelical preacher and the choice of a woman as VP to make evangelicals understand that his core thinking is what "their" core thinking is? Really? A 1 hour conversation in a staged setting after years and years of service convince people of his "core thinking?" He has a track record - let's hope people are looking at his actions and not just listening to his words.

Posted by: Mollie at September 2, 2008

I am not in favor of Sarah Palin running for vice-president. She has no experience in foreign policy, or economics or any area of federal government.


Why is field-dressing a moose a qualification for Vice President?

No one would have a problem with Gov. Palin's dtr having gotten pregnant before getting married if she had done what most do, quietly get an abortion. I applaud their pro-life decisions and their handling of that siutation. Regarding foreign policy experience or never having voted in cast a vote in Congress, neither had Ronald Reagan; nor Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, Theodore Roosevelt or George Washington for that matter. A good, leader/decision-maker with a solid Christian moral base to operate from, supported by a well-chosen cabinet and advisors is what matters. I would vote for Palin for President-proper, today, ahead of Obama or Biden.

If your eyes are open then you have to say that the Republicans have done a real bang up job in the last eight years and are to much for the rich and not enough about how and what we are going to do to fix what they have screwed up. And the Vice, Well she's cute and all but running our country right now I'd feal better with a Demacrate that has a little more know how mostly combined they will do alot more then MacCane ever will.