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September 3, 2008

Is Obama's Evangelical Outreach Now Hopeless?

I asked Mark DeMoss, Christian PR mogul who earlier said Obama was making real inroads in the evangelical community, whether it was now "game over" for Obama and his evangelical outreach efforts. He paused and thought for a moment. "Yes. I think so." Obama has been hurt by three things:

1. 1) Obama's poor performance on abortion at the Saddleback candidates forum
2. 2) Obama's position that faith based charities couldn't get federal money if they hired people only if their own faith
3. 3) McCain's pick of Sarah Palin.

"That's three strikes," said Demoss.

I think there's one more variable: if Obama pushes a plausible abortion reduction agenda, he might still convince moderate evangelicals that he has a moderate approach. But early signs are that the Obama campaign is not headed that way. A new radio ad hits McCain for opposing abortion, without mentioning Obama's abortion-reduction ideas.

This article is cross-posted from Steve Waldman's blog at Beliefnet.


Agreed, but lets be honest, this was an effort by the democrats to fool some people into voting for someone who does not share their values. The democrats have been playing with their rhetoric, but in the final analysis they still stand exactly where they have stood for the last 30 years on important social issues. Democrats still loath christians and their values as evidenced by the outpouring of hatred towards Sarah Palin.

I really don't think that the left is responsible for all the rhetoric around Sarah Palin. Sure there are those on the left that don't like her, but there are also many on the right. The arguments around her being a mother and therefore unable to be VP (I don't agree with this argument, just citing it) is a conservative argument, not a liberal one. And most people making it are conservatives, not liberals.

BHO's outreach to evangelicals was a fraud from the beginning. What fellowship has light with darkness? All the funders, owners and handlers of BHO are clear members of the kingdom of darkness. FINALLY the light has been shown on the darkness of BHO. I pray for his deliverance and that of Jim Wallis and Tony Campolo as well.