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September 19, 2008

Magazines with women pastors cover pulled from bookstores

Gospel Today was snatched from more than 100 Lifeway Christian Bookstore racks because the women on the cover are church pastors, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Chris Turner, a spokesman for Lifeway Resources, which runs the stores for the Southern Baptist Convention, told reporter Christopher Quinn, "It is contrary to what we believe."

Teresa Hairston, owner of Gospel Today, said she discovered by e-mail that the September/October issue of the magazine had been pulled.

"It's really kind of sad when you have people like [Gov.] Sarah Palin and [Sen.] Hillary Clinton providing encouragement and being role models for women around the world that we have such a divergent opinion about women who are able to be leaders in the church," Hairston told Quinn. "I was pretty shocked."

Southern Baptists are opposed to a woman being the pastor of a local church, but Richard Land told Christianity Today why would they support a woman as vice president.

"Mrs. Thatcher said that her husband was head of her home and she ran the country. Queen Elizabeth said that Prince Phillip was head of the home and she was head of the country. If Mrs. Thatcher had been an American, I would've enthusiastically supported her for president of the United States. The only restrictions we find in Scripture are, that for whatever reason women are not to be in charge of a marriage and women are not to be in charge of a church."

Still, a 2007 survey showed that 44 percent of evangelicals say "Most men are better suited emotionally for politics than most women," USA Today reports. This is compared to 33 percent of evangelical Protestants, more than other Christians and markedly higher than Jews (29%), other religions (23%), and those with no religion (14%).

Cathy Lynn Grossman notes that Baylor University's data were gathered in 2007, when Hillary Clinton was seeking the Democratic nomination, but long before Sarah Palin was selected as John McCain's running mate.


Who says women shouldn't preach...God's word certainly doesn't!Look at the gospels:after the resurrection of Jesus, the WOMEN went to the tomb and were told by an angel that Jesus had been risen and were instructed to go and tell the disciples that he is alive!Luke 24:10: "It was Mary Magdalene,Joanna,Mary the mother of James...who told this to the apostles".Isn't that preaching, spreading the good news?

There is a distinction between sharing the good news and leading a local congregation.

Southern Baptists base their stance on passages such as 1 Timothy 2:12 and 1 Timothy 3 which provide qualifications and restrictions for those who hold official positions within the church.

Nonsense like this is why people don't want to belong to the Southern Baptist denomination (it's membership is falling) or why few people respect the Southern Baptists. Their views on women are based on grossly taking verses from I Corinthians and I Timothy out of context.

This kinda of overactive hairsplitting does far more harm than good. It implys the worst stereotypes of fundamentalist - ignorance of other points of view.

If you cannot discern betwenn areas where good christians can disagree and outright heresy, then it's best to just keep quiet.

It was only after I received Communion from the hands of a female Episcopal priest that I truly felt created in the image of God. I did not know how much I had internalized the message that priests are God's representatives on Earth as meaning that I, a female, was not in the image of those male priests and; therefore, was not in the image of God.

Maybe I did receive the message the men intended correctly. Too bad it is still what is being said to little girls.

Oh, my, the conundrums of literalism!
At least they've abandoned those parts telling me how to shave--or at least, I believe they have.
Seems like a goodly number of contemporary church leaders have abandoned all of Christ's teachings regarding HIS ACCEPTANCE of those defined as deviant by the church leaders of His day.
The best thing of all is that today's leaders are so absolutely certain that they are so absolutely right.

Why oh why are women getting upset over the fact they can't be the head of church or an elder? Women can be teachers, deacons and anything else in the church. Where did all of this spiteful pride come from?
Instead of trusting and understanding why God said and (instructed the prophets to write) why women should not be pastors, people get all worked up because they can't have everything their way.
Women need to understand that we are amazing helpers and God adores that. God does not glorify you because you're a pastor. God glorifies obedient people who love his laws.
God has His reasons for not wanting women the head of a church and it's arrogant for people to think that God doesn't know what He's talking about.
Am I really the only woman in the world who breathed a sigh of relief when I learned that women are not meant to lead a church? People need to get over themselves.

Andrea, do you wear a veil when you pray? Just curious. Why oh why do women get upset that they can't pray with their head uncovered? Am I the only woman in the world who is relieved she doesn't have to worry about her hair, cause she can just throw a headcovering over it?

Clearly, I'm being snarky. But truly, this literalism and fundamentalism is what drives people away from a loving God-- not towards him. Maria in Baltimore made a wonderful point, and I know exactly of what she means. I attend a Methodist church and I love the male preachers there--because of WHO they are and WHAT they preach of God, not because of their gender. I've never felt marginalized by them because of my gender, either. However, I once visited an Episcopal church and it was an incredible experience to receive communion from a female priest.

I guess what I'm saying is, people point the way to God, not gender. But in an area of life (religion) that can still be remarkably male-dominated, women in leadership roles can show us another facet of God and His love for us. Male and female, we were created in His image.

The Southern Baptists are experts at saying and doing the wrong things and making fools of themselves. Someone needs to tell them how to interpret the Bible so that they can act truly Christian.

Good comeback, Mercy.

Getting back to the main point of the story....The magazines were pulled from the shelves. I think Sarah neglected to tell you the real reason they were pulled from the shelves. Was it really because there were women on the cover? I think the real reason they were pulled from the shelves was because of the headline "Treated Like Porn." That was going too far. Sarah seems to have left that fact out to generate conflict.

Thanks, P.

Um, Jim, did you read the Atlanta Journal-Constitution article she linked to? There's a pic of the cover, and nowhere on it do I see the word "porn". Also, did you read this? "Chris Turner, a spokesman for Lifeway Resources, which runs the stores for the Southern Baptist Convention, said, 'It is contrary to what we believe.'” Regarding women preachers. Not...using the word porn in a headline?

I don't quite understand your issue--perhaps you meant that was the headline inside? And even so, journalism is.....journalism. That's an attention grabbing headline. And hiding a magazine under a counter because it features women pastors is, yes, ipso facto, these women's works being treated like porn.

If the Southern Baptists would be half as concerned about the OTHER qualifications for an elder/pastor, we'd probably not have half the problems in this country that we do. Hell is probably giving us a standing ovation.

Maria, if you truly felt you were made in the image of God only after receiving communion from a female priest, I really feel sad for you. Women priests or not, as a Christian, that's the first thing you should have been aware of. God loves you and gave you His Son because you, like me and all mankind fell from His image in sin, and have been restored by the atoning death and Resurrection of His Son Jesus. I will pray for you. Meanwhile, I think I can safely go with Sacred Scripture and Sacred Apostolic Tradition trusting the Holy Spirit to guide the Church on the women and "priest/pastor" issue. No question about a woman's uniqueness in ministry (the highest creature God honored was a woman-Mary) and the commission to women to preach the Gospel as well. However, with regards women and priests/pastors, I think I can safely trust the Church's wisdom and the Apostolic Word given to her safekeeping in Scripture and Tradition. (I'm sorry if this might ruffle some feathers, but apostles and pastors are different callings too - doesn't mean one is inferior to another; so is motherhood and fatherhood; I respect women very much, but try as I may, I would not be able to conceive- even after taking those hormones, lol!)

Sorry, maybe I was not clear in the above post. I believe women are called to ministry and are certainly called to preach the Gospel of Christ (look at all the women who followed Him and supported the apostles). However, I agree with Scripture and the apostolic tradition of the Church that women are not called to "apostolic ministry" and thus the priestly/pastor ministry of the Church, since they are representatives of the apostles (I know NT Wright tries to argue about the presence of women apostles- using Junia, etc...I disagree with him on this issue). I'm comfortable with this and that's why I base my doctrine on the Church's magisterium rather than putting my opinions forward on the basis of emotions and how I feel.

And I believe, Clinton, that you are a Catholic, and thus follow different guidelines and believe rather different things than Protestants do, and ergo am not inclined to give much credence to the Magisterium/Tradition/etc. You base your doctrine on the Magisterium because you are a Catholic and because, as recent public comments by Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi have evidenced, the Church does not look fondly on those who disagree. I am also thoroughly sick of the argument that "God really loves women cause Mary was a woman." Mary was an incredibly unique woman, she does NOT speak for all womankind. She was also, according to your teachings, permanently a virgin and free of original sin. That does not make her very similar to womankind. Pointing to one pious woman and expecting oppressed women the world-over, subjugated in a male-dominated religion, to draw faith from that and expect that to satisfy them while men, perhaps less intelligent or less sensitive, are allowed to represent Christ, is nothing more than folly and male pride.

And leave Maria alone. Perhaps you need to know what it is like as a woman to really know what she meant.

I believe the "treated like porn" confusion comes from the FoxNews.com website because that was the headline they used for the story. Go to gospeltoday.com to see the actual cover. "Treated like porn" is not on there.

As for the Catholic Church, the argument that women can't be priests because Jesus didn't choose women disciples is weak. At that time, he couldn't have chosen any women to be part of the twelve because of their severe lack of standing in society. Women couldn't learn, couldn't testify in court, and were pretty much just objects for sex, childbirth, and cooking and cleaning. That's why what Paul said in I Timothy is actually very pro-female, that in a day and age where women were forbidden to learn, Paul says that they must learn! They couldn't preach because they were ignorant and therefore easy to deceive. Therefore, they were instructed by Paul to learn.

By the way, following the Catholic Church's logic, only Jewish men can be priests.

Sad to say that denomination are man made and have no bearing on the eventual approval of the individual by our LORD.
After many years of research,including the subject of female church leaders, I came to one firm conclusion. A woman can teach and preach in any church provided she is under authority by a leading minister or under authority of church elders. Otherwise teaching and peaching is to be denied if we want to follow bible teaching on this subject.

Perhaps one other comment needs to be made. The single pastor or priest is a concept that is not found in the New Testament. That is pure and simple church tradition and is only found in the Greek orator tradition and has no Christian foundation.

the debate is whether the store that is southern baptist in doctrinal beliefs had the right to pull the magazine from its shelves. my personal opinion is yes they did. scripturally maybe not. but the chain of stores has a guideline to follow and they should make no exceptions to that guideline. that would be the same as mainline Christianity saying you don't need the blood of Jesus to be saved, and we all know that isn't true, don't we ? well you may think me another SBC follower but i am not raised roman Catholic saved thru the AOG and raised in faith non denom. do women have the right to usurp the mans authority given within the bounds of church we will ultimatley find out at the throne one day.

Mercy, thanks for your comments. I was an evangelical pastor who just converted to the Catholic Church recently. So you're right - the Catholic leaning was pretty obvious from what I wrote. But certainly, my point had nothing to do with Catholic vs Protestant. Like I said, if Maria felt she was made in the image of God only after taking communion from a female priest - that is very sad indeed. The other things you say actually are very disingenuous. The Church rebuked Pelosi and Biden because they claimed to be practising Catholics while denying a cardinal doctrine of the faith- that life begins in the womb. So it had nothing to do with women. Catholic women have been in leading positions throughout history and the Church has always supported that - including queens and rulers of nations in the Middle Ages. The restriction to the priestly ministry stems more from when the priest offers Mass, he stands in the place of Christ (thus it is more of a theological issue). Catholics, like Orthodox and "many" Anglicans, believe they derive this teaching from Apostolic tradition just like we received the Scriptures from Apostolic Tradition and it didn't fall from the sky like many believe. What is sad is that you are taking out your vitriol on Catholics and many other Christians, who just want to do what seems to them to best to be true to their faith - not to put anyone up or down. You seem to have believed that age-old lie that the Catholic Church uses Mary to put women down (nothing could be farther from the truth. Catholics highly venerate Mary), and throughout Church history women have played prominent positions in the Church. Of course if we don't study the Bible as the writer's intended and read the likes of Dan Brown, it is easy to come to that conclusion - the Catholic Church is the seat of satan, the whore of Babylon, and there's a big conspiracy going on where the Catholic CHurch wants to take over the world! The mistakes and sinful natures of Catholics aside ( just like any other Protestant), the Church has always preached Christ and the gospel as the only source of man's freedom. Look at the symbol of the Church - it is always Christ crucified, once and for all, for the redemption of mankind, and Resurrected. This is what we celebrate at every Mass as we partake of His Body and Blood- the Lamb of God!
But its no wonder- the Church has been the most persecuted of all peoples as Jesus promised ( and Protestants will realize that in the end its always been the anti-Christians, within and without the Church who hate Christians; they did it during the Reformation and after, and they are doing it today, persecuting Catholics and Protestants alike)

Mercy, I want to say I'm sorry if any of the things I said may offend you. Please remember that what I'm trying to say is that for Catholics, Orthodox and many other Protestant Christians this is a theological issue, not a question of whether men and women are equal etc. THere is no question about that - men and women are EQUAL in Christ - as St. Paul says, we just have different roles. For eg. men can't be biological mothers - though they can be spiritual mothers and fathers - like when a child has no mother. The only difference is biological - a difference God gave us because He thought it was good.

I respect women very highly and many of the people who have highly influenced my Christian life are women! No question! I believe women can be in very high positions of power (am supporting Palin) as the Bible describes. So I support women! The forced dichotomy between men and women is a 20th century feminist invention - it actually makes women feel bad that they are women and somehow suggests that they should be like men. This is the problem. And now we have gone crazy - men want to be women and women men. Can you see how this can affect society in the long run? Thats the only problem.

Reg. Mary, yes the Catholic Church believes that Mary remained a virgin and that she was "full of God's grace", thus preserved from original sin at conception (Remember, the Church also teaches all Born-again Christians- Catholics and Protestants are freed from original sin when they accept Christ and at baptism). Again this is only a theological issue. Since Jesus, God Himself, was conceived and lived in Mary's womb, for 9 months, the Church believes that He couldn't have done that unless He cleansed Mary first. Just like He comes into our hearts after we have been cleansed through repentance ourselves! This actually only exalts women! God could have landed on earth like an alien - but He chose to come through a woman! Mary was not unique because she did anything - but because God gave her "all of His Grace". For similar reasons, the Church believes Mary remained a Virgin (oh I know you'll talk about brothers and sisters of Jesus - you have to consider any sibling of Jesus would still be a half-sibling, because Joseph was not Jesus' father, and Christians through the ages have believed that these siblings were extended family - I come from India and we have the same problem- everyone is a brother and sister). The Church has always believed these things about Mary since earliest times because they are true, not to denigrate women. The Reformation was the first time it was seriously questioned, only because the Reformers rejected Sacred Tradition, but Calvin and Luther still believed in Mary's perpetual virginity and Luther believed she was preserved from original sin!

Olaf, I agree with you. This is the Catholic Church position - and traditional Christian interpretation throughout history. Women can teach and preach in the Church, just as men can! Look at the host of canonized Catholic saints who were "women". Some of them were very feisty like St. Teresa of Avila who stood upto the men. And men preparing to be priests regularly read St. Teresa for instruction and edification. Plus, Christians have always believed that "all Christ's bishops" hold equal authority in the Church and are a team of elders. Even Protestants believe in this heirarchy - I was AG for many years and we had superintendents, etc... the single pastor concept is a very new phenomenon, no question about that!

Dear Clinton, thank you for your thoughtful response to my heated comments. I apologize that I did not seek to speak truth in love. It is ironic that you came from evangelical Christianity-- I was raised Methodist, attended a Catholic Church for years and planned conversion, and only recently returned home to Protestantism. I also just graduated from a conservative Catholic college where I felt like this was jammed down our throats, so I think I'm just a little sick and tired of the Protestant/Catholic divide and rhetoric. But regarding Maria receiving from a woman priest (poor Maria, one comment and we're still discussing it), I was thinking last night, don't we ALL have preconceived notions and burdens we bring with us that keep us from God, until something breaks down that wall, if you will, and lets us see His truth? Her's was gender, but perhaps we all have issues that keep us from realizing the truth.
So I suppose this is an issue where we agree to disagree. Though pretty young, I've spent a few years studying and researching Catholicism's claims (also, I read the Da Vinci Code as a student of history and theology and was completely horrified). I certainly understand of what you write. But I have grown to reject it. I am choosing to focus only on Christ, and I left the Catholic church behind for a multitude of reasons, only one of which is their treatment of women which I could no longer tolerate. Forgive me for hijacking the thread here, but it seems to me that Catholicism makes Christ's love and calling to us overly complicated and removes the gifts of grace. I am thoroughly tired of Catholic arguments against women imaging Christ simply because of different bodies and am angered when I hear the same old arguments against us. We are all called to be Christ in the world, regardless of biology. We all offer different facets of God, because we are all made in His image.

I simply don't buy this argument that a person, Catholic or Protestant, can restrict women while fully respecting them and considering them equal to men. You cannot restrict a person based on something that has no bearing on intelligence or abilities and truly respect them. This argument that women are equal to men yet have a different role that excludes them from church leadership is alarmingly similar to the separate but equal view that was used to try to keep black people segregated.

Mercy, thank you again for your beautiful comments and I also read your earlier quote later this morning. I am sorry I did misunderstand you, and I hope Maria will forgive us (she probably didn't mean much)! Yes, I think there has been quite a bit of division and the discord and rifts within the Body of Christ often makes me very sad (especially from my previous evangelical and current perspective). I commend you for your studies, especially as a student of theology, and I think that's awesome in a day when the average Christian is often Biblically illiterate. You have had an interesting experience! (I wonder what college you went to). For me as well, its been hard- I left the Catholic Church as a teenager in India and became very active as an evangelical. A year ago I was horrified at even considering the Catholic Church. However, I was challenged by someone I had brought to the Lord, which began a slow, painful process of reading the early church fathers, and much amazement and disbelief. Eventually, I realized that if I had to be true to my conscience, I had to enter into full communion with the Church I had rejected as a church of Christ. Since then, it has been both (initially) a terrifying as well as a gratifying experience for me. I can understand some of the issues you have reg. women. Sometimes, I myself feel, "I wish the Church let married men become priests today" and then look at our current state of family and just trust God and the wisdom of many who have gone before us. I've always wanted to serve the Lord. So thats not a problem. Our church ministers every Saturday with the gospel, food and clothes to the homeless on the streets of Boston, my parish priest has asked me to lead a Bible study, and I am going to a weekly Bible study and prayer group led by a "woman!". I am not sure that all the reasons why the priestly ministry is male has to do with representing Christ at the altar. I suspect a lot has to do with the role of men and women (in the family and church), the superseding of the Aaronic ministry with the one of Melchizedek and the tradition of the apostles as found in St. Paul's letter to Timothy and the early church fathers. However, you probably know more about this than me! (coz you studied it!) and honestly, I think its an interesting theological issue. That said, women have played a great role in my life- Catholic and Protestant, and I can only remember that during my years in India, these women helped me to love the Lord and appreciate Him! Take care and God Bless.

The SBC gives the world another unnecessary reason to ridicule evangelical Christianity. What a juvenile response by Lifeway! Furthermore, it is abjectly hypocritical. Read internetmonk.com on this issue. Lifeway has no problem making a gazillion dollars from Beth Moore, a woman Bible teacher who has much more influence in the lives of women Bible students than their male pastors. Who has the authority here?

Mike, in reference to Beth Moore, it's not hypocrisy on the part of Lifeway. Beth Moore is a teacher, not a pastor. There is a distinction. Women fill many roles within Southern Baptist churches, just not the role of pastor. Back to Lifeway selling product, there are also other female teachers sold through Lifeway. Priscilla Shirer (female and black) and Kay Arthur are two well-known teachers who have inspired many, both male and female.

Rather than holding up Moore as a example of alleged hypocrisy, perhaps it would be better to understand Moore's belief on the matter. She wouldn't see it as hypocritical at all.

Lifeway has given biblical references to support their position. Others may choose another interpretation, but that's probably why they belong to another denomination or a different religion entirely.

S. has got it right!!!!!!!!!!!! This thread really tempts me to walk away from Christianity altogether. Surely God cannot be where one sector of humanity limits another and claims to do so out of obedience to God! This is the domain of the deceiver, not God. Frankly, you make me want to throw up.

Serious research into what reputable, highly qualified Bible scholars say on this issue internationally reveals that they too are DIVIDED on this issue. Scholars are NOT divided on what Paul says in 1 Cor.11:1, `Follow my example as I follow the example of Christ.' So the truth lies in how Jesus treated women at a time when men were legally and culturally head of everything. From the beginning of the Gospels, when God sends the angel Gabriel directly to Mary, instead of her father or Joseph, Jesus ALWAYS lifts women out of their TRADITIONALLY subordinated situation. He gives them world-shaking announcements to make to men and women. HE is our example. Paul followed His example. Let's not misinterpret Paul. He too was under pressure from traditional and cultural thinking.

There is a lot of heat here, but little light except a passing reference to the relevant passages in 1Corinthians and 1Timothy. IIf one accepts anything about the Bible with confidence it must be predicated on the inspiration of the Holy Spirit - meaning that God used Paul to write EXACTLY what God wanted to be written and He meant exactly what he said. If we don't start there then everything is up for grabs, everything is relative and there is no authoritative document that informs or faith.

Now to the question at hand: The Scripture teaches that both sexes are created in God's image and that all are equal in Christ. However, men and women are physically, biiologically, hormonally and emotionally different. There are COMPLEMENTARY strengths and differences possessed by each Sex. Paul in supporting his position, given by Bod, with these in mind and draws on events surrounding around that fall.

As much as women are different from men physically, this includes emotional differences. Just watch interaction in a solving a problem and there are inherently different approaches that are very clear. Paul draws on two illustrations, one from Creation and one from emotions. God created man fist to demonstrate an order, A man who truly loves God will be submissive to God as an example to all. It is organizational - not ability oriented. Then he draws a conclusion from our emotional make up. Eve was deceived, because women inherently trust more than men, making the susceptible to wrong teach. On the other hand, men often do the wrong thing, because of losing sense when it comes to following women. Paul's guidelines can be seen as even a stronger indictment of men than women. He doesn't men to be misled with their eyes wide open. If men are good leaders anyone will happily follow. Of course there are women who are smarter than mean and have great ability to lead - but they can also be easily deceived. If we follow God's plan, we are more likely to see results he can bless. If we don't follow them we're going to fall.

It really comes down to one thing - and not interpretation - whether or not we are going to follow the plain-sense reading of God's word. Without that as a point of reference the whole discussion will be riddled with accusations, innuendo, anger and slander. It come down to the same question posed by Satan in the Garden {Did god really say . . .?)

I'll keep it simple..
Actions such as these in the Lifeway stores are EXACTLY why students today are turning away from their churches. How difficult would it have been for the retailer to have the magazine in their stores for the brief duration of sales time? Perhaps the magazine might have sparked a conversation in the store or over coffee. Instead, the store fueled the constant fire of close minded Christians unwilling to be open to discussion about scripture, life and faith. The last few times I was in a Lifeway store the vibe was just like this event, and I'm going to content myself with Amazon. com from here on.

First of all, I am a female, serving in a paid ministry position (Director of Children's Ministries) in a Southern Baptist church that does not believe in the ordination of women and who accepts the "separate but equal" status Christian women enjoy in the church and the home. The church bases this position on a careful study of Scripture. I am not ordained, nor am I in spiritual authority over men, yet I am valued, loved, respected and given great freedom in my position of teaching/ministering to children and families.

Years ago I began searching to understand why God, who clearly loves women and has obviously used them throughout history as major players in His reaching out to humankind, might withhold from us some positions of leadership. Our senior pastor at the time had NO objection to the ordination of women, for whatever that is worth. I approached the subject through Bible study and prayer, and felt God answered me in this way--I was reminded of Eve--his beloved and special female creation. Regardless of whether one takes her story literally or symbolically, there is something for us there. God gave Eve access to anything on earth, except the fruit of one tree which He withheld for His own good purposes. If we read Genesis carefully, it is easy to see that until the serpent began to point out to Eve what he portrayed as God's great injustice to her in denying her the fruit of that tree, that Eve had not even really taken notice of it. Only when Satan began to tempt her with it, did she see how "beautiful" it was, and begin to desire it. For whatever reason, she had been given by her Designer every possible food in the world, save that one fruit, and yet suddenly she was deceived that she just couldn't be fulfilled without tasting it. She desired the power and the position of "being a god", and so she listened to the deceiver and took what her Creator warned her not to grab for. She then magnified her sin of disobedience by encouraging Adam to also take what God had forbidden. There were severe consequences for their disregard for what God had said to them.

I see myself so clearly in that story. I, a woman, have been told by my perfectly truthful Creator that I am to take His gospel to the ends of the earth and His Word tells me I may serve Him in any way available, with one small exception. I am not to be a pastor with authority over men--I am not to be a pulpit preacher. I trust Him (and thank Him for the example of Eve) that His plan and purpose for this restriction are working for good, even if I don't understand it--and it robs me of nothing. I don't need to wrest the power of a pulpit from the hands of men nor seek the pride the pulpit sometimes brings. Every true believer is a minister of the gospel, and I can serve with joy and deep contentment within my Father's stated will as a director of children's ministries, or as a Sunday School teacher, a choir leader, an outreach captain, an Evangelism Team leader/visitor, and on and on. "His yoke is easy and His burden is light."

The church is a Theocracy, not a democracy. God does not need my vote or my permission on any matter. What arrogance and greed we exhibit when we are unwilling to obey Him in such a small matter.

Should Lifeway have pulled the magazine covers? I, for one, appreciate their courageous act in showing such respect for God's Word, rather than kowtowing to "liberated" Christians (folks "liberated" from searching and following "inconvenient" Scriptures). Those who want to demand "rights" from God, rather than learn from Him about "duties and privileges" will show their worldliness in their loud protests, but God is honored as women of many Biblical Christian churches work diligently and joyfully at the tasks He has given them within the very small limitations He's drawn.

I periodically attend, but am not a member of, a S.B. church where women have no role except that of teacher, food preparer, servant. That would be ok if the rest of the Biblical laws were as strictly adhered to as the laws regarding role of women in the church seem to be. The pastor, and about half of the leadership team (the word deacon is not used) are divorced and remarried - (not that there is anything wrong with that) - and scripture prohibits this. But it just goes to show the extent that scripture is twisted so that those in power can remain in power, and those without power shall forever (if it can be arranged) remain so.

Somewhere tucked tightly in the Word of God are some scritures that we seem to sometimes overlook as we try to justify this point. God says He is no repector of person and that In Christ there is no male nor female. The authority a male Pastor leads with should not be his own but that of Christ. The same holds tru for all people in leadership. We sometimes forget that we are not the one's that call Pastors into the ministry, it is indeed Christ who does that as we find in Eph 4:1. We could get into contestual context and Greek translation to the referenced scriptures of 1 Timothy 3 and 1 Corinthians coupled with Titus one and we would be alarmed as to how things could be percieved differently. Titus 1:10-12 or 13 really sum up our actions about these issues. As for who God calls, that is not my call. As to where I choose to sit, that is my call.

Andrea and Drifter are absolutely correct. Feminism does not belong in Christianity, as it is in rebellion to God's established role placement; therefore, it's sinful. There is a heirarchy in every apspect of life. There has to be. God knows what He's doing. I wish women would stop trying to break into the men's club at every turn! - AND DON'T GO SAYING CHRISTIANITY IS NOT A "MEN'S CLUB"! I KNOW that, and YOU all know exactly what I mean! Darrell, thank you for correcting, clarifying, and speaking the truth about Beth Moore. I had to explain this same thing to my husband about her. I praise God for making me the "weaker vessel" and men so wonderfully masculine and dominant. I appreciate, embrace, and am truly thankful for the differences between the two sexes. Twisting Scripture or trying to rewrite the Bible is not only sinful, it's a waste of time, as it's not going to make the Word of God any less true.

"Husband of one wife" is pretty clear.
Isn't it?

No matter how you twist the Greek, the Scripture remains the same.

"He too was under pressure from traditional and cultural thinking."

Someone claimed this about the apostle Paul. It is simply not true. Paul wrote Scripture that was God-breathed, above any traditions or cultures.

The Bible does not permit a woman to speak in the church, "she must be silent." The Bible tells women to go home and ask their husbands a question if they have one. The Bible says that the man is the head of the woman, just as Christ is the head of man. Now, Jesus commands all Christians, male and female, to go into all the world and preach the Gospel. That is why there are women missionaries. But in the Church, a woman should not preach, teach, or be in authority over a man. May God lead you to all truth.

I think most Christian believe that people are called into ministry. I grew up in the Baptist church, believing that women had limited roles in the church. However, beginning in my teenage years I felt called to ministry, but I never knew what to do with it. So it lingered in my heart for years until I finally embraced the call as a member of the United Methodist Church. I went on to earn an M.Div. degree and have been an ordained minister for the last 20 years. When people asked me what I would say to those who told me that God did not allow women to be pastors, I just replied that I had to be obedient to what I knew God wanted from me. Many seminaries now have close to or over 50% female students who also feel called to ministry. I'm not going to argue with God about whose hearts God is leading to minister to the world, whatever the role will be.

Mal 3:6 For I am the LORD, I change not; therefore ye sons of Jacob are not consumed.

Psa 119:89 LAMED. For ever, O LORD, thy word is settled in heaven.

"This thread really tempts me to walk away from Christianity altogether."

Amy, I do hope you're still around in here.

I exhort you in all seriousness and love in Christ to closely examine the basis of your Christian faith, because this statement of yours doesn't indicate a relationship with the Lord Jesus. Instead, it indicates acquiescense to a set of principles that you'll stick with as long as it feels good to you.

"Did you receive the Holy Spirit when you believed?" asked Paul of certain Ephesians. If you did, you have a relationship with the Lord Jesus, and your statement would be akin to threatening to walk out of your marriage because you hear two married couples arguing about what marriage means!

You may well be a victim of "Purpose Driven..." type preaching. Thats the type of preaching that says, "accept Jesus and see how He can help you get your life together". It tickles the ears but doesn't call to repentance. It comes from preachers "Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof" (2 tim. 3:5). What is the power of God then? We find it at 1 Cor 1:18, "the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness; but unto us which are saved it is the power of God." That, Amy, is where you begin your relationship with the Lord Jesus, at the foot of His cross, leaving the burden of your sin with Him as you come to repentance and a knowledge of your salvation. Once you know that your salvation is reality, you will never even think of jeopardising that for an internet debate, or for the difference in doctrine between churches.

I am praying for you Amy, that you may come to a place where you can say, with Paul, "For the which cause I also suffer these things: nevertheless I am not ashamed: for I know whom I have believed..." (2 Tim 1:12)

But what about the issue of pulling the offending magazine from public availability? The question of ordination standards is very important, but how we talk about it is also very important. Evangelicals often lament we are losing the culture battles, but how can we be a part of our world at all if we just block information from reaching us?

I have been enlightened by many of the comments here. I was especially helped by "grievedandloving" in her explanation of how we get upset with God because, for whatever His reasons and intent, He denies us one certain thing, while granting us everything else good in that category .... and we are seldom thankful or appreciative for all the rest that He has provided for our pleasure and enjoyment in His service.

In view of some wisdom and expertise evidenced above, I have 2 related questions that I would like a logical answer to: #1. In 1Tim 2:12 the women are told to be silent at church, but they would be talking, whether they were teaching children or men, so how would any teaching by women be permitted at all if they were strictly following this rule. I have always heard that this was to keep the women from yelling out questions from the women's area, and that they were to ask their husbands after they got home. If this was the scenario for this verse, then the prohibition of women pastors would not seem applicable, based just on this verse about silence.

#2. In basing the denial of women pastors on the fact that Eve was deceived: in verse 14 Paul/God says that "Adam was not deceived". We get no impression that Eve forced the forbidden fruit into his mouth, so if he ate it willingly, even after God's prohibition, just as Eve was deceived by the serpent, Adam must have been deceived by either Eve or the serpent. If both ate it willingly, why the difference in accountability ? Thank you for any logical explanations.

Hello Sara,

Re: 1) In modern times, children are taught in a separate area, not "in church". The voices of their teachers - male or female - don't interfere with services and the preaching of the Word. Why would it have been any different in Paul's day?

Personally, I'm skeptical of the explanation often given about keeping women from yelling out. That makes women sound like a very coarse, insensitive and unruly bunch, doesn't it? I believe its a theological issue, not a practical one, as such.The prohibition of Paul is in teaching or exercising authority over men. If you consider the gifts of the Spirit as outlined in 1 Cor. 12 & 13, particularly the gifts of utterance - tongues, interpretation and prophecy, these all were exercised in a spontaneous manner, in church, and would have constituted teaching and authority over men. Therefore the only way to ensure that they didn't exercise such a spontaneous ministry that could very well have been deceptive was for them to remain silent. This time of "body ministry" as some call it is the very context of the injunction for women to remain silent. I would imagine that at other times during gatherings it would have been quite routine for women to share with others in the gathering - perhaps upon invitation - news of what has happened in the family - persecution and so on. It is inconceivable to me, for example, that widows would have been forced to remain silent at all times that Christians were gathered together. Only, I think during this particular aspect of what we now call a service was this applicable.

The instruction to remain silent is not the basis, or the only basis, of the prohibition on women as pastors (elders). 1 Tim 2:12 tells us that women are not to have authority over men, and v. 13 and 14 demonstrate clearly that this is a theological and not a cultural imperative as some insist! The qualifications of a "bishop" (elder or pastor) in 2 Tim 3 are very clear in specifying this as a male role. Likewise in Titus 1, showing that Paul wasn'ty having a momentary verbal slip-up.

Re: 2): Adam was not deceived. We know that because we are told so. The simple implication is that Adam sinned knowingly. Genesis 3:17 says, "Because thou hast hearkened unto the voice of such was the persuasiveness of thy wife... cursed is the ground...." How easy is it for a man to be seduced by a woman's pursuasive ways! Adam knew what he was doing but allowed Eve, who had clearly been deceived to seduce him into disobedience, and it was Adam that was named as responsible.

There is a further implication here: While there are both male and female ministries that go way off into error, female ministries that do are inclined to do so in genuine deception, believing they are right whereas men will do so in rebellion to God's truth, knowing deep down that what they are doing. I'm not speaking of mere non-essential doctrinal differences, but "damnable heresies" of which Paul speaks. I recognise though that this paragraph is my own thought and not necessarily carrying authority of scripture.

OOps - I should have proof-read it shouldn't I? :-)

Sentence in second last paragraph should have read, "Genesis 3:17 says, "Because thou hast hearkened unto the voice of thy wife... cursed is the ground...."

Word processing error! (was I deceived?) :-)

There is another dimension that I want to this discussion:

"If any one aspires to the office of bishop, he desires a noble task."

Other versions say, "a good work". The implication is clear: the office is for the benefit of the Church, not the one aspiring to it.

If anyone - male or female - feels they are being "oppressed" (as have various statements made herein suggested) because they are not allowed into "the ministry", then that person hasn't matured beyond self interest to the state where they can pastor others into a maturity that is beyond self interest.

Over three dedcades ago, I heard Loren Cunningham preach a sermon entitled, "the right to forego rights". I've never forgotten it. This is the exercise of agape love and commitment to the will of God, knowing that He "works all things together for good to them that love Him and are called according to His purpose".

Worldly feminism is about "rights" (or more accurately, "perceived rights"). It is not a philosophy in accordance with the Word of God, and should never be allowed into the Church to sully it with its strife, resentment, anger and self-focus. We are "bought with a price" (1 Cor 6:20)and are servants, yet "heirs with Christ". As far as our ministry is concerned, we must seek the ministry He gives us, not the one we want for ourselves. We must then surrender it to His will and not seek thanks or glory. "So likewise ye, when ye shall have done all those things which are commanded you, say, We are unprofitable servants: we have done that which was our duty to do."

In submitting our ambitions to Him in true servanthood, we are released into a glorious freedom. That is one of the Christian life's wonderful paradoxes!

There is a distinction between sharing the good news and leading a local congregation.

Southern Baptists base their stance on passages such as 1 Timothy 2:12 and 1 Timothy 3 which provide qualifications and restrictions for those who hold official positions within the church.

Posted by: Darrell at September 19, 2008

So Darrell, I assume that you feel women should not teach Sunday School either. Right?

Paul states that Deacons are not to be addicted to "much wine." Is it okay with you if you Deacons enjoy wine with their meals?

I don't know, but maybe much of what Paul was writing had cultural implications and were not meant to be laws, as such. I wonder and think on these things a lot.

Where does the Bible ever say "thou shalt bend thy writings to the culture of the day"?

God's Word is for all time, not just for 100s AD. No matter if Paul writes it or Jesus speaks it or whatever, the Scripture is forever.

I think Lifeway did a good thing by refusing to buckle or compromise their beliefs. They remained true to Scripture, no matter what the CULTURE dictated.

Leland, I addressed the "culture" argument in a previous post: " 1 Tim 2:12 tells us that women are not to have authority over men, and v. 13 and 14 demonstrate clearly that this is a theological and not a cultural imperative as some insist! The qualifications of a "bishop" (elder or pastor) in 2 Tim 3 are very clear in specifying this as a male role. Likewise in Titus 1, showing that Paul wasn'ty having a momentary verbal slip-up."

Re: the wine issue, Paul spoke against "addiction" to wine. He also ADVISED Timothy to drink not only water but to take a little wine for the sake of his stomach. Jesus made wine for the wedding feast, and it was the good stuff. It wasn't non-alcoholic as some weakly argue. You only have to read the account to realise that what he made was of the quality and nature that was customarily given guests until they were too ... joyful :-)... to recognise the difference.

Self control (part of the fruit of the Spirit) is the key here.

Well I think I've had my share of the podium in here folks. Thanks for reading me. Good bye and God bless each one. Watch for His coming! :-)

I'm not Southern Baptists, but I have to respect them for this. They take the Bible seriously on this matter, unlike Pentecostals and the like, who pander shamelessly to modern sensibilities. The Bible says very, very, very clearly that women are not to preach and are not be leaders in the church. By allowing female "pastors", a church openly declares its rejection of the Bible.

I agree that the Bible specifically said that it should be men who will stand on the pulpit but what if there are no qualified men? Shall we stop or postpone a church service because there is no man qualified? Shall we stop a work of God because there is no man qualified to lead the service?
Is it not that when there's no one to praise God, He will use even the stones to praise Him?

The real issue is that we are either willing to submit to God or else we design our own god and our own rules. God is a God of order and He has His own reasons for doing what He does. He decided that only the Levites would be priests. Did the other tribes think it unjust and rebel? Saul did and was punished. Pretty narrow, right?
Who do we think we are to argue with God? Such arrogance! Can you imagine the chaos there would be if God had not predetermined that only women would bear children and be mothers? If you think we have a high divorce rate now, think what it would be if couples had that to fight over!
A humble person uses their God given talents in God approved ways and is fulfilled and feels God's smile. This is not an issue that bothers humble people, women or men. It is an issue that bothers the aggressive self promoter, the proud, the arrogant, and the bitter rebellious competitor.
The most under applied for job in any church is "the unprofitable servant" described by Jesus as serving without so much as a "thank you" for a job well done. It is the kind of job the prima donnas don't want, but the job we will all wish we had taken up when we stand in heaven some day staring down on the scars in the hands of our "suffering servant" Lord.

Some thoughts for reflection:
1) Whatever happened to the "royal priesthood of believers," the pontificates (bridges) of God? Just an unfulfilled sola from the Reformation, eh?
2) The word "pastor" (singular) cannot be found in the New Testament.
3) How - and why - did the body of Christ, the Living Stones, make that u-turn back to Old Testament style temple worship?

"If one accepts anything about the Bible with confidence it must be predicated on the inspiration of the Holy Spirit - meaning that God used Paul to write EXACTLY what God wanted to be written and He meant exactly what he said. If we don't start there then everything is up for grabs, everything is relative and there is no authoritative document that informs or faith." Drifter
If we accept Drifter's understanding, how do we allow for differences in ancient sources, differences in translations, differences in one person's understanding vs. another's, or even one person's understanding changing with different readings of the Bible. It is more difficult to have to seek understanding than to merely take everything at face value. I think God intended for us to question and mull over scripture, not for it to be black and white. Jesus did not speak in black and white terms. I also believe that we must put any one passage in the light of the entire gospel. Look at how Jesus treated women--he included women, a radical action in his time. God gave us brains and expects us to use them.
It is convenient for men who have the power to want to perpetuate having the power, but that cannot be seen in the actions of Jesus. He said the first shall be last and the last first, repeatedly. He turned first century norms on their heads.

These comments against women preaching alternately make me nauseated and angry--especially when they come from other women, ESPECIALLY when other women willingly refer to themselves as a "weaker vessel". That is such a crying shame.

This is disgusting: "men often do the wrong thing, because of losing sense when it comes to following women". Oh yes, like in history, when thousands willingly followed Adolf Hitl...oh wait, he was a man. Hmmm. How 'bout when Lenin gained steam with his teachings...wait, darn it, he was a man too. Genghis Khan....yeah, he was male. Saddam Hussein, Pol Pot, Hirohito, on and on ad infinitum... You know what, there was clearly a woman whispering tyranny in their ears, without whom they would have never been leaders. I can't believe in all my ears of studying history I forgot about all those influenced by uppity women.


Drifter, I've got news for you. Men can screw up all on their own steam. Don't go blaming half the human race for YOUR gender's (I'm assuming you're a male) inability to think rationally at times. PEOPLE can lose sense because of following PEOPLE. That is a pathetic justification for your beliefs. Women may be different from men, but that doesn't make them less intelligent, you ignoramus.

I'd also just like to point out that people who have held to strict Bible interpretation also managed to find a way to justify the slavery and segregation of African Americans. Just sayin'. Rationalize away.

So you're saying we should bow to loose, liberal interpretations of the Bible?

As a LifeWay employee...whatever issues you have and the bickering that;s being done on this site, please do not take it out on the little associates that are there to serve you everyday all day...We didn't write the magazine, it's not our job to agree or disagree with you and we are not allowed to, and corporate pulled it "WE DIDN'T" so I humbly ask that everyone keep their "Christian" bickering on all of these blogs and not to us...we can politely give you the proper phone numbers and direct you to the source of your issue...this matter is really putting a damper on us (THIS IS NOT OUR FAULT WE CALL NO SHOTS)...God loves us dearly but that shouldn't make it anyone's duty to get in our faces or call us with an attitude. I understand that we are your first point of contact but we also understand that just because we are saved doesn't mean that we have to tolerate the mean phone calls, gossip, bickering, judging, sarcasm, and the like...release your energy to the right people...

Paul, are YOU saying justifying slavery using Bible verses was right?

Maybe while they're at it, the SBCs ought to demonstrate some integrity and call home all of their women missionaries who teach men and essentially function as pastors overseas.

Or does a different Bible/hermeneutic prevail in the third world so that American women can teach Philipino men, yada yada?

Mercy, slaves in the South pre-Civil War were being horribly mistreated. The Union was most definitely opposed to that. There did occur slavery in Bible times, it's just the truth. That's why the Bible tells slaves several times to obey their masters. It's a controverisial issue. I hope I answered your question as best as possible. Now, would you answer mine?

"Maybe while they're at it, the SBCs ought to demonstrate some integrity and call home all of their women missionaries who teach men and essentially function as pastors overseas.

Or does a different Bible/hermeneutic prevail in the third world so that American women can teach Philipino men, yada yada?"

Jesus said "go into all the world and preach the gospel." He was talking to all Christians. Paul said "But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence." He was talking to women.

My Pastor happens to be a woman, and a mighty woman of God at that. God called her to be Pastor over the church about a year ago. She prays and seeks God on everything concerning the church. I am glad that she answered the call that God had on her life, I was backsliden and my life was completely out of control. One day I had this need to talk to someone who didnt have any part of knowing me nor the situations that I was in so that I could get an outsiders opinion on what I might need to do to regain what someone was taking from me. I was told by a cousin of mine to go talk to this lady and she not only helped me out of what was going on in my life but invited me to church. I have never gotten as much out of a church as I have this one I am currently attending. She is an awesome role model, Pastor and woman after Gods own heart. He is using her in mighty ways, she is a life changer and seeks God first in how to deal with others. I love that she along with Paula White, Darlene Bishop, Jaunita Bynum, and many other woman have followed Christ and become Pastors. The goal in this whole thing is to win souls to the kingdom of God, whether by man or woman, God will use even a donkey to get someone to turn around. God is not sexist He has a plan and purpose for everyone, man or woman. In the end times I (this is scripture) will pour my spirit upon all flesh....this means men and women! God loves you all, SO do I. God Bless!

The bible specifically states women can not to be pastors. They can not have authority over men.

Hello my fellow brothers & sisters in Christ. I cant believe what im reading! Im a woman & although i recognise that this is a controversial subject matter I dont see the need for sarcasm, insults etc. Jesus said that the greatest commanment are: To LOVE the Lord your God & LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOUR as you love yourself. The Apostle Paul said that we do not belong to ourselves but to eachother(the body) of Christ. I dont know how this all got so complicated, its simple, dont cause others to stumble by not being willing to submit to authority. I myself teach a Bible study predominantly to women, every now & again a man will ask if he may attend as he hears about me from his wife, daughter etc. I have no problem with that. However i have no desire to force teaching on others. I have so much more to offer any man or women in the body of Christ by being willing to love & serve them as a dearly loved brother or sister. i dont want to be right. id much rather be a blessing. I think a little bit of respect for one another goes a long way. Its easy tor respect someeone if you CHOOSE to LOVE them first. Its a decision not a feeling!We will never all see everyhting exactly the same way, just as any members of a family,but we can choose to respect our differences & agree to disagree in order that love & unity reign in the Body of Christ. We dont even have to like one another to pray, bless & serve one another, I dont care for denominations. There is only one Holy Spirit who searches & knows all things.We who are beleivers all serve the same Jesus Christ.Thats good enough for me! There can be no blessing where strife abounds.Please,cant we just stop this. I wonder how sore the Lords heart must be when he died for us & were so busy fighting that we miss the plot altogether. Much love to all of my brothers & sisters in Christ.

As a church planter and senior pastor, I don't understand why Southern Baptists have a problem with the gender issue.

Jesus Christ is the head of our church and He's definitely a male so wherein lies the problem??? :-)

This is a tough subject for me. I on one hand don't believe women should typically be in a role of being in charge as a pastor or president. My reasoning for this is women run off emotions alot. I think for a woman to be in charge takes a great deal of maturity in God. I think though and much has been the reason I myself stayed away from Christianity, is that people forget what was going on culturally at the time. Women weren't alowed to learn. Paul actually states for men to teach their wives. This was rather radical thinking back then. I think women underestimate their power and worth. A woman doesn't have to be in a position of office to do great works. Women are very wise and powerful in prayer. Women were entrusted by God to bring forth life.

It also says your son's and daughters shall prophesy in the book of Acts. This is not the only place this is mentioned in the bible about men and women working together speaking of the gospel.

I think everyone is forgetting an important point. Our world isn't doing so well...God can do as God wishes. If God wishes women to preach the word it will happen.

Joyce Meyer is one of the most dynamic women out there today that preaches the gospel. It is no secret that God blesses her ministry.

Someone earlier here said it best. Love the Lord with all your mind, all your heart, and all your soul and your neighbor as yourself. In Luke 10:27 let's not forget the lawyer who asked Jesus about inheriting eternal life. What did Jesus say?

Do this and you shall live. Let's just stop judging eachother here. It also states in the bible judgement among a brother or sister is as bad as murder.

I now get off my soap box.

Be well.

I am a woman Pastor Jennifer Pressley of Breath of Life in Tennessee and God has birth two churches through me and we are still growing and I support the women Pastor magazine not because its women Pastors, but the message that stands that God has no respect of person and if he did he would not be God. I am writing a book that its not a belief that woman are called just like men to pastor, but its a fact in the word of God. Praying for you all and stay encourage.

(This is an old story, but worthy of a response.)

The Holy Bible says,

1 Timothy 2:11-14 (King James Version)
11Let the woman learn in silence with all subjection.
12But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence.
13For Adam was first formed, then Eve.
14And Adam was not deceived, but the woman being deceived was in the transgression.

One can either accept Jesus as Lord (Authority) or one can reject Him.

One can either accept the Holy B.I.B.L.E as the inerrant word of God and our Basic Instruction Before Leaving Earth or dismiss it as a book of old stories.

God gives each of us a choice.

Lifeway made the correct decision, and I truly hope that anyone who may read these comments does the same. If you any doubts about a needs of each of us to accept Jesus as Lord and Saviour, then visit http://www.needgod.com/ .

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I am a woman Pastor Jennifer Pressley of Breath of Life in Tennessee and God has birth two churches through me and we are still growing and I support the women Pastor magazine not because its women Pastors, but the message that stands that God has no respect of person and if he did he would not be God. I am writing a book that its not a belief that woman are called just like men to pastor, but its a fact in the word of God. Praying for you all and stay encourage.

you know,its pretty sad when these religous people take steps like this in front of the world,while they are watching,and they do watch our lives every day,to see if we are who we say we are.and this is a prime example of what they watch for.this also gives people an excuse to not go to church.jesus said that religion,the law kills,but it is his spirit

,that gives us life.i agree when another comment,that when mary came back from the tomb,where jesus was,the men did not believe there report of the lord being gone from the tomb.just think,GOD,uses the simple things to confound mans,wisdom,to be wise in our own eyes,is like saying GODis blind,or does,t know anything,and his word means little,thats what the law teaches,death,it is for our example,but jesus said beware of the leaVEN OF THE pharisie,s,he was,nt talking about yeast,or bread,but mens opinion.god used pricilla,and aquilla in the new testament,they were ministers of christ,they ministered to paul.

Well well its nice to know that God himself brought down the judgement chair for a few to judge everyone else, hmmm is so strange that one of Jesus top two followers were who? yep you got it one was a woman..but hey those arent my words they are the words of the bible. is the gender really the most important issues in church today? or is it bringing the lost to the lord..its far time that churches quit their fussing amongst eachother and work towards the goal that jesus gave us, and that is to bring souls to him, i fell your time would be much better spent doing so

1. There is not one Scripture in the Bible that forbids women from preaching, but on the contrary, there are many verses that encourage both men and women to preach the Gospel.
2. The Bible teaches that God is not a respecter of persons, and He will use any and all who will yield to Him, regardless of race, age, or sex.
Galatians 3:28 - "...neither male nor female...for ye are all one in Christ Jesus."
Acts 10:34 - "...God is no respecter of persons...."
Moses said in Numbers 11:29, "Would God that all the Lord's people were prophets, and that the Lord would put His spirit upon them!"
The crying need of the hour is for more laborers. It is a trick of the enemy to try to down rate thousands of our faithful laborers just because they were born females.
3. The Great Commission, Mark 16:15, "Preach the Gospel," is to ALL believers, and to all the church of Jesus Christ. The command to "preach the Gospel" is to both male and female.
4. It is an undeniable fact that God has called and anointed thousands of women to preach the Gospel. The Full Gospel organizations have hundreds of licensed and ordained women who are preaching, teaching, evangelizing, pastoring, and doing mission work with the signs following their ministry. God is using them for the salvation of the lost, deliverance from sin, gifts of the Spirit, and infilling of the Holy Spirit.

The Bible says, "Touch not mine anointed and do my prophets no harm." And may we be reminded of the Scripture in Acts 5:39, "If it be of God, ye cannot overthrow it; lest haply ye be found even to fight against God."
When someone says, "God does not call women to preach," it is like saying that God does not baptize with the Holy Spirit today. We know better, because we have witnessed and experienced it with our own ears and eyes.
I would be afraid to condemn women preachers, lest I would be found to be fighting against God, and to be committing the vile sin of attributing the works of the Holy Spirit to the devil.
5. Women preachers are a fulfillment of Bible Prophecy and another sign of Christ's soon return to earth (Joel 2:28; Acts 2:17-18).
6. The Bible declares that women will prophesy: 1 Cor. 11:5, "For every woman that prayeth or prophesieth...."

The Bible says, "Touch not mine anointed and do my prophets no harm." And may we be reminded of the Scripture in Acts 5:39, "If it be of God, ye cannot overthrow it; lest haply ye be found even to fight against God."
When someone says, "God does not call women to preach," it is like saying that God does not baptize with the Holy Spirit today. We know better, because we have witnessed and experienced it with our own ears and eyes.

Whats the big deal about women preachers. I have never met a woman that didn't preach