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September 29, 2008

McCain backs out of rally at Christian university

John McCain's campaign canceled an appearance scheduled for today at Cedarville University in Ohio.

Cedarville's spokesman John Davis told CT that a grassroots organization in the Cedarville area rented the Baptist university's space for the rally. The university was told that because of Friday's debate and today's $700 billion bailout vote, the rally was canceled.

Cedarville President Bill Brown announced the scheduled rally during Friday's chapel service but told students later in the day that the event was canceled. McCain and running mate Sarah Palin did appear at a rally in Columbus today.

Buckeye evangelicals were important for President Bush's victory in 2004 and earlier this summer, some questioned whether they would turn out for McCain.


They probably heard Bill Brown was sued for fraud and ran away.


Your article on Senator McCain was very misleading sounding as he backed out due to convictions. Although when reading the article it admitted he didn't show due to voting in DC and the debate. However it appeared he "backed out" because he didn't want to participate. NICE TRY

OK - quit being so liberal minded - he backed out because he does need to prepare for the debate and also aid with participating in the voting of the bailout. It is not fair that you are painting McCain in such a negative way. Look at his positions on life, marriage and the judges. Vote on your belief system. I am tired of those that call themselves Christians represent themselves with such a world minded view.

OMG. You christians are so naive. He backed out because he doesn't want to confront you all. Come on! John McCain is really pro-abortion and pro-gay rights. He just knows how to push "the Christian Red Button". I voted for George Bush and look where it has gotten us. He did nothing against abortion or gay rights. This time I will not be "fooled". Barack I am going to give you a try. 08

Rod, it is sad that you would seize on this occasion to post an attack on this fine Christian university. Several members of my family have graduated from Cedarville and others are currently attending. I can testify that they have all grown spiritually during their time on this campus and are impacting their world for Christ today because of their Cedarville experience.

stop makeing judgement on john mccain

I pray God will continue His mercy on this nation by opening the eyes and ears of His people. We need to pray, vote and continue to seek Him and pray for our leaders. America is at a moral crossroads. The direction of this nation will be determined by it's leaders we elect. Senator McCain believes life begins at conception and is to be protected. He believes marriage is between one man and one woman. What matters if we have wealth and sell our souls? As Christians we are to follow the example of Christ and the unchanging WORD of GOD.


It is sad that you would seize on this occasion to make my statement about Cedarville and not Bill Brown. Perhaps you've forgotten that the two are in fact separate, it is Cedarville University not Bill Brown University. There is nothing wrong with the school but the leadership is now being sued.

Here we go again.........first McCain can't debate and get his thoughts together about the bailout, and now he can't attend the rally and figure out the still-urgent fiscal crisis. He clearly can't do two things at once. No multi-tasking for this man.

So apparently Christian colleges rank up there with Letterman. This is progress, I suppose?

What did Bush do for abortion? Actually... that is probably the one and only thing we can say he DID do... His appointment to the Supreme Court finally turned the balance and it is because of this that the court upheld a ban on Partial Birth Abortion.
If you truly care about abortion and gay rights as you claim... there is no way you can with a clear mind vote for Obama.


Your original statement was completely uncalled for and had nothing to do with the CIT article. You choose to take this opportunity to attack another Christian. That is very sad and says more about you than anyone else.

My statement is directly related to the story - John McCain (and any other wise political candidate) would be very smart to stay away from a University whose leadership is embroiled in legal conflicts such as fraud. It would look equally bad if John McCain made a pit stop at Oral Roberts and chummed up with the leadership there.

It is always politically wise to just stay away from such problems.

What matters if we have wealth and sell our soul? Do you remember Christ saying "It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than a rich man to get into Heaven!!!" Obviously, if you believe in that statement you cannot be a Christian!