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September 22, 2008

McCain: 'my faith is why I'm here today'

John McCain briefly spoke about his religion during yesterday's 60 Minutes.

McCain: I think part of it is a bit private, obviously. But, I also haven't been reluctant to tell various things that have happened in my life, including the fact that my faith is why I'm here today. And my faith sustained me in the most difficult times where I didn't ask for another day or another hour, but for another minute. And so I try to show people that I have the utmost faith in this country, which was founded on Judeo-Christian values. And those are my values.

(h/t Jeffrey Weiss, Dallas Morning News)


How can we find McCain truly trustworthy? He's flip-flopped on many things in recent days, has little real understanding of the economy. He seems too senior to be President and with Palin just "a heart beat away" that's even more scary with her lack of experience.

trustworthyness/flip-flopping/lack-of-experience pissing match anyone?

No thanks Bruce.

Much is made of McCain's age. Has anyone brought up the fact that Obama smokes and both of his parents died at an early age. Plus Biden has had two brain aneurysms which could have killed him. If they both died while in office that would leave Nancy Pelosi as president. I can't think of a better reason to vote for McCain & Palin.

Daniel gives one more reason to reject Obama Nation and vote McCain/Palin...

If you really think that Obama knows more about the economy than McCain/ Palin, you are not informed. Take time to educate yourself and please pray for guidance before you vote!

Mr.McCain says that "his faith" is why he is here. However, he didn't say what/who he has faith in. Jesus never meant for faith, in Him, to be "private". He said, "go and tell the world about Me". So, I would be very interested in what McCain's faith is all about.

There is a difference between witness and giving what is holy to the dogs and casting one's pearls before swine. (Mt 7:6) With the ridicule and contempt exhibited by many in the media and the judgmental nastiness of alleged Christians (displayed on many of these CT blogs), why should any of them feel compelled to talk about their faith in public only to "cast their pearls before swine"?

It's funny in the RNC, I heard him say "My country saved me. My country saved me, and I cannot forget it. And I will fight for her for as long as I draw breath, so help me God".
Did y'all catch that, His country saved him. Now he claims it was his faith. I figured the USA was his idol. Any of y'all caught the mantra of "country first"?. For a christian or a Jew, that would be idolatry... Isn't it God first?(Ex 20) I guess it's just another schizo/flip/flop moment for McCain.

Folks, it really is time to pray and seek the Lord and His will.
this nit picin has to stop and get to the real heart of the matters.
anyone out there remember every word and stand they made on an unbelievable schedule these folks all carry. not for a minute would
most of us want to be in their shoes but we all sure know how to critique them don't we. I pray wisdom, peace, guidence and direction
on all our leaders and on the people of this nation to vote the
bible not our ideas......