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September 24, 2008

McCain suspends campaign

John McCain announced today that he is suspending his campaign to return to the capital to focus on the financial crisis, CNN reports.

McCain also wants to delay the first presidential debate scheduled to air Friday. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid issued a statement saying the presidential debate should go on.

"It would not be helpful at this time to have them come back during these negotiations and risk injecting presidential politics into this process or distract important talks about the future of our nation's economy," the statement said. "We need leadership, not a campaign photo op."

Aids to Obama told the New York Times that he was inclined to go ahead with the debate. "There are serious global financial issues at stake and the American people deserve to hear how the next president will handle them," a senior Obama adviser said.


I think this is a mistake. It makes it appear that McCain cannot handle the demands of being presidential candidate, much less president.

Quote: "There are serious global financial issues at stake and the American people deserve to hear how the next president will handle them,"


Quote: "I think this is a mistake. It makes it appear that McCain cannot handle the demands of being presidential candidate, much less president."

I respectfully disagree...I think that instead of hearing about how the next president will handle them, we are seeing a presidential candidate's actions in handling them. The old adage is true...actions speak louder than words.

Also, the ability to multi-task involves prioritizing...I would say that the possibility of collapse of the global financial markets takes higher priority over a debate discussing issues, especially when both presidential candidates are currently holding elected office as Senators in Congress.

I think it was a wise, bi-partisan idea that McCain and Obama agreed to go before the American people to simply assure them that as Senators they remain committed to their duties as legislators and were preparing to go to Capitol Hill. But I think it was very egotistical and politically inspired for McCain to grab extra airtime and quite pompously announce the suspension of his campaign. He had the choice to suspend quietly. Instead he rallied his supporters "All hands on deck"! This was TOTALLY unnecessary and recklessly provided stupid fodder for the media spin rooms --aggghhhhh!


I think McCain's actions yesterday were immature and insincere. As a resident of Mississippi, it's been amazing to see how energized the state has become in anticipation of the debate at the University of Mississippi. It's the most exciting thing that's happened in Mississippi in decades. The University has spent millions and millions of dollars in preparation.

If McCain causes the debate to fall through, staying in Washington pretending to be an economic hero, then I think this shows an utter lack of respect for Mississippians and how much this debate means/meant to them. I think McCain's failure to come to the debate could (and should) cause a major backlash among Mississippians. This kind of political ploy is simply inexcusable.

It is one thing to go to Washington to take care of business, quite another to actually suspend a campaign. Surrogates, including your VP candidate, can keep the campaign going while you take care of your other job in Washington. But to actually call it a campaign suspension is to say that he can't do two things at once, that an important part of the democratic process, the campaigns for the election of our next leader, must "stop" in the face of a crisis. When has that ever happened? We've had crisis before and we continue on. Furthermore, all his campaign offices are open, Palin is still campaigning, commericals are still ongoing in some districts, so the whole suspension is disingenous anyway.

McCain is a professional politician who has been consistently pro the illegal and catastrophic Iraq war all the way through, even though it is general knowledge even internationally that the Bush family are oil dealers and Cheney was head of Halliburton, an oil-industry service corporation before Bush invited him to join the White House neocon cabal, in the same way that Condoleezza Rice was with Chevron-Texaco, and Iraq has the second-highest oil reserves in the world. McCain also is a Zionist, because that is where the money for professional pols comes from these days. He would rather kiss the behind of AIPAC than act for mid-American interests. Ugh!

Let's see if I have this straight: We elected these Senators to be Senators. Obama says that it's important for the people to hear what they are going to say. Do you honestly think they will say anything different?? If you do i have some swamp land in Louisiana. They need to be where they can make a difference. McCain has the guts to put his country first. Obama wants to make another speech. Hillary was right! LOL

Palin, just like McCain and the Clintons and Obama and Biden, etc etc, has made obeisance to the virulently anti-Christian Babylonian warmaking Pharisaic hireling-pol-bribing racist alien power Zionist AIPAC.

Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!

I am not really sure what he has suspended. His commercials are continuing, his surrogates are still out in force. He and Palin have both given interviews. It seems all he has done is derail the Presidents deal and try to cancel the debate.