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September 24, 2008

Obama waffle story won't die

James Dobson scolded Whoopi Goldberg and ABC's "The View" for linking him and Focus on the Family to Obama Waffles, a product sold at the Values Voter Summit earlier this month (See CT's earlier coverage).

Goldberg linked Obama Waffles to Focus on the Family last week on their show.

"We had absolutely nothing to do with the Obama Waffles," Dobson said. "This is a classic example of the liberal media attempting to marginalize us and other conservative voices in a political season."

David Waters writes on the Washington Post website:

"Conservative bias meet liberal bias. Goldberg and company apparently didn't bother to check whether Dobson actually was involved in the gag (he wasn't). Dobson didn't bother to mention that the two men who created Obama Waffles used to work for Focus on the Family."


Why does Dobson call the View discussion 'outrageous?' They say what he says the real story is -- the waffles were available at an event sponsored by FotF. Which is true. Where's the smear here?

Dobson has become irrelevant, so why are we Christians even talking about him.

Dobson irrelevant? In your dreams. The integrity and respect millions of Christians hold for the good doctor hasn't waned one iota. Nice try. Educated, intelligent adults are onto the old "Tell a lie long enough and folks will believe it is true" strategy (sounds like the Democratic leadership and liberal media's golden rule to me). Dobson irrelevant? Thanks for the belly laugh!

I agree Dobson is certainly relevant, but I think he's getting old and starting to miss the point.

I agree that there's no story here - FOTF did sponsor the event, there WERE Waffles at the event, and why is he so miffed that Goldberg pointed this out?

He says this is a pattern of liberal media "smears", but everything in this story is true. Come on JD, you're selling yourself and your organization short when you make these bizarre, nonsensical commentaries.

Guilt by association .. it's a classic accusation .. you were in the area so you must have had some responsibility.. we all know that's not Dobon's style. He's an up-front, straight-shooter and wouldn't lower himself to making pancakes with Obama's face on them .. And we all know Whoopie's style .. she's a ultra-liberal from the word "go." We shouldn't expect anything less than this kind of Christian smear and false accuation .. it's more about being anti-Christian than anti-Dobson ..anyway to make Christianity look bad. The Bible says it will get worse as the end of time nears.


does anyone on this post remember Emmett Till,
the sacrificial lamb of the Civil Rights movement? Go on line and
check out Emmett's funeral photos...I found this compelling little
obscure book called "the Ghost of Emmett Till". It was hard to read. I was born in 1954 and grew up in the Bible
Belt buckle. I can't remember a time in my life when I wasn't in
love with Jesus. The song "red and yellow, black and white" was
one of my favorites and would mold and shape my theology in ways
I couldn't have imagined. I guess I've always been out of step
and at odds with social norms. I've always held to the idea
that men and women are created equal in the sight of God.
that no person, regardless of socio economic status or skin color
or whatever else is above anyone else. The ground at the foot
of the cross is level. I had a visceral physical reaction to
the Obama Waffles package because I know what dark beast from the abyss lies
beneath it. I've seen it up close and personal.problem is
we are living in an age when we have forgotten what it means
to be truly Human. Jesus came I think to show us not how
to be demigods but to remind us about what it means to be Human.
Jesus fully Human...fully Creator G_d. I've been called
worse things in my life...n****lover when I was just 13 years
old because I made a stand right then and there against injustice.
If I remember correctly, The Pharisees accused Jesus of casting
out devils by the spirit of the Devil...so I guess that means
I'm in good company but I don't see anywhere in the Gospels that
the followers of Jesus are given license to hate kill destroy and
murder, I think that the old testament Levitical law says
You shall not murder...yes the original word there is "murder"
not kill, otherwise none of us could eat meat. I remember
James and John, nicknamed by Jesus as the sons of thunder wanting
to have Jesus nuke a Samaritan town for rejecting Jesus...he
said "you do not know what spirit you are of".
Dylan said "you're gonna have to serve somebody...it may be the
devil or it may be the Lord". We have to be careful about what
spirit we are of. Racial cartoons are just thumbs down unacceptable
and a disgrace to those who were sacrificed to the false god called
Aryanism - aka the great "white" race like Emmett Till. I
think it makes the angels weep. I'm a big fan of Whoopi Goldberg and even though I don't agree with her on everything, she's still
one of my favorites. I guess it's really true to quote a south
american theolgian, what you see depends on where you stand.
James Dobson..I don't know about him, I've never been a follower..all I know is that there is so much
emphasis on the Family, which seems to be primarily the
white anglo saxon stereotypical family that its just a
real turn off for me who's looking at this whole thing
called Christianity from a much wider lens. single people are kinda persona non grada and Marriage seems to be exalted to the point of idolatry.

Move you Focus donations over to BarackObama.com.

I find it totally repugnant that Dr. Dobson acted like a politician (assigning blame and distancing himself) rather than as a follower of Christ. He should follow the example of the George Mason staff and first confront the sinful disgrace of racism in the Body of Christ, and then take responsibility to ensure such symbols of hate are not displayed at FOTF events and affiliated events.

I have been an avid reader and follower of Dr. James Dobson's teachings and I was so disappointed when I saw his name of Focus On The Family at the bottom of the page as a supporter of a campaign that would do such a disgusting thing. Now I am even more disappointed to read that he scolds anyone for pointing out truth!
Truth be said... Dr. Dobson and other supporting evangelical voices need to be very careful in whom and what you are endorsing. No Dr. Dobson didn't create this mix, but his name was on the page selling the mix that did! He should first of all, "know where his name is going" and second of all not act like McCain and Palin politicians who clearly "lie, deny and blame the press & media" for their own shortcomings. ALL have fallen short of the glory of God" including Dr. James Dobson. Why can he not admit his own.
I think even less of him now that I know he is willing to support and endorse these lying politicians no matter what!

I still don't understand if this is true. Was the event sponsored by FOF, or not. Was James Dobsons name on a piece of paper advertising this? I would appreciate some fact checking by Christianity Today on this issue. I don't know what is true--I've heard everything. Thank you.

I am a Christian and my respect has waned more than one iota. Does Focus on the Family know God's will? I remember the church having a corner on that just before Luther nailed his thesis to the door. Dangerous ground if you ask me. Why not let people make up their own minds... This hate filled speech needs to stop.. Hey I have an idea. What about some humility? That would be fresh.

WHAT????? What is the problem with you people? If you know anything about Focus on the Family, you know they do not stand, not one second, for stuff like this! Dr. James Dobson deserves our respect on these issues and I'm sure would appreciate us standing up for him and not questioning him. Just because someone sponsors an event doesn't mean they know of every single thing that will be shown there.....do you really thing a man of his integrity would approve of such a discriminating product? Honestly...come on and give the man the credit he deserves.