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September 19, 2008

Obama's evangelical outreach not working, survey shows

Barack Obama has made few inroads into the evangelical vote compared to 2004, according to a study released at the Religion Newswriters Association conference today.

As a group, evangelicals favor McCain over Obama 57.2 percent to 19.9 percent as a group, which is similar to the support they gave to Bush (60.4%) and Kerry (19.6%) in 2004.

In the study, John Green of the University of Akron reported evangelicals' support for McCain depending on their category: traditionalist (71.6%), centrist (53.9%), and modernist (35.6%).

Nearly half (45.6%) of evangelicals listed economics as a top priority for in deciding their vote. 22 percent listed foreign policy and 20.4 percent listed social issues as top priorities. Green said that opinions on abortion have not changed since 2004.

"Although social issues are less important, they continue to resonate in the evangelical community," said Green, who is also the senior fellow at the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life. "The Obama campaign has not yet been able to overcome that."

Thirty-seven percent of evangelicals preferred McCain strongly in the survey, which was conducted before Gov. Sarah Palin was chosen as his running mate.


It's really comforting to know that so many of my brothers and sisters in Christ are voicing their support for a campaign that struggles so much with telling the truth.

Haven't we learned anything from the last eight years?

The thing that is really scary about Palin and evangelicals like her is this:
Remember when we had a Reagan administration Secretary of the Interior who didn't think it would be bad at all if we just cut down all the trees because "Jesus is coming soon" to make everything ok and so it wouldn't matter?
That's the thing that is so dangerous about Palin and everyone who thinks the world will end in THEIR lifetime. They think war in the Middle East would be just peachy, for it would mean Jesus would return, forcibly convert all those Jews who are destined for salvation, and give all of Palestine (and more) to the Chosen People.
The scriptures they base this expectation on were written by early Christians who believed Jesus would return in THEIR lifetime, not in OURS (1 Thessalonians chapter 4, 1 Corinthians chapter 7 especially verses 29-31; 1 Cor. 15:51-52; Romans chapters 9-11, . etc. etc.) but that fact is either lost on evangelical fanatics or denied by them.
I prefer to believe that justice is meant for everyone, and if that means some sort of necessary compromises in the Middle East, so be it. I am not ready to put my country's foreign policy in the hands of fanatical adherents of what they think is an unassailable, inerrant, and absolutist interpretation of scripture that is not only erroneous but makes war seem desirable.
Now THAT'S dangerous.

It reminds me that in 1980, the Soviet Union refused to hold a Paralympic Games because they insisted that there were no disabled people in Moscow. However, in Obama and Pelosi's world, there were no disabled people, because they kill them before they are born!

Really Matt! You think Obama is God right and makes no mistakes right? Especially his consistent lying about his support for late term-abortions and allowing unborn babies to die. Or perhaps you think he really is who he claims to be -someone who can change this world! No my brother, I'd rather vote with my head for a candidate I've observed over the last 20 years and stick with Jesus, that He alone can truly change this world. Meanwhile, we can do the best we can to bring HIS kingdom, knowing human governments who ignore His Gospel are doomed for failure.

I doubt either candidate can or will bring the kind of change I want. I just know that one has expressed a desire to bring the kind of change I don't want.

There have never been any perfect candidates for the Presidency, or for any other political office. However, we do know, from his own words and actions, that Obama is as syncretic and anti-Christian a candidate as has ever been nominated.

For your perusal, there's something here at my blog with regard to the upcoming election.

An analysis of Obama's statements and positions shows him to be an exceptionally dangerous individual. Consequently, it is a practical impossibility for a mature Christian to cast a vote for him. And, therefore, not surprising that his "outreach" is failing.


Fails on abortion.

Like me, many Christians don't need to look any further. When a voter thinks something is murder, and a candidate works to keep it legal, I can't imagine what else they could offer to make up for that.

Obama remarked in an interview with George Stephanopolis (SP?), regarding his "Moslem Faith" is what he said, and had to be correcte by George S.: " "you mean, Christian Faith"... "oh, yes, Christian Faith" was his reply... Freudian slip???
This guy is not a Christian. He is a Moslem.

What fools we are.


Even IF that's true, 1st of all "so what". Secondly, could you download Firefox and turn on the spell-checker for crying out loud. It's embarrassing.

face it folks, killing is killing, whether it be unborn babies
in the good old USA or people you deem an enemy in the middle east.
i don’t think Jesus would sanctify either one. and have we been so dumbed down
politically that all we want to do is rally around a gun-toting barbie doll, who applauds
her daughter’s pregnancy, for vice president? not to mention a man running for president whose wife makes millions selling booze? the $300,000 spent on the dress cindy mccain wore to the republican convention on acceptance night might have helped several of those
unable to attend. but, their votes probably would not count. are these the Christian ethics so many mccain evangelicals brag about? has WWJD become What Would John&Sarah do?
God help us.

It seems to me that even if Obama's effort was in good faith -- and I believe it was -- the over-the-top reaction by Democrats to the nomination of Sarah Palin has convinced a number of evangelicals that they really are not welcome in the Democratic Party. I am a college professor, and I am hearing some of the most vile and vicious language I ever have heard in hearing other faculty members speak of Gov. Palin.

Now, I believe that there are plenty of issues that are up for discussion that can be discussed with some civility. However, when I see Democratic activists calling for Gov. Palin to be "gang-raped" and when I see Anne Lamott, a member of Sojourners Fellowship, writing in her Salon column that God "hates" Gov. Palin, then I have to realize that the Democrats really are not serious about bringing in evangelicals.

They want their vote, and they want evangelicals to be tied to the welfare state, but that is about it. If the Democrats have to launch vicious attacks on a person's religious faith, or if "leftist evangelicals" claim to know the mind of God on whether or not He hates a person who openly confesses Jesus Christ as her savior and Lord, then there is not much else to say.

It's really comforting to know that so many of my brothers and sisters in Christ are voicing their support for a campaign that struggles so much with telling the truth.

Haven't we learned anything from the last eight years?

Posted by: Matt at September 19, 2008

With all due respect Matt, the Repubs are not all of the problem for the last eight yrs. The Dems have been in control of Congress for the last two. They are essentially responsible for the economic crisis we are now facing.

No on party has the answer. Not even the Dems. By the way, Mr. Obama has as hard a time as telling the truth as anyone. Just look at his promise to Planned Parenthood and his statements at Saddleback on abortion.

Thanks for your post William. I am reminded of Jesus' words that what is in a person's heart is what comes out of his or her mouth.

I find it is pathethic that the message by Obama that would find the best expression in the Chritian action arena is being igorned by most evangeicals ignored. The McCain stance is pathetic by comparison.

"Even IF that's true, 1st of all 'so what'."

You didn't address me specifically, but I feel compelled to respond.

So what? If a man will lie to you, lie to a nation, about his personal belief system, he will literally lie about anything.

Obama has had his people pushing the message for awhile now that, why, of course he's a Christian!

As has been demonstrated in more than one venue, Obama is not a Christian--by his own admission. Any evangelical outreach he makes is disingenuous at best, and not to be believed.


Leland: Please...the Repubs have been in control of gov for 6 out of the last 8 years (2000-2006). Before that the Repubs controlled the House and Senate from 1994-2000...hmmm. I'm not sure what planet you're on but DEREGULATION is and has been a cornerstone of Republican economic policy...just ask John McCain and his advisers as they are in this up to their eyeballs (although I'm sure he's flip-flopped on this by now). Next you'll be blaming Bill Clinton!

Responnding to Budi, Sept. 20,

you make a tremendous, ignorant, unfounded leap when you infer
Obama and Pelosi have advocated abortion of imperfect
children. no such suggestion has ever been made and besides,
that decision is not left up to politicians. just another rant from an unthinking

It's a good thing they didn't listen to that eeeeeeevil Ron Paul. Obviously, this financial mess is all his fault!!

When will people get that Obama is not a muslim. How many post does Christianity today need to have about that? How many people need to deny it? How much evidence does it take to counter someone's obvious bias? Really it is just sad...sometimes I really question the whole system of democracy when since March the number of people that think that Obama is a muslim has doubled. But it is still less than the percentage of people who think we actually found WMDs in Iraq and that Iraq helped plan 9/11 or that think that Bush planned 9/11. So I guess if we have enough ignorance on both sides they will cancel one another out.