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September 10, 2008

Palin preaches to the choir

Sarah Palin may possess the evangelical vernacular John McCain needs to win in November, Michael Lindsay argues over on Beliefnet.

"Why would a person seeking the country's second most powerful office talk about governing with a 'servant's heart,' and more importantly, why would she repeat such an odd phrase in the biggest speech of her life? Quite simply, it is one of her main assignments--to mobilize fellow evangelicals for the religiously unmusical John McCain."

Lindsay, a sociologist at Rice University, argues that when Palin referred to governing with a "servant's heart," the phrase resonated with millions of evangelicals who have heard that phrase all of their lives.

"When John McCain began his bid for the Oval Office, observers thought he didn't have a prayer of winning their support. With this 'Hail Mary pass' of enlisting the Alaskan governor as his running mate, John McCain's political savior may just turn out to be a pit bull with lipstick."


This ongoing 'mixup' of religion and politics gets uglier each day as the emphasis increasingly focuses on political desires more than on religious.

She used this term in speeches BEFORE the convention...it is her belief and her lifestyle...period. Don't confuse her person with your own politics.

Palin's use of biblical jargon was not lost on individuals who know their bibles textually and/or have listened to their pastor's sermon for a call to action. Having a servant's heart, it should be noted, means caring for those less fortunate and yes--being a community organizer or activist!

Expecting our 4th child Cynthia spend weeks driving around Southern Orange County looking for a house accomodating our large family and providing this struggling freelance-writer work-space. We lived happily in a 3,000 square foot house on on half an acre in Mission Hills Ranch until the cleaning woman called us irresponsible, rather than ask for a raise, covering additional hours now needed. Rather than congratulate Cynthia and me on another child casual acquaintenaces said: "Thats wonderful! Paul, I didn't even know you remarried. Who is the lucky mother?" "Cynthia of course, have a cigar." I replied. "I don't smoke anymore. Thanks anyway." was an escape hatch I heard time and again. A kind neighbour rather than congratulating us, said: "Paul, I am afraid you screwed yourself out of an office." Bingo! That was the truth. Luckily I inherited, worked hard and saved enough to buy a 9 acre ranch in Sonoma County.
30 years later the abortion issue can't motivate many honest voters. It's preposterous to contend that one American fetus is worth more than many innocent Arab children at the cost of $billions per months. As Catholic I deeply regret that Pope Benedict XVI. wasted our beloved Church's credibility and pray that protestants do better. Bless P. Rupert Muller, S.J. and P. Eduard Teschitel, S.J. for teaching us preteen altarboys at St. Canisius that the first 5 commandments are more important than the 6th which we can handle by the grace of God. "Mind that you can't fulfill any if you lie to yourself. Remember faithfully that the 7th commandment is the joker." That applies to presidential elections too. Doesn't it?

If God places his mantle upon McCain and Palin----then I will accept it. Who ever wins---God allows it whether I like it or not. I will just continue to pray for this nation and seek God with all my heart and continue with the great commision He has called me to do...

Where do these people like "Rushmore", who doesn't have the courage to use their real name, get the idea that you shouldn't mix religion and politics? Show me where that says that anywhere in the Constitution. The Constitution, which the liberals ignore unless it benefits them, puts the restriction on the government to not support a state religion. Nowhere is there any mention of religion not participating in politics.

I suggest people like "Rushmore" read up on the Constitution before posting such ignorant comments.

The only innocent Arab children being killed, are being killed by radical muslims who do such ignoble acts as setting off bombs in crowded marketplaces, killing and maiming indiscriminately.

Of course, for quite a number of years, Arabs in the northern part of Sudan have been killing innocent black children in southern Sudan by such methods as mass displacement and its attendant woes (starvation anyone?)They have also literally bombed elementary schools...

Our troops protect the innocent, and they are not feared by the Iraqi children, who rightly see them as good guys and friends.

Abortion remains wrong, and comparing it against a straw man example of "killing" can not change that.

The irony in all of this is that within less than 24 hours of McCain naming Palin, the likes of James Dobson (the self appointed Pope of neoconservatives) are praising Palin based solely upon the fact that she is an evangelical and choose not to have an abortion. That's it. Dobson knew as much as I did about Palin when he got on Fox news to tell the world that despite his former commitment to not vote for McCain if he became the Republican nominee, that he was now on board the Straight Talk Express. I personally don't care who Dobson votes for, nor why, but let's face it, Evangelicals like Dobson jumping on the Palin and McCain bandwagon without knowing ANYTHING about her, shows a complete lack of discernment, judgment and a naive willingness to be wooed back into the Republican fold with Rovian tactics. It's like McCain threw them a hunk of red meat, and Evangelicals like a pack of Pavlovian dogs salivated and jump right back on the bandwagon that put George W. Bush in the White House twice. You can think what you want about Barrack Obama, but he is by far the most normal, family oriented candidate with the most normal and wholesome family in this race. I don't care if it was a billion years ago, the way in which McCain dumped his former, handicapped wife to bag a rich beer heiress is more indicative of his character than his sitting in a prison cell in Vietnam for 5 years. Evangelicals have once again proven themselves to be a naive, easily duped constituency, ready to pull the level for someone who just 8 years ago called them "agents of intolerance". I'd say I was surprised, but what I am is disappointed.

Leroy--I saw that same exact post on attached to another article--are you the cut and paste king?

Are you paying attention to the same world I am living in? There are many innocent children that get killed by US soldiers. I am not claiming that they are doing it on purpose but to claim that no child has ever been killed by the US is just refusing to look at the world.

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