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September 13, 2008

Q & A: Sean Hannity

In the two minutes before Sean Hannity's speech this morning, he told me what he thinks evangelicals care about.

"The issues that they care about family values, cultural values, obviously issues involving life. Government policies that impact the family positively, higher taxes impact whether families can make decisions about where they send their kids to school, whether they can go on vacation, whether they can go out to dinner. All of these things impact our families. If there’s burdensome regulation and taxes, that impacts evangelicals.

My opinion based on my interpretation of the evangelical friends I have and of which I’m one, the Republican Party is not a perfect party, but it’s certainly more in tune with their values.
You always vote for the person, their values, their principles. Just because you’re a Republican doesn’t mean you’re right. I’m looking for where are those Reagan conservative values and do they believe in limited government, liberty, freedom, strong national borders. It’s more based on the issues and than one particular party."


I simply do not understand how Evangelicals could under any circumstances associate themselves with someone like Mr. Hannity. If you want 5 minutes of his show (which is about as much as someone could be expected to be able to stomach) you will see that he uses his "Christianity" as some sort of justification for his "hateful" point of view. Yes, I use the word "hateful" since there is simply no other way to describe his character assassination, not just of Barrack Obama, but of his wife Michelle. There is simply nothing Christian what-so-ever about the down right nasty things (and perhaps more importantly the tone with which he says them) he has said about the Obamas. But it does not stop there. You can agree or disagree with Rev. Wright, but it is the the prophetic role of the ministry to hold his government, those leaders in power accountable for their actions. Believes of all stripes should applaud, not the content nor perhaps the manner in which Wright said the things he said (but I will admit that as a white man, I don't claim to understand so as to judge the black experience, nor the manner in which black churches worship), but his right to say them, to hold the government accountable. It's just too easy for us white folks sitting in our all white comfortable suburban churches to criticize those with whom we may not agree, or more likely simply do not understand. But it does not stop there. Hannity has allowed someone who entitled his book "Obama Nation" to bring to mind, Nation of Islam, to once again falsely tie Obama to Islam in order to scare white Christians into voting for McCain. But there is more. How is his "Drill Now" campaign a perspective with which Evangelicals should be on board? Or his support for the war in Iraq?

I agree with Sarah Pulliam 100%. I don't know what God Sean follows, but it doesn't appear that he is following Jesus. I, for the life of me, can't understand how these people can call themselves "born again Christians". What does that mean to Sean or those that agree with him. Jesus never said, "be mean-spirited", tear people down,make snide remarks about/to others, use violence whenever you please, and for whatever reason" No, Jesus taught love, love your enemies, do unto others what you would want done to you, don't resort to violence, take care of your poor and, ABSOLUTELY, DO NOT JUDGE OTHERS!!! I would suggest to Sean and those who think like him and do these things, that they start learning more about the Savior Jesus, whom they claim to follow. First, tho, they should ask themselves, "hmmm, would Jesus be happy or pleased with me?" They just might find out that "they've had it ALL wrong "for a very, very long time!! I've never seen anywhere, where Jesus approved of hatred, greed, violence, dishonesty, coverups,etc., which is all that I've seen these past eight years! A quote that I recently heard certainly applies here..."you can put lipstick on a pig, but it's still a pig".

I will agree that Mr. Hannity is sometimes hard to take with his repetitive narratives about the same things. However his statements are true much unlike his partner Mr.Colmes. Hannity is a down to earth conservative who tries to make sense out of nonsense. His mistake is that he labels all democrats as liberal nutcases which most Christians know this isn't true. He tries to stick to the issues but nutcases like Sharpton,Jackson,Reid and Pelosi won't give up. He has come to the conclusion that we have a do nothing congress and is tired of Bush haters.

I am so saddened by those who quote Mr. Hannity, Mr. Limbaugh and in a more tragic vein, Dr. Dobson as they try to reason a position. Until we are truly pro-life and not just pro-birth, consider an Iraqi or an Islamic child as important as an American one, until we stop capital punishment until it is equally enforced, we will NEVER BE A CHRISTIAN NATION and our actions will never be more than a changing gong or clashing cymbals. Sad, I was hoping this election would be different. Now with Ms. Palin, we have taken a terrible step back in honesty, hope and trust.

Am I reading comments on a Christian website? Didn't Jesus drive people out of the temple because they were trying to make it a house of merchandise? As Christians, are we not to discern right from wrong. How can any Christian choose a leader that believes in abortion at any stage? I thought I was entering a website that encourages Christians and upholds basic biblical beliefs. Guess I should look elsewhere.

When People - from Obama to McCain to Michael Bloomberg! - decry the ugly partisianship in our present political climate, who is more responsible for this very thing than Mr. Hannity?

Sean Hannity is a disgrace. He is a shameless shill for the Republican Party; which when confronted with it, he throws up his hands in disgust, and proclaims that these ideas are his. Which I take as meaning; he is not bright enough to have an independent thought.

Further, he appears to be very proud of his 'debating' skills. His 'debating' skills consist of being rude to his guest by shouting over them and when the guest is as relentless as he is, he takes a cheap shot and then changes the subject.He then claims himself the winner, and goes to a commercial break.

The man came in on coatails of the likes of Rush Limbaugh. However, at least RL has wit and humor. Sean Hannity's rhetoric on the other hand, is that of a juvenile dim bulb whose attempt at humor is always at the expense of someone else.