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September 3, 2008

Rachael Lampa sings at Republican National Convention

Christian singer Rachael Lampa sang "When I Fall" and "Blessed" at the Republican National Convention tonight, bringing back memories to when the Christian band Third Day sang at the 2004 Republican National Convention.

Miles McPherson, pastor of The Rock Church in San Diego and former professional football player gave a prayer referencing Hurricane Gustav.

"It is true, there are times when no one can help you, not the police, not the National Guard, not even your mama. But y'know, we are never completely 'on our own.' Thank God that no matter how bad things get, He is always with us. Amen?"

He ended: "Finally, thank You God for Always being there for us. Thank You for making America the greatest country in the world. We pray these things to the Lord our God. Amen."


Rachel Lampa? Seriously, if Republican leaders are going to exert themselves to appeal to evangelicals, at least they could find a better musician than the Christian version of Hillary Duff.

"Thank You for making America the greatest country in the world?" Really?? Wow. God made Egypt, Assyrian, Babylon, Persia and Rome great in their time too, but He certainly didn't exactly view them as being "on His side," though those empires surely thought so. On the contrary, He seemed to make a habit of using them as an example of how futile it is to trust in military and economic power while ignoring Him and abusing those He cares about.

Once again, we have made a tribal god out of the Lord.


I couldn't agree more. I wonder when we'll realize that idolatry can take many forms and doesn't necessarily need the making of an actual golden calf. I seriously worry about the heady mix of religion and nationalism that is so evident in St. Paul.

I too worry about this idolatrous mix of nationalism and Christianity. Not to mention the anti-intellectualism.

OK. I get it. The Huffington Huffers have found the CT comment section as their new offensive for destruction and mayhem. Who needs the "RNC Welcoming Committee" to show us what purely destructive activity is about. I got momentarily depressed at wondering how other thoughtful, grace-minded believers in a Good, Gracious, and Merciful God and followers of a reconciling Savior could be so nasty and so unfamiliar with basic character and spiritual concepts. It concerns me to think this hateful mindset could be legitimized by their hero in our White House.

Gary, what are you talking about? The comments on this post are far more mild than those about Donald Miller praying at the DNC or many other posts from last week.

I am just thankful prayer and Christian music are still allowed in a US governmental forum. May God continue to bless America.

Here's a greeting from St. Paul to all that have convened in St. Paul;

Greetings to each one of God's people who belong to Christ Jesus. The brothers here with me send you their greetings. All God's people here send greetings, especially those who belong to the Republican Party.
May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you all.

Addressing the comment made about Christian artist Rachel Lampa. First of all, pretty low to attack Lampa in the first place. You obviously aren't a musician by showing your ignorance by comparing the talent level of Rachel Lampa to Hillary Duff? Secondly, did you ever think that the kids in their 20's, such as Lampa, should have something to draw their attention to what is otherwise hours of speeches and commentaries. You must not think their generation matters.


Got news for you, son: America is the greatest country in the world. Just ask the hundreds of thousands of people who attempt to come here every year to have a better life. And the fact is that without our military and our economic might, we would not have the freedom in this country to worship God and to live in freedom. If you don't like it here in the US, then maybe you should look for another country that can offer you as much if not more than what America can offer. Good luck and write me when you get there.

I find it curious. . . the fact someone who prayed at the Democratic convention did or did not end their prayer with the words "in Jesus Name" was a matter of discussion in the Christian news circles. Yet the fact McPherson ended his prayer with the words "We pray these things to the Lord our God. Amen" doesn't seem to raise an eyebrow!

Christianity today?Oh I thought I had mistakingly stumbled onto the Huffington Post! Would Christ be for abortion,same sex marriage,laws that force faith based organizations to hire homosexuals and lesbians?That require Christian radio and tv stations at their own expense to present the opposing view?We have only 2 parties to choose from and the dems are out to wipe out Christianity.

The U.S. is the greatest country in the world and if you think otherwise, please....find another one. God has blessed America because we were founded on Judeo-Christian values and the founding father's believed in the value of scripture (the Bible) and many said that democracy without adherence to God's word (the Bible) would never work.

We're also blessed because we stand firm with Israel and the day that stops, is probably the day when we will fall. God makes it clear that He will love and bless those who love and bless Israel and curse those who do not love and bless Israel. The Jews will always be His chosen people because Christ is a Jew and He will reign in the new Jerusalem one day praise God!

Democrats want to wipe out our Christian heritage (albeit not perfect, but overall better than any other country in the history of the world), take God out of the classroom (look where that has taken us...), out of the courts (again, look where that has taken us) and say that a fetus is a part of a woman's body (which it is not, it is IN a woman's body but not a PART of the woman's body...in fact the baby comes OUT of her body...hello, wake up and see the TRUTH -- David wrote that God saw him and knitted him together in his mother's WOMB -- also babies generally always have a different blood type and tissue type than their mothers so therefore the "fetus" is a separate entity -- take a biology course already Obama!).

Again, if you can find a better country in the world to live in please by all means GO there and take everyone who believes like you there with you. I'm sure you could even start a fund and I'd love to donate to that fund to help get you THERE. Please, please...send me the website and I'll donate today!! :)

I'm glad that Rachael Lampa got to sing at the convention. She is amazing vocalist and awesome artist!! I don't know why some people don't think she is a great musician, and she could out-sing Hilary Duff anytime. She is absolutely one of the best vocalists in Christian music world!!! It's great that Christian music is still allowed at such an event.

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Wow, Paige I think your confusing style with talent eh? maybe lampa's music and Pop in general is not your kind of music, but that has nothing to do with the talent of the artist. Have you ever seen Duff exhibit anything even remotely resembling the vocal acrobatics Lampa displays in songs like "Blessed"?

Certainly not. As I said, don't confuse style with talent. I'm not actually a Lampa fan personally and didn't keep up with her after her debut album, and the original buzz that brought her to the Christian word's attention, but her singing talent is pretty undeniable.