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September 1, 2008

Richard Land glows over Palin pick

Richard Land is "ecstatic" over Sen. John McCain's decision to pick Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as vice president, and the women in his office are just as excited.

"They were absolutely giddy, and saying ‘I’m going to volunteer’ after Sarah Palin was picked," said Land, who is president of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission. "There’s something going on in the conservative independent sisterhood that I can’t tap into. I can’t comprehend it, but it’s there."

I spoke with Land just before news broke that Palin's 17-year-old daughter is pregnant.

"I recommended her but I had no reason to believe that they would do it, but I’m happy they did. I think it’s going to tap into all kinds of things. I must say I’ve been pleasantly surprised at the depth of the response among women, among evangelical and Catholics. Clearly, her nominations tapped into something, which I can observe as a white male but can’t experience. My wife says to her Sarah Palin is what the feminists’ movement was all about. You can have a family and a husband and a career, that you can do it all. My wife has a Ph.D. in psychology, she’s in private practice as a psychotherapist.

I find these questions about ‘how can she take care of her children and be vice president’ sexist. Nobody asked that question to any of the male candidates. That’s a family decision. As long as she and her husband are comfortable with it and they seem to have done a wonderful job with the children they have, it’s nobody’s business.

What will this do for John McCain?
The enthusiasm gap has been closed considerably. Let me answer a question you haven’t asked me. I had two secular reporters ask me, ‘Dr. Land, you as a Southern Baptist believe that women are not to be pastors of churches and women are not to be head of the home. Wouldn’t it mean that if Sarah Palin were elected vice president, her husband would tell her what to do? And I said, ‘If you don’t mind my saying so, that’s an asinine question, but I’ll answer it.’ Mrs. Thatcher said that her husband was head of her home and she ran the country. Queen Elizabeth said that Prince Phillip was head of the home and she was head of the country. If Mrs. Thatcher had been an American, I would’ve enthusiastically supported her for president of the United States.
The only restrictions we find in Scripture are, that for whatever reason women are not to be in charge of a marriage and women are not to be in charge of a church. That has nothing to do with governor, or senator or the House of Representatives, or president, or vice president.

I was just in Denver where there were several religious outreach events. There are very few things officially scheduled at the Republican National Convention. What does that say about the parties?
The party that feels they’re not getting the fair share of a constituency are the ones who practice outreach. If the constituency is an integral part of the decision making part of your party, you don’t have to practice outreach. It’s not going to fundamentally shift things. Obama’s not doing as well as John Kerry so far. He’s the most radically pro-choice candidate ever nominated by a major party. That’s a vertical mountain to try to climb with evangelicals and with pro-life Catholics. He’s going to get 20 to 22 percent of the evangelical, because 20 to 22 percent of evangelicals are liberal evangelicals. That’s fine, but I don’t think he’s going to do any better than John Kerry did.

Does he get any credit for trying?
Sure he does. You’re going to attract more voter support in the long term with honey than with vinegar. If you can demonstrate that you at least respect people of faith and that they’re important to you, you’re going to do better than Howard Dean who said Job was his favorite book of the New Testament. If he had been running against Rudy Giuliani, he might’ve gotten half of the evangelical vote, but he’s not, he’s running against a pro-life candidate who has picked a very strongly pro-life running mate."


Thank you Sarah for doing this by the way. I've been reading for several weeks but haven't had the opportunity to post anything. Mr. Land's vote of confidence is encouraging regarding Mrs. Palin, but I'm still questioning the judgment of the man who thought it would be wise to bring her family under this microscope. I'm just praying for them now, that they get through these earthly fires with their faith in tact.

Keep up the good work, Sarah!

What does "He’s the most radically pro-choice candidate ever nominated by a major party" mean?

He's pro-choice.

That in itself may be "radical" to you but please explain how his interpretation of Roe-v-Wade is any more "radical" than John Kerry's, Al Gore's or Bill Clinton's.

Heck, after 8 years of Bush, 4 years of his father, and 8 years of Reagan (20 total years) abortion is very much a legal medical option.

Republicans only claim they'll fight the procedure for political gain, not a single one of them will ever seriously work at the executive level to overturn R-v-W, that should be obvious.

That said, your verbose language shows passion, to be sure, but also a need to exaggerate in order to dehumanize Obama.

Sad. I'll pray for you.

Perhaps it refers to Obama's opposition to laws banning infanticide? One of his explanations for why he opposed it was that he thought that protecting children born despite an abortion attempt could be used against Roe.

Considering that the same bill passed the U.S. Senate with the support of such pro-choice luminaries as Barbara Boxer and Hillary Clinton, many pro-lifers see him as particularly vociferous in his opposition to the right to life.

Or perhaps it's because he told NARAL Pro-Choice America that his first act as president would be to pass the Freedom of Choice Act.

Christians are so weak in their thinking. You only focus on gay rights and abortion. If Jesus was living he would probably ostracize himself from all of you....As for Palin you all know she is a big mistake, but, you refuse to accept it. This only shows you that McCain doesn't make wise decisions and that you are so naive and stubborn to accept McCains error because of abortion and gay rights...I am against abortion and gay marriage, but, I know McCain made a big mistake in selecting Palin. Additionally, I know that Obama could potentially be placed by God for this season in our country. So, get your head out your @#$% and smell the coffee.

My last response. If her Republican daughter was gay what would you say?

My last response. If her Republican daughter was gay what would you say?

If Obama had a pregnant daughter out of wedlock, Richard Land would be crucifying him daily.

Dr. Land and the rest of the Southern Baptist leadership have really misconstrued the Bible when it comes to the role of women in the home and in the church. Basically, they base their beliefs by taking verses out of context (prooftexting). There's a reason why membership in the Southern Baptist denomination is falling.

Richard Land does not speak for many of us Baptists! Never has. Never will. His kind of litmus test for Christians, churches, preachers, etc. is an embarassament at the very least to those of us who used to be proud of being a Baptist! The prideful, arrogant, ego that thinks they have the only interpretation of scripture (what ever happened to the priesthood of the believer Baptist held so dear?)is so off-putting that many of us have to hide our Baptist name to be able to get to know those outside the church. His endorsement of Palin would be enough for me to not be able to consider her, if there weren't any number of other reasons.

Does this mean that a woman can now be president of the SBC? The rather narrow and restrictive reading of the New Testament by Dr. Land opens the door for women to be moderators of local churches, associations, and the president of the SBC. But of course that won't happen, will it?

Actually, RW, yes, a woman could be SBC prez. Just not a pastor of a local church. Scripture never addresses parachurch roles, just pastoral and deacon roles in the church and the spiritual leadership of the home. Dr. Land is not alone in his view, though some Baptists who criticize him know very little of the priesthood doctrine of which they hide behind. It's priesthood of believers (plural and corporate), not priesthood of the believer (singular and individual).

Will the misogyny never end?? I never realized how many people hate women and FEAR women in power even among Christians.

GOV. Palin has more experience than B. Obama and her "scandal" pales compares to Joe Biden's whose son ,HUNTER, the invisible one,and brother have been taken to Court for FRAUD in Delaware for embezzling money from clients.

Shame on all you BIGOTS.

Am I the only one turned off by this headline: "Richard Land glows over Palin pick." Why should I care that he's so enthused? If a woman is fit to lead the most powerful country in the world, then she's fit to co-lead at home and lead a church. I agree with the previous post that said that the Southern Baptist position on women is based on taking verses out of context. Shame on them!

Dr. Land,

I heard your comments on Fox News concerning the selection of Mrs. Sarah Palin as a vice presidential running mate and read the post on “Christianity Today” about how “giddy” the women in your office were. They are now going to volunteer to work for her. That means even more time away from the own husbands, children and homes. With the time that it takes to prepare their bodies for work: hair, nails, make-up, clothing etc and then the commute in to the office, the stop by the dry cleaners, the nail and hair salon and oh yes, the need for a massage to relieve the stress, I hardly think there is any time left for their own families. Who is seeing to it that their family is getting the necessary servings of vegetables, fruit, calcium etc. each day? Who is monitoring what goes into the “eye gate” via the media? Even more important who is teaching them the word of God daily? Deut. 11:19 “Teach them to your children, talking about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up”.

With the revelation that Mr. & Mrs. Palin’s teenage daughter is pregnant, it seems that Mrs. Palin has not “guarded” her own home as Paul instructed Titus to teach the women to do in Titus 2:5. That verse went on to explain the reason: “so that no one will malign the word of God”. The words of Solomon in Proverb’s 29:15 have proven true: “…a child left to himself disgraces his mother”

When President Clinton was caught in his act of sodomy with Monica, that sin became rampant and still is today even among the youngest in our society. If we allow Mrs. Palin and their lack of parenting to be our leader we can expect to see more of her same problem because “as goes the leaders, so goes the country”.

It is very doubtful that the father of Bristol’s child can even pay for the birth of his own child, let alone support a wife and family on the income he can make at age 18. It seems that the religious conservative leaders only want us to focus on two issues when voting, anti-homosexuality and pro-life. I am certainly in agreement on those issues, but not at the exclusion of the whole word of God. We are all going to stand before the “beama” seat of Christ to receive the things done in our bodies. For this reason I will not be voting for McCain or Obama. God does not care more for this election than he does his Word!

One of many stay-at-home moms

Dear Dr. Land,
Thank you so much for speaking up regarding the issue of Sarah Palin's qualifications. It is time that all of our religious leaders stand up & be heard on the issue of Ms. Palin's qualifications. It will be a real pleasure having any leader with high moral standards, such as those of Palins. AGain, I say thank you for speaking up. You made my husband and me proud of our SBC!
Joyce Dobbs

does Joe Biden have a plagarizing problem (in his remark re: Ginger Rogers dancing ability) or is he incredibly lucky to, on his own, think up the exact quote shown on NBC on 9/3/08 from Linda Fairstein's book LIKELY TO DIE page 11 on 9/3/08 as an insult directed to Sarah Palin! Cute....real cute.

Joyce, What high moral standards are you referring to concerning Mrs. Todd Palin? By her own words, she is a Feminist, her best friend for over 30 years is a lesbian and she would not judge that situation. Her two older children do not have a good reputation with the outside world. She couldn't be home to teach her children much of anything. And she has no problem identifying with "Joe six-pack". If you are referring to the choice she and her daughter made in keeping their babies, that is no choice when it comes to Christians. Where is the shame? Do we just say, "Well, that is the real world"? More power to her for relating with "real people"!