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September 2, 2008

Sarah Palin cancels appearance at pro-life event

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin canceled an appearance at a pro-life event this afternoon in St. Paul, but the crowd still cheered at her name.

Phyllis Schlafly of the Eagle Forum said the group had scheduled Palin two months ago, but her appearance was canceled last night.

"I don't think it was a smart thing to do because this is the cream of the pro-life movement. I think it was a mistake," Schlafly said. "However, we're certainly enthusiastic about Sarah Palin and the ticket. What she has done is make people be enthusiastic about John McCain. That's really an achievement."

Several hundred people packed into the event where talk show host Laura Ingraham took Palin's place.

"The cause of life is the driving line in our culture, and it has been for decades," Ingraham said. "Sarah Palin is a woman who dared to cross that line."

The crowd, dressed in cowboy hats and red, white, and blue colors, seemed more excited about Palin than Sen. John McCain. One man plastered the name "Sarah Palin" on with duck tape to his black t-shirt.

Two protesters interrupted the event, one holding a hot pink sign that said "pro-life = universal health care." The crowd erupted into chanting "Sarah. Sarah. Sarah."


I think it was a super smart thing to do to cancel that speech. Brilliant tacticle move in fact! Timing is everything. At the end of the day the Life folks won't have any doubt whose side she is on...it's obvious already. The politically correct thing to do would have been to take Bristol to the abortion clinic to save face...but this!! Standing in the face of massive criticism and do the right thing...now that is courage and guts. And when she speaks at the convention...it'll be a home run hit!

It's "duct tape."

If Mrs. Schlafly is involved, the event probably features the cream of American contemporary bigotry. What a sad woman.

But then, reports are filtering in that Gov. Palin would be right at home. It's clear that she's a condescending bigot who endorsed an anti-gay Constitutional amendment to take away gay's right to petition their governments and courts for redress of grievances on the matter of marriage...and I'm sure the backers have fantasies that the amendment was just for starters. Completely unacceptable for a Vice Presidential candidate.

She has also dissembled about the "Bridge to nowhere."

"Some of my best friends are gay," she says...so, that gives her the right to take their government away from them? Shame on you for stabbing your "friends" in the back.

But then, I saw Sen. McCain claim on Charley Rose boasting that the former party of Lincoln is now all about states' rights, the political theory of privilege: white, male, class, and/or Protestant. It is, after all, what Confederate vets claimed they had fought for. The States' Rights Party is what Strom Thurmond named his nakedly white supremacist third party. I'm sure Gov. Palin is right at home in her advocacy of taking basic civil rights away from people in order to control, scapegoat and exploit them all the easier.

Abraham Lincoln and Harry Truman's bones are probably revolving like high speed turbines at the states' rights activist McCain campaign, which is constantly running tacitly racist ads here in my state.

You remember the Paris Hilton one, for starters. The one that dismisses the Black male candidate as nothing better than a celebrity who's famous merely for being famous, a frivous diversion from the serious business of government.

Never mind that the "celebrity" has served in both state and federal legislatures, and has taught Constitutional law at a prestigious law school (and graduated from an even more so law school).

McCain's opponent is like a Paris Hilton, the TV spot claims. Like Ms. Hilton, in that comparison, he's tacitly labeled as not masculine, never held a job that I know of, has been to jail, and has a reputation for allegedly being seductive and promiscuous, not all that bright, for being shallow, and for being irresponsible...all stereotypes of the Black man from the Jim Crow era of McCain's formative years.

McCain's illustrious father and grandfather undoubtedly followed Navy tradition and probably treated Black seamen as their personal servants, don't forget, until Truman abolished racial segregation. McCain is a descendant of slave holders, but obviously hasn't thought deeply about what that should mean; witness his shameful conduct in approving his deeply immoral and slanderous campaign ads.

Wal-Mart has sold a branded "Duck Tape" for years but, it was originally duct tape for the tradesman that use it daily!

OK. I get it. The Huffington Huffers have found the CT comment section as their new offensive for destruction and mayhem. Who needs the "RNC Welcoming Committee" to show us what purely destructive activity is about. I got momentarily depressed at wondering how other thoughtful, grace-minded believers in a Good, Gracious, and Merciful God and followers of a reconciling Savior could be so nasty and so unfamiliar with basic character and spiritual concepts. It concerns me to think this hateful mindset could be legitimized by their hero in our White House.

Wow! Maybe it was Michael Moore who figured out how to launch his below-the-belt attacks using CT's website. Is Gregory Peterson his alias?

It's sad that people accuse anyone who doesn't agree with their position on an issue of being a "bigot", or someone whose advertisements don't play to their own agenda a "racist". The saddest thing is that the so-called "party of inclusion" doesn't have room for anyone who disagrees with their far-left leanings. Should a conservative call someone who disagrees with them a bigot, they'll wind up hoisted on the yardarm.

Senator McCain was not, and still is not, my first choice for President, but he's an infinitely better choice than Senator Obama. Governor Palin is an outstanding choice for Vice President, regardless of her "lack of experience". In fact, as far as I'm concerned, that's a plus. She doesn't have to unlearn any bad habits, doesn't owe every sleazy lobbyist a favor, and doesn't seem to be intimidated or phased by the attacks of the Democrats. She has panache - something no one on the Democrat ticket has!

And on the 8th day the Lord made Republicans holier than thou.

Republicans are the only ones pro-life and they also back the war.

Does that make any sense?

Just in "PALIN bags BINLADEN"

Against the war and pro-life. The war is to stop an empire that believes in men owning women and an empire that has in its bible that it's okay to kill anybody who doesn't believe like them. I know as a man, you don't see this empire knocking at our door. As a female, I don't want to live in that empire but I know there are men who do want to live in that empire. You men are so used to being in power you don't get what it's like to live as a person not in power so you don't even see the empire coming and just maybe don't want to because it favors you guys. And McCain isn't responsible for slavery, his past relatives are, just as I'm not responsible for slavery even though some of my past relatives lived in the South. The past relatives did that, not us. And what did your past relatives do that you are responsible for. And, your government is my government too, not just yours and please, you gays would fare even worse in the Empire we're at war with. Unborn babies wouldn't be killed though. Now, that's interesting. Anyway, you guys need to lose your anger. It's not Christian and your anger will eat your heart up.