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September 15, 2008

The fundamental things apply

In the new Newsweek poll, which has Obama and McCain in a dead heat at 46-46, McCain wins white evangelicals by 69-22--still short of Bush's 2004 margin (77-23) but heading in that direction. McCain wins white Catholics by 59-33, a margin 13 points larger than Bush's in 2004 (56-43). Whites as a whole split 55-37 for the Republican ticket, an 18-point difference virtually identical to Bush's 58-41 margin over Kerry. Non-whites back the Democratic ticket 75-17--a differential 14 points greater than the Democratic margin in 2004. The non-white electorate and the white Catholic electorate are roughly the same in size. My guess is that it will be harder for McCain to pick up non-white votes than for Obama to pick up white Catholic ones.

(Originally published at Spiritual Politics)


It really is sad that so many people who identify themselves as Christians would support a campaign that is lying as frequently as McCain's is right now (see Politifact.com for details on lies coming from both camps).

Even Karl Rove admits it. Why can't Christians wise up and see they are being swindled again?

Well, it depends on if you're anti-abortion (murdering of the unborn); wanting to win the war against the murderous side of Islam by forcing Islam into democracies even if by military moves; use of my tax money to fix roads instead of paying for health benefits, schools, etc. for addicts, illegals, etc.
I guess that's not voting for the Democrats no matter who's running.
McCain is not the best, but he's the one running for the Republicans and he could be the strong silent type. Only time will tell of both candidates in this respect. And, Palin just might be our future president who does go for all of the above. So, where does a true Christian go, to the better choice, McCain. And since I don't have the resources to research the bad (lies) and good of either candidate I have to suppose that since neither is being arrested by the law for committing a crime, I have to go for the ethics of their platform. Especially the no-killing of the unborn. No true Christian kills the innocent except by accident of course.

Anna-well stated.Don't bother visiting those liberal kooky websites, they are a big attraction for the extreme left wingers and are usually linked to the socially degrading and despicable groups like Moveon.org,Salon and their ilk. These sites many times have unethical, morally and mentally bankrupt people running the sight or blogging on it who have agendas and are anything but equitable.

Looking at these comments, I see why the compaigns may be even more negative than normal. Both sides are hot for their views and rude about the other side's views. We're confusing difference of opinion with good/evil. Yet, oh the marvel of American democracy, we're not having a civil war in such an evenly split society. We're playing by the rules our founders agreed to, including how to change those rules! Thank God for this! He is so kind to us!