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September 1, 2008

Thousands protest in St. Paul

Thousands of people are protesting here in St. Paul, making it difficult to get around.

I walked by a building with smashed in windows, one of which looked like a bullet had poked through it. Police are in riot gear, and the Star-Tribune reports that 53 have been arrested so far.

Most of the TVs are showing waves from Gustav crashing against the coast, but the Xcel Center is relatively quiet.

First Lady Laura Bush was greeted with a standing ovation, where she said, "Our first priority for today and in the coming days is to ensure the safety and well-being of those living in the Gulf Coast Region. And to all of those living in the Gulf States, please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you."


Terrorists arrive on the streets of American cities under the guise of many names. The most stealth is the Peace Advocate with his sign of "No More War." He crashes the windows of businesses in order to get our undivided attention. Isn't this the reason the militant Muslim crashes whole buildings down? Isn't he also tring to get our undivided attention so that we will bow to his request and ideals? There seems to be little difference outside of the magnitude of the action's result. Should we not treat them the same? Chaos has never been the friend of order.

How can violence promote peace? These so call peace protesters who destroy property,etc., by their very actions, prove to the world who they really are.

Oh, I take extreme issue with those who place order over justice.
Those protestors are by and large decent, law abiding people who aren't congregating to smash up a city or 'incite riots'. They are fed up with the murderous policies of this supposedly christian president.
It makes me SICK to think how few among us would actually recognize Jesus, were he here in the flesh. Yet so many of you CLAIM to 'know him'.
Jesus WAS a radical for his time. And he didn't look the other way when he saw injustice.
What is wrong with you people?
Your privileged lives and superpower status go to your heads?
You think you actually have the corner on what's RIGHT in this country?
Christians more than any other group shame me these days.
Narrow minded, uncharitable and so assured you are in the right.
No wonder God says many of you will be surprised and left behind.

I think it is sad that people think we Christians think we have it all together and have no need of God's presence in a fallen world where the cultural and spiritual battles are so evident. Why does it bear repeating that whatever good that comes from the lives of Christians is really due to God's presence and influence. It bothers me when people don't look at the whole life of Christ when he lived as a human. He didn't solve all problems, he didn't heal all the sick, he didn't establish an earthly heaven, he didn't write all the rules and parameters of the still to be developed Christian faith. He left that for his people to deal with over the centuries. We don't always get it right; however, we get it right a whole lot more than wrong. And whole lot more than other religious groups in the world (charity, adoptions, missionaries with a goal of making life better, literacy, to name a few).

Karla, the Christians of America are a mixed group. We have different priorties and different desires, needs and aspirations. Just because they don't fit in well with your's doesn't make it somehow defective. I couldn't see Jesus behaving like so many this article is describing.

Your statements say a lot about you and your confusion. However, you are right about those who present Christianity in an arrogant way. There is a difference between confidence and behaving as though one is better than others.