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September 12, 2008

'Values Voters' still love Romney

The crowd at the Values Voter Summit still seemed to love Mitt Romney who drew many supporters last year during his run for president.

"Palin herself could put the lipstick on the pitbull," Romney said to a cheering crowd.

The audience drew quieter as Romney focused most of his address on the foreign policy and the economy. When he began talking about religion, gay marriage, and abortion, the crowd became more energized.

"Americans are God-fearing people. Even those who don’t believe in God, in this country, they really believe in something bigger than themselves, as Rick Warren called it, a purpose-driven life. We’re family oriented. We sacrifice everything we have for our spouse and our children. In my view, a family begins with commitment of marriage and marriage is a commitment between a man and a woman."

The "values voters" began booing quietly when he mentioned Barack Obama's remarks at the Saddleback forum in August.

"Americans respect the sanctity of human life. We value life from its very beginning to its very end. Rather than vigorously defending life, Barack Obama just a couple of weeks ago, dismissed an inquiry with a flippant response that it’s above his pay grade. Did you hear what he said would be the most important criteria for selecting a Supreme Court justice? Their empathy. How about respect for the law and the constitution?"

Romney came in first in a straw poll at last year's summit when he was still running for president.


Romney is for families. He is for Mom and Dad and the kids. He is a true follower of Jesus Christ because he lives what he preaches. "By their fruit, ye shall know them".
Go Mitt! And go conservatives!

I wish John McCain would ask Mitt Romney to do his ultra focused style audit of the Fed. Government once he's President McCain. The cutting and the saving through efficiencies would likely be worth TRILLIONS!!

Oh, you don't know about how Mr. Romney's research and company audits and analyzing as a venture capitalist made him a legend? He gets to the heart of things like no one ever has. Then he debates and problem solves until there is nothing left to discuss. His style,skill, and brains made him a legend in his industry and all his partners very wealthy. He took a process called the BAIN WAY (from a firm called Bain and Associates) and bettered it, then applied it to about 160 firms. Over the 14 years as founder and CEO of a spin off from Bain and Associates called Bain Capital, he averaged 113% return on investment PER YEAR!!!!! Amazing right? Never been done before, right? A problem solver extraordinaire. His solving the SLC Olympics mess is part of the cirriculum at Harvard MBA. Harvard where he earned an MBA and law degree similtaneously and graduated with honors in both--a year earlier than most. Story after story of accomplishments and high moral character in his work life and career. Even liberals that worked in his firm were amazed at his honesty and lack of personal pride--admitting out of the blue when he was wrong. He worked toward the best way to solve problems until he arrived at the truth. That's why liberals who knew and worked with him said they'd follow him anywhere. He always sought the truth!

The media and the "left" were so afraid of him they did all in their power to defeat him. Christian conservatives like Hugh Hewitt and many others felt that a person such as Mitt Romney only comes around maybe every 20 years or so.

It took the dark side of a Huckabee to help the "left" defeat him.
Maybe, the next sterling talent won't be so maligned by both sides next time around.

Mitt has my vote in 2012.

Romney 2012 indeed!

Romney/Jindal 2012!!!

The smartest men in any room.

I hadn't thought about this one, but I like SED's comment: Romney/Jindal 2012!

Unfortunatley Romney did not practise what he is preaching when he was Governor of Mass.

Values are important to me and I LOVE Mitt Romney. I just hope he will give us another chance in 2012 and that our country is not too far down the path that we are currently on. We were not smart enough to grab onto Romney when we had the chance, I pray we are learning.


However all the praise one hears that women in leadership especially now, as Pastors of Churches, why is it that now more American women are living alone with no man around, than do? Yes, and the trend continues! Yes, now more and more shacking up even amongst Christians plus now the homosexual marriages here to stay, and abortion will continue while bullets will fly making America the spectacle of the world, in full pleasure of very Satan himself. Yes, the most powerful women ever was none other than the mother of Jesus himself, who did her jobe right in her home and not as politician and neither as a preacher. Yes, no question it is from there the phrase comes that goes like this: The hands that rock the cradle rules the world. Yes, it is the two last lines of a short poem whose author is unknown. What Palin's politics will do in Washington is to encourage for more and more young ladies become fiery politiciaons plus bloody warriors in farawsy lands and killing innocent humans for the sake of oil for America. Yes, Mrs. Palin is already praised as gun loving lady, so is even more fired up than even McCain in support of the present unconstitutional war.

The best candidate in 20 years? I am 68 years old, and Romney is the most outstanding presidential candidate of my lifetime. Brains, experience, education, talent, native ability, integrity - no one else has even come close.